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That is a very good idea. Last two levels are just what I wanted on this game, but didn't manage to use all possible resources at 100%, so I was a bit upset on that. Adding a possibility to move forward even more will help much :) .

But please consider CPU usage. Unity engine is quite CPU-intensive, adding thousands of enemies spawned at once can kill even best processors. Or maybe you're using some nice optimization?

I love this game! It is very interesting and has pretty good mechanics.

Are you going to add some maps for surviving as long as possible? Also adding an editor would help to make this game awesome!

The game is very nice. It contains lots of thinking. I like it.
I had to start several times just to survive first days.

Unfortunately there is lack of "undo" button so any missclick is a huge pain.

Thank you very much for your game. It was fun. Of course it had no real goal except reaching "top pop", but you can't win.
I like the idea of the game, but I think that adding a possibility of "unlimited expansion" would be a good idea here. After reaching some point of height, there was no real possibility of playing further.

Is there intro text? I guess that I missed something. 
My computer went crazy after starting the game program, so maybe I missed something thinking it was a lag.

I couldn't start the game. :( Hitting "i" and "o" switch something and that is all I got.

I have tried the game. It is not very stable.

First, the game suddenly drops down FPS when spawning new bunch of enemies.

Second, sometimes you have no more spawn, because you killed all of the enemies, but the game didn't noticed that.

Third, I couldn't buy second upgrade and I don't know why. I could select research centre, but I couldn't buy anything.

So my score for this game is quite low, but if you repair those bugs, the game will be playable.

Also the idea for the game is OK. I like this type of games.

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I am not sure if it is a bug, but even if I have developed my hull, the ship can't go below 125 without any destruction (the pressure is too high?)
I use PC version, Post-Jam.

Edit: I have managed to reach the lower depth, but my hull is calculated wrong. Like 0-1: if I have less than 700, destroy my core, if it is 700, save it.
Also when any part of hull is destroyed, the number is changed, even I have some additional hulls instead (let say that we need 40 of the hull to reach 700, but when I build 50 and one of them is destroyed, I don't have 700 any more).

And reaching depth of 500 doesn't stop the game. I reached depth of 4000 and it wasn't the end. So where is the end?

The game is fun and I liked it, but some bugs need fixing.

I use CET time. Probably the same as you. I can be available around 8 PM for example.

Yes! The lobby now is open for guests. Perfect!

Kongregate game is using flash, so probably it is the reason.

I have registered there and I would like to set my nickname, but I can't (is there any possibility?). Also link to the player is somehow broken (

I have looked into leaderboard. I can see there very old games (2 years old?) marked as "recent ones". So my question is: is there anyone playing the game? Or maybe I can find you, distilledgames, there one day? :)

I am using Firefox as usual.

Multiplayer guest-mode: standard situation is that you connect with a player nickname "guestXXX", where XXX is you temporary ID. All stats are saved only as a session, so when you restart the game/browser, the progress of stats is lost forever. You can copy functionality from castle wars ( I am not sure what is in your multiplayer, but maybe it will help with my idea of guest? :)

The game contains very good idea. One of many variation, but with something fresh to it. Unfortunately I have spot low fps after some gametime. I haven't played multiplayer yet, but no guest-mode there is making me sad :( . I would like to try it and see how it works before I sign in to it.

I like the idea, but probably controls should be explained also in the description. I had to restart the game to get them.

Unfortunately after getting the second person chamber the game didn't end, so I found it a bit boring. Clearing last pieces is not what people wants to do.

Unfortunately there is lack of UnitPlayer.dll library. Something is missing on my PC.

Fine idle game. Not very hard to complete. It can be polished and balanced to be a good game.

Yes, but I can't read properly from icons. Also the explanations aren't clear enough. For example from help button I don't know if second drill will work without water (experiments: yes, but with lower efficiency).

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The game has changed! To the better one, I think :)

But there are many things left to do. From my - gamer - perspective, the highest problem is lack of good explanation how everything works. Icons in the game help are not very clear when you don't know all the resources (when starting the game). So now I have to create all the possible things and experiment what can be put inside which building and what will be as a result.

Second thing is that I don't know if energy system is balanced. I don't know yet, because I haven't created all the things. 

The idea of "campaign" is very interesting and probably very good, but lack of "advisor" there can be harmful for newbies.

Versions 3.0 and 3.5 of the game was much easier to understand and easier to play. This one is a very good main breaker and I want to play it more! :)

Edit: consider updating/ creating wiki pages and/or some diagrams how every building works. Or just basics? Allowing names near ore icons also is a good idea :)

Edit2: found a bug: if you build a complete conveyor bridge, it will act as infinite storage. I have tried to test the capacity, but I coudn't reach the max of it. Where is the best place for bug tracking?

Great game. The AI is a bit too easy, but mainly it makes a good game.

Unfortunately I have found a bug: the minerals income is not updating when a building is destroyed.

Really enjoyable game. I got about 10 games till found the clue how to survive first 12 turns. Then it was a piece of cake :).

It is a piece of puzzle and strategy at once. Also "run out of space" is a perfect word here :).

Me neither. From one side I can see the point of it, but it breaks the joy of the game.

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Please add some information about controls. I had to try almost all keys to get to know how to play. Till now I still don't know how to rotate slope.
Also lack of data about the costs and what something is doing would help.

Bug found:
Sometimes my controls were going strange, because I couldn't move except when building (and I got stuck). It happens when the night/day is changing and you are currently using something (fighting for example).

Except that the game seems to be good. I am not sure if all parts are OK, because of this bug I couldn't finish too much days and gain enough resources to build something big. :)

Creating the path solves the problem. But what about players who don't have D: disk?

Also I have found that restoring the game has a bug: buildings next to the borders (right & left) are missing when you click "continue the game". They exist, but their animations aren't loaded. After some reloads also part of my batteries are missing. I can upgrade them, but I can't see them.

Second thing is that I haven't managed to clear all the terrain. The "clear" tool shows me that I can erase a piece of wood, but when I left-click, nothing happen. Part of this problem was solved by reloading the map or reusing the tool (disable, enable again), but two pieces left and I can't do anything with them.

Ad 1. There are two types of "pause": one when I pause the power plant (energy production), second where I pause the game (go to in-game menu). Those two are completely independent. From other games experience, I expect that pausing the game will also pause (temporary) the power plant.

Ad2. For example I was upgrading my power plant from coal to oil one. I buy some coal, tons of water, then build some coal power plants, then buy some heat vents and build first oil power plant. Finally I buy some oil (and water) and wait till coal power plants will run out of fuel. I have no coal, so I expect that my vents for coal plants will work for nothing, so I buy some oil plants and everything is producing too much heat. Simple calculation says: no possibility to produce so much heat, except coal power plants are still working, producing heat from nothing and not producing energy.

Ad 3. I have a D: disk with GBs of free space (as well C: disk). Should I define the path somewhere?

I am waiting for updates! :)

I like the game very much. I like the idea of partly idle game. It is hard to start the game and it is hard to move forward at some points, but it is worth it.

1. Unfortunately it is easy to have game over when you pausing the game. Why? Because the "reactor" is still going. (Workaround: stop the reactor, then pause the game)
2. Also it is strange that power plants are producing heat when they run out of fuel.
3. Lack of savegame (the button exists but it cause an error) is also giving the game harder mode.
4. And the last one: I have spot a sequence of price for expanding batteries: 1k -> 20k -> 400k -> 20k -> 400k, while "normal" behaviour was 1k -> 20k -> 20k -> 400k.

Except those bugs the game was great and I want to finish it by building higher tier of buildings on hard mode.

Also I have a question: do you consider auto-selling energy when you produce heat instead of energy? Think about this mechanics: you are auto-selling energy (with f.e. 20% of efficiency instead standard 40%), but you are also producing heat. So still it is better to manually sell the energy, but idling is also possible.

The game has potential, but for sure it needs some additional things. For example after making some coins and expanding production to huge amounts the game is pointless. Making more difficult to gain something more will be good to it. For example you can expand machine placement a bit for a huge amount of coins (& start with smaller space), add/remove machines for coins, and for sure when you delete a machine you shouldn't gain 100% resources. 50% or 0% can be OK here too.

If fixed - very good. But unfortunately I can't play with current version. Now it freezes on "Getting updates" window. Should I wait more than 15 minutes?
Hope it will be fixed too :)

Thank you for your replay.

3 & 4: yes, blue button helped much. But hmm... probably the UI can be a bit better here. Maybe adding small icons of what is changed next to bill icon?
For example, now in one of my cities I can build Arsenal. It takes 8 rounds and it will cost (as I understand) 0 money per round when finished. From blue question mark I know that it will change (add) defence by 8 and life by 25 (of city?). Probably I need to go through the tutorial one more time, to be sure :). Anyway, is it possible to add two icons next to the bill icon about what will change? Will it take much coding time?

5. I will send an e-mail to you. Hope to have some time for that :).

I had to reopen the game and I have missed some things. But I will send that through the e-mail.

The game seems to be a good idea, but I can see a few things to improve:

1. You destroy trees & stones, but you don't gather them
2. I was able to gather some berries, but I couldn't eat them
3. Where can I find some water? Rain would be perfect :)
4. How to escape/fight with the reptiles?
5. Sometimes I got a glitch. I could went inside into a stone or go through a dino.
6. And there was a problem with using multiplayer and friend invitation (please double check connections)
7. Sometimes I had plain island, without any trees or stones. I think that it was because (temporary) slow internet connection. Consider catching data.

Hope the game will expand, because it seems to be a very good idea :)

World of Empires 2 community · Created a new topic Feedback
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I was playing the game for a while and I enjoyed it very much! As I can see it is Civilisation copy and it is not too bad.

Unfortunatelly I got some bugs:

1. If you pick "smallest" map generation, the game will stuck because the map has 0 length in one dimension. Workaround here is: never pick smallest world.
2. Negotiations with AI are not clear. I got information that I have to pay and the AI has to pay at the same time. I don't understand why.
3. There is lack of data about buildings: if it is a one-time monument or casual building.
4. About buildings: I had only a few info what building will do. I am not sure if it is because translation to my language is not completed or there was no info about that.
5. And translations: I was very surprised (in a good way) that the game was translating to my native language and it detected it from the OS, but not every part is translated. Is it possible to contribute with that?

As I said before, the game is very good and I hope that there will be a progress with developing it!

I got how to create ships and rockets and what are the results of my actions. Also I have found this game very slow. (Slow progress and I don't know how to make it faster.)

I don't know what "Theme" part in description influence the game. :/

Except that the game is quite good and only save files are missing.

Sometimes I spot a bug in the game. With current version (3) for Windows, I was able to run the tutorial map. When I wanted to make a game without tutorial texts (skipped), my game crashes. Tested 3 times. To reproduce:

1. Start tutorial and skip the texts.
2. Place two train stations near forester and sawmill and join them by rail
3. Start a train route: select first station, fill with wood, select another station

Then the game crashes.
There is a workaround: if I don't select the wood, the route is done normally.

Language: German

The game has potential, but it needs some smoothing:

1. I was unable to gather stone.
2. Some objects were awful-paint-graphic (consider updating them as soon as possible).
3. Placing walls was with no blueprint. And you can't go back with it.
4. Also you can jump on two walls on each other. So no real fortress here.
5. Another thing was with food and drink - you can't produce any.
6. And you can't swim over the sea. Instead you are going down to the bottom of the map.

Hope you will develop more and update something soon. I would like to see the result! :)

I enjoyed the idea of the game. After a few plays I knew basics about it and finally I won the game. There is a lot of space for improvement, but current state of it is playable and enjoyable!
Hope there will be more content!

Also I have a question about "demo" version: do you have a final version or only this demo?

And I have a few ideas:
1. Adding a clock or something to show where the sun is (once I haven't noticed that the night was there and I lost)
2. Maybe adding some messages between NPCs and the player (to show their needs and results)
3. Also maybe adding a "peasant" to help yourself with managing the place (then you can go for a journeys

I tried to download and unpack files, but my unzip program called that there is an error. Provided files are insufficient to run the game. I can find .exe file and some other files, but at least one pack is missing. Can you upload the zip file one more time and double check if there is no mistake there?

I have downloaded the game and tried it. I don't know how to zoom in/out and how to place any building. Also I don't know if I will be able to play without middle mouse button. Can you help me?

Yes, that works fine.

I have tried to play the game and I have found several issues:

1. Some text are in your language (i guess Portuguese?). Consider translating it into English or make the game in your language. Mixing both is not the perfect solution ;) . 2. Mechanics of ships speed is a bit strange. Consider adding some kind of speed? Because first player can conquer all the planets easily and fast. 3. Also "create" button seems not to work as expected. Sometimes I push the button and nothing happen with the resources, sometimes I can create all the ships I want. 4. Moving button. If you stop above the planet, you can't push this button any way. You can see, but the planet is more important then. I think that it should be the other way. 5. Also attacking/defending part is a bit strange to me. I had 3 ships near biggest planet and attacked by 2 of them and both of ships were destroyed. I don't know if it should work like that.

And my feelings about the game idea: I think that it is a good idea, some variation about standard turn-based game on a board. I liked it. But finding the winning strategy should be not too hard. If the mechanics is as easy as I can see, it should be quite easy to find best solution after few games. Anyway, I think that you made very good game! Hope the program will be polished a bit in near future!

This comment is my point of view and I can be wrong sometimes :) .

Downloaded file doesn't work on my computer. Missing Unity player dll and (probably) all other files.

Thanks for your advice! I think that previously I made a mistake somewhere. With your advice I finished the game. :) Thanks!

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And here I have to say that this game is a masterpiece!