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Yeah.. don't play it

The idea isn't bad. If you made a game like this where you'd get to place stuff inside a nightclub and get money to expand the club as you improve it.. and unlock stuff. Maybe you could set everything up and then make a day pass and see the results. You could have paid guards and extra guards. (Say 50$ to buy a bodyguard and 5$ per night, while a extra guard costs 15$ and only lasts for that day as added security). So, sometimes you have to buy more security if you think the mafia will hit your place. 

The idea is definetly good, and would make a fun game if you really went with it. 

Joined a server, the top 3 players were managing each different spawn. Made some money and killed the richest player in my area, took over all his buildings, after a reborn i wen't to kill the other two, then i eventually brought all the buildings in the game and made a monopoly. From there i just kept killing everyone who tried to buy a building, and instead just let l ive those who simply kept working under my command and generating money for me, was fun for a while. 

A bunch of AIs are broken and you can just spam the 1/1 goblin in the middle and they won't do anything to counter it. 

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Eh.. I can't say this isn't dumb.

The developer basically said he's gonna keep the itch version up to date with the steam version.. but he pretty much doesn't understand how steam keys works and thinks he can't give people steam keys (Or just doesn't want to go throught the problem of giving those to people.)

He also is going to increase the price on Steam because he wants his ten bucks apparently? So he's going to raise the price a 30%.

I don't know, the whole thing seems lazy and shaddy, but that's the magic about indie devs. 

You guys should at least try to make it on steam and see if you can get support there. I think a lot of people feels betrayed because of so many kickstarter and scams, and most only commit once a game shows a decent amount of daily updates on steam. If the kickstarter doesn't  make it all the way maybe you could still try and make it work as a early access game. I'm sure a lot of people would support you guys there, just like they did with stationeers. I feel like this game is great and has the potential it needs to be a great seller, but just lacks the correct platform to have support for it. 

You know.. this probably has nothing to do with the game, but it would be really cool if enemy ships were made with modules like your own ship, and you could aim where to shoot being able to scavenge ships for parts once the enemy crew is killed. 

I think what's important is how dedicated can you be to your own game. Even if the game is unplayable by the time you release it. (And early access is expected to be pretty unplayable) Weekly/monthly updates and just activity from the dev part is what really brings people around your game. And how the community starts to grow around it. Would be too if the game had mod support from the beginning since it's way harder to add later on, and interact with the steam workshop and other options you get from playing on steam! 

Meeple Station community · Created a new topic Can't wait!

Hope this gets released on steam soon to buy it!

Goddamn kids get your volleyball off my castle!!!

So.. I kept getting boarders stuck outside of my walls, and breaking inside my ship so i had the bright idea of putting floors with interior turrets and that worked until one of the boarders destroyed my turret then decided to sit at that floor outside my ship.. (This made the combat never end and had to restart the game and start from scratch).

Also, the game crashes when you use the move and rotate ship clicker thing. 

Good job, the game works now. Gonna try it out. 

New version, new error when generating starmap.

action number 1
of Alarm Event for alarm 2
for object par_build:

global variable name 'grid' index (100570) not set before reading it.
at gml_Object_par_build_Alarm_2
stack frame is
gml_Object_par_build_Alarm_2 (line -1)

Do you think it can be fixed today?

Still crashing.


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If this was online multiplayer instead of couch im sure people would have brought it happily. 

Mayim community · Created a new topic Feedback?
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I played the game for a while and i don't know what kind of feedback you'd expect. 

All you can do right now is put oil on tanks and move the ship around, cannons dont seem to be functional 

The ship is a weird entity, if you make a ship and then you chop it in half, its still considered a whole entity and you can move it around and steering wheel will respond to propellers even if  they aren't connected one with another. 

There is no way to make a new ship if you want to start from scratch, either leave at least one block or restart the game because you cant make a new boat from 0.

For people who is going to try out the game, dont let trees jumpscare you when you chop them down. 

For what i seen so far the game doesnt really show much potential, compared to many games where you can create your own ships and they have proper physics, i understand you guys might be looking foward to work towards that, but right now there's nothing to do. 

The graphics are okay, night time and being under water is terrying. At night because your whole screen turns black but you can still see everything, and it doesnt really seem to do anything with lighting. 

Being underwater is just this infinite sudden dark blue screen and makes you feel like you're falling off the world. 

I consider this to be a pre-alpha

Same, the only way to notice sugar is because tiles are bright where you leave them. 

I made a monster that crashed my game and crashes whenever i click continue.. rip

I dont know how real plants work but at least here it would be cool if you had deposits, like a tile where you can drop 25+ water or sugar maybe, and if there is a transport tile next to it, the water slowly moves towards the tile, because otherwise the only way i seen to manually put water on transport conveyors is spamming 1 while you move along it. The idea would be to have a place where you drop it all and then it moves on the transport tile. 

And sugar is kind of "Light" in the game right now, i really wish they had little tiles to see them, maybe make filter tiles so you can move water and sugar on the same transport but with the filter they're moved to different parts. 

The other idea is having a different kind of transport, if sugar is pretty much energy then we need something like "electric cables" to move it around, not really sure but would be nice.

I still think that if you could make this game into a .io game where each players makes they own plant and they all grow up nicely or fight eachother for sunlight or just feeding eachother (The plant world can be pretty brutal) it would make a great game!. 

Mito community · Created a new topic Really fun game!

If there was more content i would totally pay money for it.

Here's some feedback

- You can't see sugar (I was expecting white dots, just for reference maybe?)

- You cant remove transportation tiles.

Make your plant too tall/big and it's going to die because of all the sugar it needs, make it too small and you will die of boredom before you ever reach the 1000 sugar goal. Medium size is the key!. 

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Im sad to hear that, For me in the early version i played long time ago provinces were pretty small and expanding was harsh, it was better to get the most profit of every province before moving to the next one. 

Maybe add a VERY expensive building to increase infraestructure for a small amount, that would require a decent time for anyone to actually fill a entire province with buildings, just for those who enjoy making giant citys? 

Talking about quality, its impossible to upgrade tradehouses, brewerys, and i never found a spot where i could make a garden, monuments seem to be the best way to go about happiness, who doesnt love a bunch of symbols carved in stone and wood right? 

I also notice a lot of lag in the game once i get further on it, and i feel like the game freezes every time it has to make long paths for the traders and raiders to move.

Bronze Age community · Created a new topic Infraestructure?

Is there a way to increase this aside from upgrading the palace? Because i noticed regions are huge now and i can barely build on 5-10% of the entire territory. 

I haven't

Two bugs:

1) When i upgraded the second anvil i didnt get a extra worker, but i started with 2. (Maybe the second anvil was meant to be 2 not 3)

2) When i went back inside the house i appeard on the grey area and was impossible to leave and had to quit the game. 

Game crashes every time i click generate 

Yes but if you mute the players chat, you can't see either whispers or global. I meant having whispers and global has two different chats. 

You should also make a separated channel for whispers, so we could at least whisper to friends while we ignore the trolls. 

There's been a bunch of griefers just insulting people non-stop for hours, a ignore button would be nice since it's really annoying. 

No error, a dos screen appears for a half second and then dissapears, no error or words displayed in the dos either.

The game doesn't open for me. 

Well, i made it to the second level of the dungeon, considering the early stage i'd think thats a good start. 

The game concept is good, the art is great. 

The UI seems too small, Most of the screen is empty while you could have a bigger map and seeing what's going on easier. 

The music is relaxing and catchy. 

I can't tell about any of the upcoming features, except it seems you can have a melee and a ranged weapon both together, but it totally depends in the rest of the game to know how viable and balanced would that be, considering arrows will be scarce and hard to come by.

So far it seems everyone moves at the same time, there is no faster or slower. A game called Elona has a speed-based turn system. Where time passes based on the player speed. If you have 100 speed and a enemy has 50, you'll move twice as fast as them. Just a example. 

Looks promising at least!. 

You should add ads on the mobile version whenever someone starts or loads a new game, and add a option to disable it. That should give you a little income and i'd gladly watch those ads to show my support!

I honestly think this game would be the definitive RTS if you could actually make your own units part by part. Plus all the other awesome features.