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A voxel building boat game · By udiprod


A topic by Rakune created Apr 19, 2018 Views: 171 Replies: 4
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I played the game for a while and i don't know what kind of feedback you'd expect. 

All you can do right now is put oil on tanks and move the ship around, cannons dont seem to be functional 

The ship is a weird entity, if you make a ship and then you chop it in half, its still considered a whole entity and you can move it around and steering wheel will respond to propellers even if  they aren't connected one with another. 

There is no way to make a new ship if you want to start from scratch, either leave at least one block or restart the game because you cant make a new boat from 0.

For people who is going to try out the game, dont let trees jumpscare you when you chop them down. 

For what i seen so far the game doesnt really show much potential, compared to many games where you can create your own ships and they have proper physics, i understand you guys might be looking foward to work towards that, but right now there's nothing to do. 

The graphics are okay, night time and being under water is terrying. At night because your whole screen turns black but you can still see everything, and it doesnt really seem to do anything with lighting. 

Being underwater is just this infinite sudden dark blue screen and makes you feel like you're falling off the world. 

I consider this to be a pre-alpha

I agree with most of the sentences above. But from my side - I like this game.

I have spotted few bugs. For example infinite water supply (inventory) after loading the game, or duplicates of my bed. I like the physics here except this always-one-boat. Also my oil turned brown from black one.

I don't know much boat-builders and I haven't played minecraft, so this is a bit new to me.

What to expand/ do more?

For sure add some not-cubic shapes. Just for making smooth boats. That should decrease the friction. You could create those pieces in a special workshop building.

Another choice should go for some talks with people around. I don't know if anybody is talking more than a few words.


Thanks a lot. That helped. You are right, the game is not yet Alpha. I fixed the wording here. Your other comments will be addressed as the game evolves. 

A few technical notes: the cannons are usable, except there's nothing yet to shoot. I added the instructions how to shoot them in the game's description here. The oil becomes brown (goo) if it gets mixed up with fresh water. Currently it happens instantly and irrespective of proportions, so yes, it may look a little odd.

Thanks again.

Thanks for answer udiprod!

I have managed to build a 9 tones tanker that can swim (with full capacity) at speed 12 m/s. :) Without an oil, it can go even 2x faster.

Also I have an issue about balancing S.O.S. message: if you are developing your ship and you don't want to sleep, eat and drink, just press SOS and go over it. Think about it.

And as far as I remember: big ships causes lags (consider some non-dynamic simplification). Also diving is a bit hard (diver suit idea). Plus some boxes for your staff (hard to implement?). And add some checks for diving near islands - some glitches happen there.

And I have a question about inventory: what is the correct limit: 10 or 99? I have spotted both.

One more bug helped me. SPOILER for new players!

Current version have a compass that cost 200 and you can sell it for 800. Please fix that.

Hope you will progress the game!

I have re-visit this site a few days ago. And I have  seen that there was an update. Great! Let's try it!

First: great, now you can interact with people around! Also an idea of ships wrecks is great! I am a bit concerned about balancing jars and needs for jars, but probably that is a bit of roulette here :) .

Second: the controls. They changed a bit, now I can't run. Also I can use my ship without me on board. I feel like James Bond with his remote controlled car. It's a bit strange.

Third: as I mentioned before, you can change limits in your inventory from 10 to 99 by reloading the game. 10 is very hard to go with around, but 99 is more than needed. Is it a bug or feature?

Fourth: Sails. Great idea, great feature, but probably a bit too powerful. 1000 gold is not very hard to get, but 200 N of power in a small raft make it fly! :) And I coudn't use my bed while sails were on use, because my engines were working - probably the message should be a bit more general :) .