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Thanks! Working hard on it.

:) Jump onto the Discord I can private message you about it:

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Hey. Thanks for playing the game. But I think you played the 2018 game jam version. Try the Nov 2021 demo for the latest version of the game!

Here's the tweet. I think the link broke


Oh dear lol. Uhm - you just have to reach the next fire for it not to do so. 

Lol thanks! Spirit of the Wind is a project I'll have to come back to some day. For now working hard on Alchemist's Mountain.

Interesting. Game Maker still finds macs difficult to work around I'm afraid

Thanks for that. I hope you enjoy the demo (it's really not polished yet). 

I should certainly start adding version numbers. If you were wondering, at the moment only the Demo version gets updates, I am highly unlikely to update the game jam version as the project has progressed well beyond it.

Really looking forward to any feedback you have for me!

Thanks for reporting that. That boss really does seem to give me a lot of trouble fixing lol. The new improved demo will be out soon. Hope you will enjoy that.

Thank you!

Proud winner of Metroidvania Month Jam 2 :)

thanks! wait for a sale!

Thanks! Am currently building the full game. The energy system is interesting to work with because it does create very different dungeon and quest designs. Hoping to get a build out soon (aiming for July).

Thank you. If you managed to complete the jam version consider getting the full game!

Thank you for that. You got a good eye for design. Come round the Discord and comment as we build towards the full game: Catch you around.

Thank you so much!

Thundertale the band? Or Thundertale on Or Undertale the game (fantastic game btw)?

Keep going! Tell us when you get to the end.

Thank you so much! What level have you gotten up to?

Hello. Press the blue up arrow. Then press the green play button on the top right hand corner of the screen to start the robot moving.

Hello! The full game release is here. Hope you'll check it out.

Sorry! That function is only in the full game version.

Hello! This game had a nice classic look about it.

Things I liked:
- the jump was really well done. It had a nice acceleration and deceleration. It was responsive to the jump key being pressed down. 
- I liked the feel and theme.  Very classic and familiar.
- Some of the environmental adds were very nice. The room with lots of doggies was great.

Improvement potential:
- her attack animation could have been nicer. And it needed a fair bit more feedback as well as range seeing how the enemies hit hard
- the room change really needed work as the camera got really janky and it feels like you suddenly tug into one room and back into another.

Great work and good luck

Hey! This game was quite an enjoyable entry.

Good stuff: 
- psychic mechanic was really fun. Manipulating objects like that really added to the Metroidvania gameplay.
- interesting character. Love her drawn art. Liked her movement animations
- great work on the environment. Of course art work can always be added to but a lot of those scenes and camera angles helped give the feel of a large world.

Improvement scope:
- for the love of God please change her squeak when she jumps. It sounds like someone scratching their nails on a chalkboard or metal chair legs being scraped across a stone floor.

Great work. Good luck!

Hey! Grats on submitting a game.

Things that I liked:
- The size, life mechanic is great. A real neat combo you don't see in too many Metroidvania's
- Passageways of different sizes and obstacles that work differently  with size was a lot of fun

- movements were a bit janky. Some acceleration deceleration would have been nice especially
- Needed a little bit more contrast between foreground and background

Good work.

Hey! Lol thanks. I am just currently making plans on how to fully develop this game. We are a while away from music and sfx. But I'll remember to keep you posted on our progress.

Thanks so much!

Ah yes! That was a bug for the enemies to respawn if they moved a certain distance from player. I think I fixed it. Or will be fixed in the future (have to sort out the pipeline of game productions, currently focused on Little Lost Robots' full release). 

It happens very rarely though and hopefully won't ruin the experience. Thanks for showing me where you saw it!

Hey there M1sty.  I can assure you that to the best of my knowledge the enemies do not spontaneously respawn on top of the player lol.  That would be a very interesting game design or a very serious bug that I've missed.

( I am not sure which part of the video you are referring to though. )

Thanks for the effort!

Hello. I've been trying to trigger the bug you encountered but it doesn't seem to occur. i.e.
(1) Complete the level.
(2) Press retry
(3) Exit via the home button on the upper left hand corner to Mission Select
Entry is still granted to the next level. 

If the bug does recur for you do tell me.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll have that fixed! The full game will have quite a few more mechanics to help that variety along

Estimated late Mar- early April. Will be making an official release date announcement soon!

also darn it! I thought I fixed the spawn problem of the Horde boss sigh. Sorry you didn't see that boss. I'm really proud of it

oh gosh! Thanks for the YouTube! I'll have to go check up on that error. 

Am busy right now preparing Little Lost Robots in its full commercial form  :) 

Art is great. World is interesting. The storytelling at the side is a cool mechanic that could be used to draw us even more into the world.Think movement needs to be reduced to just key down instead of constant move. Combat needs more juice. 

I liked it as a basic platformer. Animations were nice and smooth. Art is cute. Level design was good. I think you can be more confident and proud of what you've created. 

True you didn't nail down a cool new mechanic but I wouldn't have the first clue on how to implement a rewind mechanic

The tower defence idea is nice. The throwing enemies were good.

Noticed you can't change direction if there is a bullet still in the air going left. 

The game would benefit from just an autofire. And maybe a more intuitive way for upgrades to happen. (like they drop on the ground so it fits in with the core mechanic)

Lol that was a funny idea. Wish there were some powerups or bombs though. That would have been sweet