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Im sad to hear that, For me in the early version i played long time ago provinces were pretty small and expanding was harsh, it was better to get the most profit of every province before moving to the next one. 

Maybe add a VERY expensive building to increase infraestructure for a small amount, that would require a decent time for anyone to actually fill a entire province with buildings, just for those who enjoy making giant citys? 

Talking about quality, its impossible to upgrade tradehouses, brewerys, and i never found a spot where i could make a garden, monuments seem to be the best way to go about happiness, who doesnt love a bunch of symbols carved in stone and wood right? 

I also notice a lot of lag in the game once i get further on it, and i feel like the game freezes every time it has to make long paths for the traders and raiders to move.

Created a new topic Infraestructure?

Is there a way to increase this aside from upgrading the palace? Because i noticed regions are huge now and i can barely build on 5-10% of the entire territory. 

Replied to Bill in GORN comments

I haven't

Two bugs:

1) When i upgraded the second anvil i didnt get a extra worker, but i started with 2. (Maybe the second anvil was meant to be 2 not 3)

2) When i went back inside the house i appeard on the grey area and was impossible to leave and had to quit the game. 

Posted in Bug Reports

Game crashes every time i click generate 

Yes but if you mute the players chat, you can't see either whispers or global. I meant having whispers and global has two different chats. 

You should also make a separated channel for whispers, so we could at least whisper to friends while we ignore the trolls. 

There's been a bunch of griefers just insulting people non-stop for hours, a ignore button would be nice since it's really annoying. 

No error, a dos screen appears for a half second and then dissapears, no error or words displayed in the dos either.

The game doesn't open for me. 

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Well, i made it to the second level of the dungeon, considering the early stage i'd think thats a good start. 

The game concept is good, the art is great. 

The UI seems too small, Most of the screen is empty while you could have a bigger map and seeing what's going on easier. 

The music is relaxing and catchy. 

I can't tell about any of the upcoming features, except it seems you can have a melee and a ranged weapon both together, but it totally depends in the rest of the game to know how viable and balanced would that be, considering arrows will be scarce and hard to come by.

So far it seems everyone moves at the same time, there is no faster or slower. A game called Elona has a speed-based turn system. Where time passes based on the player speed. If you have 100 speed and a enemy has 50, you'll move twice as fast as them. Just a example. 

Looks promising at least!. 

You should add ads on the mobile version whenever someone starts or loads a new game, and add a option to disable it. That should give you a little income and i'd gladly watch those ads to show my support!

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I honestly think this game would be the definitive RTS if you could actually make your own units part by part. Plus all the other awesome features. 

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Make sure to check the last bug. 

Here is where i placed a villager and dissapear (died?) i tried placing others there and nothing happened. My only guess is there is a slight chance that you move a viking in a way that if you release him he'll ignore colission. A while after that he appeard on the other side of the mountain, there was a exclamation sign at the base of the mountain but he was still dead. When i used the camera glitch to look under the map there wasnt a dead body or a stuck viking, or anything. 

Here is some updated bugs!

When you click on one of your vikings the camera ignores collision and goes throught the floor, specially on a village like mine where there are multiple levels of terrain. 

Aside from that, this is the little, pretty landscape i managed to make. 

This wasnt easy, since every time you flatten the land you have to click again on the menu, and then also use the scroll wheel to get it in the right size. There is also the problem that you cant make hills, and if you try to connect two different terrains with different height you just make weird flat mountains. 

You should be able to use multiple shapes and the tool should remember your preferences. Also a + - UI to change the size. And most important of all, being able to drag around the tool as you flat the terrain so you can just keep doing it instead of clicking again on it every time. 

The most important problem with land is that you can't smoothly flatten terrain. As you can see the best you can aim for is use an already placed hill as a connector as you flatten the land around it. Because otherwise there is no way to move aroudn once you flatten the gruond. 

Vikings sometimes fight eachother to build the same building. And in the case one gets to build it first while the other is going, the animation of the building being just placed and then built is re-done by the second viking, didn't see it cause any problems still.

Another problem was a viking building a farm, he was stuck building it while another viking was already able to farm on it. The soultion was moving the viking, then he went to build the farm again but completed it this time.

As for the last and game breaking glitch i found. Here my game froze. It didn't crash, but froze. I'm unable to do anything, not even move my mouse, but my windows doesn't tell me the game isnt responding. It's like the game actually froze and not the program. The last thing i did before this happened was build those little huts on the right side. I was really hoping for making a huge village and share it with new players to feel motivated about the game. 

Edit: Nevermind i was able to save in a new game!

That explains why i kept messing up . And yeah! I think the AI would also get kinda laggy if you have many roads, instead of a single one that keeps growing! I'll play again and see if i can reproduce it, i also noticed save games are broken? I tried to save a game but then i was unable to load it.

I've seen a bunch of problems and glitchs that are probably gonna be fixed soon!

1) Roads seem to have a weird offset when you try to make a road over another existent one if you place a flag on top of the last road you make the green line appears next to the flag and not under it, it would be nice if when you try to make roads you can simply use the flags you already placed and connect the roads easily.

2) The smoothing tool is really nice, but i think it should be only possible to use it before settling, since otherwise it seems a bit too strong once the game started. 

3) When you make flat mountains or just high grounds vikings tend to get sucked by earth and get bugged, which also freezes your  camera.

Keep the good work! 

I crash randomly when attacking, i just save before every fight and hope for the best. 

Posted in 2.4 comments

I hope Jacob is happy 

Some suggestions i have.

Hunger and morale for military units so you can't deploy them forever. Morale always been a key factor in any battle, units with a poor morale fight poorly. The further away you're from one of the zones you control the lower your morale is (Like 5-10% morale loss for zone). This would make units defending they homes stronger, as they normally are. Ways to prevent morale could be adding captain units (Frail units that boost morale for they units). And maybe slow wagons with provisions that can be used to feed your units when they're far away from your base?. Would be awesome to have a raiding system where you can steal most the masklings and other enemies just like they do with you. 

Created a new topic My little empire

Hey guys, finally got to play the game properly and here are some screenshots of what i made so far, getting ready to push the barbarians. 

The city is divided in four districts. 

In the first picture you can see the war district, the first district where i had trouble to settle due to barbarians, and the reason of why it became the epicenter of my military units.

In the second picture is the capital, settlers and elite units come from there (Still unfinished). So far i have 20 idle settlers and 20 militia units deployed thanks to this sector.

In the third picture you can see the lumber district, Self-explanatory, all the wood comes from there.

In the fourth picture you can see the Trading District at the botton, this one was the sector i settled in first, it supports both settlers and soldiers (About 6 settlers and 8 militia).

Along you can see my copper and stone village They're in rough terrain and its easier to protect the key points withouht covering the whole border, Which is not necessary and causes trouble when you try to movilize your army around the world. 


- You might notice i have a lot of roads and gatehouses, without those your wagons won't be able to transport items quickly, they tend to get stuck and take really long paths (Along with slowing down the game) when there aren't many paths. 

Forests are a great place to settle, wood is vital for making towers and skirmishers and it's the only basic resource you need when you're starting. 

Gatehouses have archers just like towers, is not necessary to put towers near the gates, plus gates need a worker aswell.

Hope you enjoyed my little empire, which is still growing by the way!. 

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Here's what it looks like, its a different map i started after i updated my drivers and net framework incase any of that was the issue. Whenever i load the game i instantly get a horrible lag. I hope it helps track the problem.

I'm playing version actually, downloading the last version to see if it works better or has the same issue. 

The game works perfect on version at least with 2 towns! 

I love the art style of this game > A blind cat. 

But yeh, it's actually a really nice game. 

Created a new topic Poor performance
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I gave a try to the game and i loved it so far, i had two small settlements that weren't even half-way done and then my game started to slowdown and freeze really bad, at first it just froze when i tried to speed it up, but at the end i wasnt able to play even in normal speed. 


Operating System
Windows 7 Home Basic 64-bit SP1
AMD A4-4000 
Richland 32nm Technology
8,00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 672MHz (9-9-9-24)
MSI A68HM-E33 V2 (MS-7721) (P0)

768MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 7480D (MSI)

Edit: This is all i made so far. 3 towns, but i haven't built anything yet in the third one. 

Edit 2: I noticed that the game won't go past 150-250mb of memory, when it could easily use up to 1gb to run smoothly. 

I think if you want to make a more realistic health system like in Dwarf Fortress you should start by making multiple hp pools. Tissue > Muscle > Tendon > Bone. 

And maybe add pain to the game, something like a pain threshold based on endurance and intelligence (Willpower). Someone with a pierced muscle will do less damage since his muscle can't properly work. But like in Dwarf Fortress when you attack someone each weapon should have different abilities. Maybe you could have daggers that do little damage but most of the damage is done internally. 

Lets say you  have 100 tissue hp, 50 muscle hp, 150 bone hp. and 10 tendon hp Then depending on the weapon they get a % to bypass the first tiers of natural armor. Swords and axes doing slashing damage does mostly tissue and muscle damage, while a hammer would harm the bone pretty much every time, but it still hurts the tissue and muscles slightly. And instead of a critical strke that simply does more damage you could make critical strikes hit tendons or maybe bypass more tissue and hit directly depending on where are they aiming. 

Some examples for injuries.

Damage is reduced by the % of missing hp on the bone of a limb. If your arm is shattered you shouldn't be able to attack with full force, now when its broken you can even do anything without screaming in pain.

Speed attack reduced by the % of missing hp on the muscle. The only thing that lets you move your arms are your muscles, and if they're cut in half you can't expect to move your arm like nothing happends. 

Now tendons are more of a lucky strike, if you cut that you're making someone unable to move his arm at all, Pretty hard to hit unless you're either skilled and now where to aim, or just lucky when you swing your axe. 

As for armor threshold it could work based on the % of the missing hp. The more tissue you lose the more chances to hit the muscles and the bone. 

Not sure how hard this would be to implement, but it's mostly math and numbers. 

But then you could also have something like this. 

Head - Tissue - Muscle -  eye - eye - skull - brain

Upper Chest - Tissue - Muscle - Ribs - Lung - Lung - Hearth 

Lower Chest - Tissue - Muscle -  Stomach - Kidneys - Guts

Groin - Tissue - Muscle (Pain x3)

Legs/arms - Tissue - Muscle - Bone - Tendon

Cut eye = -30%-ish accuracy loss. 

Pierced lug = -50% stamina regen

Pierced stomach = Lots of bleeding

Pierced Kidney = Pain + blood

Pierced guts = Pain + pain + blood.

Also having internal organs hurt should automactly cause internal bleeding (Which i seen in the game very rarely). 

Another way to see it could be the way Rimworld uses bodyparts. For example you have two eyes that gives +50% accuracy each. If you lose one, you lose the bonus from the eye. (Which was also easier to implement having extra eyes and they already had bonuses). So instead of implementing a system where you have to give a malus to someone based on every part that is hit, you give them a bonus based on which parts they have. And from there the more parts, the merrier. 

Why not a discord server? 

You played Elona? I'll never forget my mutant wizard with 8 hands, he had so many weapons. I wish races were customizable and you simply had points to add whatever limbs you wanted, and even ways to grow more limbs in game maybe with a malus to global speed. And maybe a way where enemies just escale by a % that lets you keep going. Have you ever played Tyranny? The customization for spells in that game would fit Dungeonlike really well. Here you have spells like Fire aura that enchants your weapons with fire. On Tyranny you had something like a "Weapon enchantment" as a base, and then you could enchant the weapon based on which elements you mastered. (Fire, force, cold, lighting, death, etc). It might be a good lead for the game, i like it so far!. 

Also, i'm not sure if its intended but i had always +100% chance to hit every bodypart of everyone, except enemy wizards which i barely had between 91-95% to hit they head. Yet when i used the spell shield on myself and tried to attack myself i had -90% chance to hit. Right now there aren't many enemies with magic powers to fight, but that shield would be the meta to defeat them. 

A endless mode where enemies just keep becoming stronger to see how long can you last (maybe enchantments too), and see how long and broken the game gets! 

I'd love to see "fog" as an spell type. Like if you could just make a fog of whatever you want. Make it a fog of fire where people burns to death, or some unstable field based on locumancy that causes bash damage and of course the fog of decay, which would be a spell type: fog with a base spell from locumancy. As for physical combat more weapons, skills and combinations are always nice. Axes could let you go into a berserker rage for increased strength, while maces could have a exhausting stunning blow and swords some kind of riposte where you get to counterattack automactly every time you dogde, or just give you higher dogde as you parry with the sword. 

Created a new topic Meet the TOWER WIZARD!
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Magic, so mysterious that it requires a lot of practice to manipulate it correctly for the advantage of the user. 

The Tower Wizard is a strong wizard capable of stopping even ogres for doing any kind of harm to him. His powers are far than enough to tear apart any enemy he might find in the dungeon, but that leaves exposes his weakness, a frail body that can't take too much damage before falling apart. Yet the Tower Wizard learned how to surprass this weakness and that's how he earned his title as Tower Wizard. A wizard who carries not one but two towers shields along with heavy armor plus powerful enchantments to make himself even more resilient against any kind of damage. 

The spells: 

Power Word - Crush

The main weapon of a Tower Wizard, which he uses to break the skulls of his enemies, as the wizard becomes stronger his power rises to the point nobody can stand this spell, which instantly kills anyone on his path. 

Power Word - Dissapear

Pretty self explanatory. The wizard whispers a word which forces the target to banish from his presence. 

Power Word - Mass Stop

This spell forces all the enemies inside a room or corridor to slow down and act only at half of they normal speed during five turns.

Power Word - Stop

Unlike the AOE spell this one focuses all of the caster's power against a single target, which results in a much stronger spell.

Power Word - Hurry

the opposite from the spell above, this spell imbues the caster with quickness for a long duration.

Power World - Invulnerability

The Tower Wizard enhaces his body to become even harder. Only a enemy with titanic strenght would be capable of causing harm to him. 

(Killed even the boss with a single hit from his spell)

Thanks for reading!. Have you made your own, custom classes yet?. 

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Day 8 Hard - Endless mode - Forgemaster

Part 2

Wall bug


I've played this game quite a while. Playing with the new class in hard - endless mode the game turns literally unplayable after a in-game week. There should be a tweaked version of the effects enemies can have to reduce the amount of lag. For example simply turn enemies red when they're on fire, just like venom works. Instead of the cluster of flames that kills my fps. 

Aside from that, the game seems to be fairly balanced. Sadly the limit of buildings is a turn-off when it comes to endless plays.. And makes the game terribly boring and repetitive once you beat it once. Since the game itself limits you to a single strategy. Why i can't make giant walls and have 80+ archers, or make a giant kingdom with 100+ infantry and lots of farms to keep them fed.

A simple option check to remove the limit of buildings would be awesome and i believe not actually hard to do. And give way more gameplay. 

As for the AI. A flag for melee / ranged / support units would be awesome. Plus an option to make units hold they ground and simply attack anything at range instead of chasing enemies. For example the clay golems of the forgemaster would rarely use they ranged attacks while the iron golems were tanking the bosses, and it was simply they ability to explode and respawn very quickly what takes them down. 

Right now, the main feature i'd love to see is just the simply fact of having an optino to remove the limit of buildings, and tweak the special effects for better performance late game. (Enemies growing stronger while keeping the same numbers after day 10+ would also be a nice way to keep the difficulty going without burning out my pc).

Removing the level limit would also help, since otherwise you'll just end with a lot of aether that can't be used for anything. 

Holy fuck.

That artwork looks amazing! This game sounds like a lot of potential, i hope we get to see something soon! 

The only issue i have is that you can insta-kill yourself with charge since when you try to use it with a enemy that isnt at range you still see a red mark on them and might think you're aiming at then, when you actually just charge your own hands against your skull!. It should at least ask you "Do you really want to hit yourself"? Or not be able to hurt yourself at all with physical abilities. Maybe it could be an option when making a skill. "Able to target yourself?": No. 

Imagine if we could make our own races, where we have points to select how many limbs and stats we get. Or at least start with the stats and modifiers of metabolism and others.. Basically a system where you start with human stats, and then you can give yourself cons in order to get points and get pros for your race.  Players who played elona would probably love this!.