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Great game!
Some years ago I have played "Evo" - board game ( And I was looking for that game as digital, but I have failed. Now I have found. Even better - remake of the game that was a base for the board game.
Thank you very much!

Your way of slowing down the progress might be even better. I like that you have your own way of thinking! :)

Also many thanks to uploading moving the screen with keyboard. Now I can admire whole design! It is one of the best games I have played recently. Of course it has many ways to improve, but general overview is very good!

Unfortunately I have spot a bug: when you finish the game, you can choose between finishing the board (quit) or staying (resume). If you click resume, the screen stays dark and you can't play any more. (you have to quit anyway)

Thank you for your fast response. Unfortunately I don't have any mouse with middle key around. :( I will wait for keyboard controls for that.

The idea of your game seems to be very good and relaxing.

For most of the incremental games, the prices of assets are increasing. They are usually something like: first new object is X, second existing X*(1+p), next X*(1+p)^2, and so on. This makes the game more challenging. You begin with little amount of money, building first takes some time, but then the game become easy. And after some time (and building more objects) you need much more money than it is available, and your progress is slowed down. Current state of your game is that starting is a bit challenging, but getting to know how to solve making money, you gain more than you can spent.

Maybe a noob question, but how to move the camera around? I have tried to use arrow keys, AWSD and dragging mouse, but nothing seems to work.

I like the game, but without destroying buildings is a quite hard game :).

Also I have found that this is a clone of Settlers III or IV (Blue Byte) from 1998. Do you know that games?

My base is quite big and has 28 beds, but unfortunately there is no more than 10 people inside. Is it a bug, or intended behaviour (to have higher FPS)?

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Comment: all my walls are metal, floors in each room, automatic production of wood, crops, ranch.
Water: open on 100% of power, close on 75%.
Windmils: many (power up to 50). Solar panels: 27. Batteries: 150. Wood burners: 16, open at 0%, close at 25%.
Barrels & crates - metal, many of them (about 150 each).
Gates: one for each side, completely defended by guns.

My rooms:

Central market:

Top - wood and crops production

Bottom - farm:

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Arrow problem:

I noticed exactly the same thing, but I understand that as a feature not a bug. ;) So using arrows is probably the best option to defeat all the enemies. :)

I have just noticed that somebody else had the same problem above.

Also I have a problem with proceeding the tutorial, with the pack of drones. I have defeated all the dogs (?) in the found location, took all the goods that were there and the box with the drones and returned to the base. But E.D.I.E seems to sleep and I can't give the box to him. What else can I do? I remember that before the start of the game, I accidentally moved the tutorial forward (and enable electricity tutorial location), but I haven't found what I have done, so I can't reproduce the situation.

Sorry, but I have to say that turrets are too powerful.

Along with bear traps, they cost 0 and that is much too low ;) . Plus they shot with a little delay.

Making a base that is impossible to defeat (for sure in early game, I don't know where is "late" for now) is very easy. Enemies are trying to infiltrate your base, so leaving open doors with turrets behind them is the easiest way to kill them without any problem.

Is it a "problem" that my game is always opened in minimized window? Most of the programs are opened in a standard window or full screen as default.

Please spoil some to me:

How far should I look for the farm (2nd mission, available during early game)?

As I remember, in some of the games you respawn where you finished the game.

But as I recover more and more games, the practice of respawning in the centre of the map  / home place is quite common. So don't bother. Your solution is fine. I just got confused for a while. But after playing a little I got the point :) .

A bit misleading of it is that after reload you are near your bed.

Should "save" be on "sleep" or "quit"? I have found that on "sleep".

When I stick to the tutorial, everything is fine. But when you want to expand your base in your own way, it is complicated then.

Bug: I have planted all the trees I could, then finished previous step of tutorial. After reaching step "chop old trees and plant new ones" I couldn't progress. And since I was a new player, I didn't know what else I can do (f.e. buy/sell products) to fulfil the needs except waiting.

Anyway: GREAT GAME! :) I don't know all, but so far I have found hundreds of possibilities and the game seem to be intuitive.

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I love the game very much! But I have spotted a few weaknesses:

1. (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Adding advertisement garage changed the balance. Now you can create a 4x4 road "circle" surrounded by people houses and up to 13 garages and get tones of money. Enough to buy anything you want.

2. Big bugs are a great idea, but I remember one was stuck on my solar panels. Please check if they are attacking all types of buildings.

3. As it was suggested, map editor would be a perfect idea.

Hope you will improve the game!

I have re-visit this site a few days ago. And I have  seen that there was an update. Great! Let's try it!

First: great, now you can interact with people around! Also an idea of ships wrecks is great! I am a bit concerned about balancing jars and needs for jars, but probably that is a bit of roulette here :) .

Second: the controls. They changed a bit, now I can't run. Also I can use my ship without me on board. I feel like James Bond with his remote controlled car. It's a bit strange.

Third: as I mentioned before, you can change limits in your inventory from 10 to 99 by reloading the game. 10 is very hard to go with around, but 99 is more than needed. Is it a bug or feature?

Fourth: Sails. Great idea, great feature, but probably a bit too powerful. 1000 gold is not very hard to get, but 200 N of power in a small raft make it fly! :) And I coudn't use my bed while sails were on use, because my engines were working - probably the message should be a bit more general :) .

The update is exactly what was needed to make a huge improvement!

If you consider another update in the future, please also note that when you restart the game with a country that was already playing before, right after starting the game, the territory from old game will be highlighted. Example: start playing with India, conquer Madagascar, exit the game, set new game with India as you and start the game. Now Madagascar is highlighted as your territory.

New update made also small other mistake: when a country conquer another one, the game is paused and typed "X win the game", which is incorrect (X only conquered one country). The win message should be after conquering all the players.

Thank you for your this update one more time! :)

Geopolitics community · Created a new topic Feedback

This game is brilliant! The idea is quite easy, variation on Risk board game, but possibility to play any smallest country seems to be very good! :)

Unfortunately, there is something to fix:
If your numbers are high, they disappear. For draft it is more than 99 (it appears again when you call reinforcements), for defence it is more than 195. It is connected to real length of the value.

Second thing is that when you add countries, they are randomly chosen and it is possible to add a country twice.

Also it would be very good if the action window would be draggable.

The last thing is about setting up starting position. It would be nice if there were some challenges defined. For example All big countries (UK, EU, USA, China, Russia), all countries that have one territory and it is bonus, some countries with one non-bonus territory only. That are some challenges I did to myself.

Nice game
I have found two bugs:
1. I had 120 seconds of 50% discount on housing. Nice and working, but for some time I could see price of 7500 (discounted) but the real cost was 15000 (as usual). I don't know if it was during 120 seconds period or a bit longer time. After long time after that, housing cost was displayed correctly.
2. The Cafe should be buffed a bit. It provides high profit without any housing around. Building some doesn't apply to total income.

That is a very good idea. Last two levels are just what I wanted on this game, but didn't manage to use all possible resources at 100%, so I was a bit upset on that. Adding a possibility to move forward even more will help much :) .

But please consider CPU usage. Unity engine is quite CPU-intensive, adding thousands of enemies spawned at once can kill even best processors. Or maybe you're using some nice optimization?

I love this game! It is very interesting and has pretty good mechanics.

Are you going to add some maps for surviving as long as possible? Also adding an editor would help to make this game awesome!

The game is very nice. It contains lots of thinking. I like it.
I had to start several times just to survive first days.

Unfortunately there is lack of "undo" button so any missclick is a huge pain.

Thank you very much for your game. It was fun. Of course it had no real goal except reaching "top pop", but you can't win.
I like the idea of the game, but I think that adding a possibility of "unlimited expansion" would be a good idea here. After reaching some point of height, there was no real possibility of playing further.

Is there intro text? I guess that I missed something. 
My computer went crazy after starting the game program, so maybe I missed something thinking it was a lag.

I couldn't start the game. :( Hitting "i" and "o" switch something and that is all I got.

I have tried the game. It is not very stable.

First, the game suddenly drops down FPS when spawning new bunch of enemies.

Second, sometimes you have no more spawn, because you killed all of the enemies, but the game didn't noticed that.

Third, I couldn't buy second upgrade and I don't know why. I could select research centre, but I couldn't buy anything.

So my score for this game is quite low, but if you repair those bugs, the game will be playable.

Also the idea for the game is OK. I like this type of games.

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I am not sure if it is a bug, but even if I have developed my hull, the ship can't go below 125 without any destruction (the pressure is too high?)
I use PC version, Post-Jam.

Edit: I have managed to reach the lower depth, but my hull is calculated wrong. Like 0-1: if I have less than 700, destroy my core, if it is 700, save it.
Also when any part of hull is destroyed, the number is changed, even I have some additional hulls instead (let say that we need 40 of the hull to reach 700, but when I build 50 and one of them is destroyed, I don't have 700 any more).

And reaching depth of 500 doesn't stop the game. I reached depth of 4000 and it wasn't the end. So where is the end?

The game is fun and I liked it, but some bugs need fixing.

I use CET time. Probably the same as you. I can be available around 8 PM for example.

Yes! The lobby now is open for guests. Perfect!

Kongregate game is using flash, so probably it is the reason.

I have registered there and I would like to set my nickname, but I can't (is there any possibility?). Also link to the player is somehow broken (

I have looked into leaderboard. I can see there very old games (2 years old?) marked as "recent ones". So my question is: is there anyone playing the game? Or maybe I can find you, distilledgames, there one day? :)

I am using Firefox as usual.

Multiplayer guest-mode: standard situation is that you connect with a player nickname "guestXXX", where XXX is you temporary ID. All stats are saved only as a session, so when you restart the game/browser, the progress of stats is lost forever. You can copy functionality from castle wars ( I am not sure what is in your multiplayer, but maybe it will help with my idea of guest? :)

The game contains very good idea. One of many variation, but with something fresh to it. Unfortunately I have spot low fps after some gametime. I haven't played multiplayer yet, but no guest-mode there is making me sad :( . I would like to try it and see how it works before I sign in to it.

I like the idea, but probably controls should be explained also in the description. I had to restart the game to get them.

Unfortunately after getting the second person chamber the game didn't end, so I found it a bit boring. Clearing last pieces is not what people wants to do.

Fine idle game. Not very hard to complete. It can be polished and balanced to be a good game.

Yes, but I can't read properly from icons. Also the explanations aren't clear enough. For example from help button I don't know if second drill will work without water (experiments: yes, but with lower efficiency).

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The game has changed! To the better one, I think :)

But there are many things left to do. From my - gamer - perspective, the highest problem is lack of good explanation how everything works. Icons in the game help are not very clear when you don't know all the resources (when starting the game). So now I have to create all the possible things and experiment what can be put inside which building and what will be as a result.

Second thing is that I don't know if energy system is balanced. I don't know yet, because I haven't created all the things. 

The idea of "campaign" is very interesting and probably very good, but lack of "advisor" there can be harmful for newbies.

Versions 3.0 and 3.5 of the game was much easier to understand and easier to play. This one is a very good main breaker and I want to play it more! :)

Edit: consider updating/ creating wiki pages and/or some diagrams how every building works. Or just basics? Allowing names near ore icons also is a good idea :)

Edit2: found a bug: if you build a complete conveyor bridge, it will act as infinite storage. I have tried to test the capacity, but I coudn't reach the max of it. Where is the best place for bug tracking?

Great game. The AI is a bit too easy, but mainly it makes a good game.

Unfortunately I have found a bug: the minerals income is not updating when a building is destroyed.