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Regarding the other points you raised: I'll take a look into the glitches and bugs you reported, and consider your suggestions. Thanks!

Regarding the S.O.S balancing: my plan is to have a day count in the game, and have main quest and side quests that need to be completed within some days limit. The S.O.S will cost you game-time, depending on how far you are from the last forklift you've been too.

I hope to release an updated version in a week or so.

Thanks! We'll give it our best shot :) 

Thanks a lot. That helped. You are right, the game is not yet Alpha. I fixed the wording here. Your other comments will be addressed as the game evolves. 

A few technical notes: the cannons are usable, except there's nothing yet to shoot. I added the instructions how to shoot them in the game's description here. The oil becomes brown (goo) if it gets mixed up with fresh water. Currently it happens instantly and irrespective of proportions, so yes, it may look a little odd.

Thanks again.