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Thank you for your replay.

3 & 4: yes, blue button helped much. But hmm... probably the UI can be a bit better here. Maybe adding small icons of what is changed next to bill icon?
For example, now in one of my cities I can build Arsenal. It takes 8 rounds and it will cost (as I understand) 0 money per round when finished. From blue question mark I know that it will change (add) defence by 8 and life by 25 (of city?). Probably I need to go through the tutorial one more time, to be sure :). Anyway, is it possible to add two icons next to the bill icon about what will change? Will it take much coding time?

5. I will send an e-mail to you. Hope to have some time for that :).

I had to reopen the game and I have missed some things. But I will send that through the e-mail.

The game seems to be a good idea, but I can see a few things to improve:

1. You destroy trees & stones, but you don't gather them
2. I was able to gather some berries, but I couldn't eat them
3. Where can I find some water? Rain would be perfect :)
4. How to escape/fight with the reptiles?
5. Sometimes I got a glitch. I could went inside into a stone or go through a dino.
6. And there was a problem with using multiplayer and friend invitation (please double check connections)
7. Sometimes I had plain island, without any trees or stones. I think that it was because (temporary) slow internet connection. Consider catching data.

Hope the game will expand, because it seems to be a very good idea :)

World of Empires 2 community · Created a new topic Feedback
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I was playing the game for a while and I enjoyed it very much! As I can see it is Civilisation copy and it is not too bad.

Unfortunatelly I got some bugs:

1. If you pick "smallest" map generation, the game will stuck because the map has 0 length in one dimension. Workaround here is: never pick smallest world.
2. Negotiations with AI are not clear. I got information that I have to pay and the AI has to pay at the same time. I don't understand why.
3. There is lack of data about buildings: if it is a one-time monument or casual building.
4. About buildings: I had only a few info what building will do. I am not sure if it is because translation to my language is not completed or there was no info about that.
5. And translations: I was very surprised (in a good way) that the game was translating to my native language and it detected it from the OS, but not every part is translated. Is it possible to contribute with that?

As I said before, the game is very good and I hope that there will be a progress with developing it!

I got how to create ships and rockets and what are the results of my actions. Also I have found this game very slow. (Slow progress and I don't know how to make it faster.)

I don't know what "Theme" part in description influence the game. :/

Except that the game is quite good and only save files are missing.

Sometimes I spot a bug in the game. With current version (3) for Windows, I was able to run the tutorial map. When I wanted to make a game without tutorial texts (skipped), my game crashes. Tested 3 times. To reproduce:

1. Start tutorial and skip the texts.
2. Place two train stations near forester and sawmill and join them by rail
3. Start a train route: select first station, fill with wood, select another station

Then the game crashes.
There is a workaround: if I don't select the wood, the route is done normally.

Language: German

The game has potential, but it needs some smoothing:

1. I was unable to gather stone.
2. Some objects were awful-paint-graphic (consider updating them as soon as possible).
3. Placing walls was with no blueprint. And you can't go back with it.
4. Also you can jump on two walls on each other. So no real fortress here.
5. Another thing was with food and drink - you can't produce any.
6. And you can't swim over the sea. Instead you are going down to the bottom of the map.

Hope you will develop more and update something soon. I would like to see the result! :)

I enjoyed the idea of the game. After a few plays I knew basics about it and finally I won the game. There is a lot of space for improvement, but current state of it is playable and enjoyable!
Hope there will be more content!

Also I have a question about "demo" version: do you have a final version or only this demo?

And I have a few ideas:
1. Adding a clock or something to show where the sun is (once I haven't noticed that the night was there and I lost)
2. Maybe adding some messages between NPCs and the player (to show their needs and results)
3. Also maybe adding a "peasant" to help yourself with managing the place (then you can go for a journeys

I tried to download and unpack files, but my unzip program called that there is an error. Provided files are insufficient to run the game. I can find .exe file and some other files, but at least one pack is missing. Can you upload the zip file one more time and double check if there is no mistake there?

I have downloaded the game and tried it. I don't know how to zoom in/out and how to place any building. Also I don't know if I will be able to play without middle mouse button. Can you help me?

Yes, that works fine.

I have tried to play the game and I have found several issues:

1. Some text are in your language (i guess Portuguese?). Consider translating it into English or make the game in your language. Mixing both is not the perfect solution ;) . 2. Mechanics of ships speed is a bit strange. Consider adding some kind of speed? Because first player can conquer all the planets easily and fast. 3. Also "create" button seems not to work as expected. Sometimes I push the button and nothing happen with the resources, sometimes I can create all the ships I want. 4. Moving button. If you stop above the planet, you can't push this button any way. You can see, but the planet is more important then. I think that it should be the other way. 5. Also attacking/defending part is a bit strange to me. I had 3 ships near biggest planet and attacked by 2 of them and both of ships were destroyed. I don't know if it should work like that.

And my feelings about the game idea: I think that it is a good idea, some variation about standard turn-based game on a board. I liked it. But finding the winning strategy should be not too hard. If the mechanics is as easy as I can see, it should be quite easy to find best solution after few games. Anyway, I think that you made very good game! Hope the program will be polished a bit in near future!

This comment is my point of view and I can be wrong sometimes :) .

Downloaded file doesn't work on my computer. Missing Unity player dll and (probably) all other files.

Thanks for your advice! I think that previously I made a mistake somewhere. With your advice I finished the game. :) Thanks!

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And here I have to say that this game is a masterpiece!

I have found 5 bad and 2 sad endings. I haven't found a "happy end". Is it a bug?

But apart of that, I liked the idea of this game! It is something new to me: going back in time plus not linear plot. And everything is with your imagination. Impressive mix!

Game is too easy. Really. You can win it with simple one military building and losing first floor is very hard. I have played it for a quarter and I don't feel very relaxed of playing it. Sorry.

Probably your next games will be better? Make it a bit harder or complex.

Now the problem is solved. I finally can jump anywhere in range. Also generating world is much faster (few seconds instead of minute). Progress! :)

Now I have question about any missions or other way to gain money: how to do that?
Buying and selling resources is not very efficient (in the beginning) and I have to remember all the prices I used. I remember that in Port Royale games you had "mean price of owning wares" that helped to sell something with profit.

Anyway, great game!

Thank you for this fast replay! I am glad to hear how the game should work. :)
And yes, I enjoyed this game!

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The game is a good idea. I would like to see its development.

And I have spot a few bugs:

1. After leaving and loading the world, only one crater (box) appear. All the others are lost. Don't know if it is only for this item/building or not.
2. After a while I was mixing with stones (moving stones to hand, to box, to hand...) and once I have realized that I have made up several stones. It can happen only when you have 100+ stones at once. And I don't know exactly how to reproduce that.
3. I don't know how to throw away any item. You can be stuck once you don't have any place to create new box.
4. Also I don't know what to do with a bucket and barrel. I guess that it is not implemented yet.
5. The same with thousands of stones and second type of wood.
6. I think that giving less stones and grass food will help the balance.

Hope you will improve the game! It has the potential.

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Game has great potential, but with large brain I have spot two problems:
1. Consider using decimals instead of float numbers. I have reached number of points like 12345.5999993.
2. With my large brain I sent 6 pulses and then is a large gap, because I reach max pulse limit. This is partly imbalance here.

Hope you will develop more of it!

I have also played for a long time (idling). I have reached a spot when the background calculations aren't fast enough to proceed the simulation. I have seen point moving and stopping, then after a while moving again. It isn't pretty. I guess that simulating the movement of points itself is not the best idea. My guess is that simulating whole system as one object would be better and can be optimized there.

I have double checked: I can't move even to closer planets (first checked other solar system). Which version are you using? With java or without it?

Current version available is rather prototype. After long time I got how to land. But after all I couldn't play much. There is no possibility to move the ship to another planet. After a "month" of lightspeed journey  the game slowed down and stopped and nothing happen any more. No planet, no journey, nothing.
I downloaded most updated version of Java plus Stardust without JAVA.

I don't know which version you have played, but in my I can't reset the progress. I can't start over :( . So once you are playing it gets you a bit bored after a while. And when you have plenty of money and upgraded train, you definitely wants a reset ;) .

The game is ok. I liked it. But it is rather for a quarter or two, not for a 3 hours of game. Short break plus some piano (Chopin?) music is quite relaxing :).

6. Placement of basic resources, then the rest exists. You have 3 levels of buildings. I was rather thinking about something like in Settlers (or their remakes like Widelands): you place a building, then it is built and it takes a while. Then it can produce.
I know that this is very code-expensive part, but it is very pretty and from human position there is a progress of building up everything.
Of course it is only my opinion and it is not mandatory. Your game is good already :).

The game has a good idea and it remembered me few other games.

But there are a few problems with the game:

1. Roads should be placed without multiple clicking. It should be like holding a mouse button and dragging over the map.

2. There is definitely too much resources at the beginning of the game (wood & stone) .

3. Also gold income/outcome is too fast. I spent too much time to build some houses and almost run out of gold. But when I built houses, the situation was opposite: I had way too much gold.

4. Warehouses (in my opinion) should have a bit larger influence range. They are quite a big buildings and I had to place them almost in every spot where I produced something.

5. There is a problem with CPU usage when you have some buildings. I had them about 40 and the FPS dropped to a very low value. I don't know why. Similar games haven't got such a problem and they are a bit more complex.

6. I can feel that there is no building-up sequence. That is something I miss here. It is rather optional and my "feeling" about the game.

7. The map... It is just the same and it contains some wall system. Next time consider removing such artefacts from release version ;) .

Hope you will build up the game! I really would like to see progress here! :)


The game looks fine. I played a few times before I got the point what should I do first to win it. The idea is also very nice and only small tweaking can be done (but it is not necessary). For most of the time I had wood shortage and buildable terrain shortage.

Found bugs:

1. When you start the game second time, You can't place the castle second time. To workaround it you have to close the game (complete exit) and reboot it. Then it is normal.

2. Removed stones are only removed. The spot is not buildable area. And the stones don't respawn (haven't noticed any). So I don't know why I can't place a building on that spot.

3. Once I have noticed that I had some workers and some empty buildings but the workers didn't go to the buildings. I don't know how to reproduce that.

Possible upgrade:

1. Possibility to destroy buildings. If you accidentally place a building, the worker goes there and you can't restore the place and worker.

2. Savegame is also a good idea, but not necessary (since the game is quite a short). But if you consider make another "levels"/"missions", please consider savegames.

Hope you will upgrade the game! :)

The game needs bugfixing.

Sometimes I got resources below zero only because of events. They pulled resources twice!

Also I don't understand why I am punished of holding resources. In events I lose 90% of resources too many times.

On Firefox I coudn't play it well. The FPS was about 1.

After changing the web browser engine, the game was playing well for a while and after some time it completely stops and nothing was going forward.

Also the AI is not playing well. It doesn't attack and build up at all.

Mayim community · Created a new topic Records
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My current record:

Power: 7560 N
Velocity: 36,6 m/s

Some screenshots from my ship:

Thanks for answer udiprod!

I have managed to build a 9 tones tanker that can swim (with full capacity) at speed 12 m/s. :) Without an oil, it can go even 2x faster.

Also I have an issue about balancing S.O.S. message: if you are developing your ship and you don't want to sleep, eat and drink, just press SOS and go over it. Think about it.

And as far as I remember: big ships causes lags (consider some non-dynamic simplification). Also diving is a bit hard (diver suit idea). Plus some boxes for your staff (hard to implement?). And add some checks for diving near islands - some glitches happen there.

And I have a question about inventory: what is the correct limit: 10 or 99? I have spotted both.

One more bug helped me. SPOILER for new players!

Current version have a compass that cost 200 and you can sell it for 800. Please fix that.

Hope you will progress the game!

I agree with most of the sentences above. But from my side - I like this game.

I have spotted few bugs. For example infinite water supply (inventory) after loading the game, or duplicates of my bed. I like the physics here except this always-one-boat. Also my oil turned brown from black one.

I don't know much boat-builders and I haven't played minecraft, so this is a bit new to me.

What to expand/ do more?

For sure add some not-cubic shapes. Just for making smooth boats. That should decrease the friction. You could create those pieces in a special workshop building.

Another choice should go for some talks with people around. I don't know if anybody is talking more than a few words.

The game has great possibilities, but I have spotted a few problems that makes me mad:

1. There is a balance problem. You need much more stones than wood. So for my 90% of time I had max miners and only one woodcutter.
2. The balance is also about the time: once I have lost my fellow because of multiple accidents in a row. I have no time to push him to a farm.
3. Also resources are produced too slow. I can lost a few hours only waiting till some of them increase. If you don't want to change it, make a simple button "speed up".

4. If I don't care about a guy, it will drop hunger to 0% and automatic goes iddle. It should work, but for me it worked only for first slot of fishing. The rest was buggy and the game was unable to play (infinite loop of moving guy to iddle).

5. Also (I am not sure) when I lost the guy, the price for the next didn't drop. Double check that.


6. You can't finish the game. You can't produce 15 guys. You can produce only 10 of them.

Hope the game will be fixed and expanded. It has potential!

Can you explain how do you earn money? I have built an antenna and came to it and nothing happened.


I have managed to build big, stable tower. I could build even more, but my computer seems to be too slow. I don't know why. If you recalculate every piece of box and struts, probably it is not the best solution. More levels of tower was causing FPS around 10. It is unplayable any more.

Screenshot below. I used many struts to make my construction stable. And I have found some pieces that can be expanded:

  • lack of savegame - you should consider making one
  • deletion of struts - currently I don't know how to destroy unnecessary struts


I was also thinking about part of physic simulation. My tower was rather stable construction. Except top of it, everything was very stable. So there was unnecessary calculations of physic of lower levels. Consider marking calculation nodes as "stable" ones, that needs recalculating IF neighbour node was recalculated (with different values) OR calculating step was older than N steps (some number greater than 1 ;) ).

This explanation is not the perfect one. I don't know what is inside the game, but I expect that the simulation is dynamic (which is great!). So when I was thinking how to solve the problem of basic dynamic simulation I got a simple idea, plus some solutions explained above how to make less math at once ;) .

I like the idea of tower. But you don't have to follow the tip ;) . I have managed to build my skyscraper and after all found the tip which made my tower stable.

I have spotted two bugs:

1. If you close the game (not the window) and go back to game, you continue the tower instead of building brand new one.
2. When your tower fall, it can rotate the first block and then you can't rebuild your tower.

It was brute force of checking all possibilities. For levels that have less than 10 M cases clever programs are not worth to build. Calculations of that is a matter of few minutes, building program is about few hours.

With level 14 I had to calculate exact length of target lines to get to know what is the target of lines. Some other clever things (like symmetry) and finally I got the answer without a program. So it was rather a help than a full answer.

And add one more thing: level 15 is for sure faster by hand than checking all possibilities. Intersections are not so easy to catch. Plus you have to think which cases are possible and which aren't. That wasn't easy, but it was complex enough to show me logic/math part of your game.

I have completed the game! It was amazing! :) I even wrote a program to solve the puzzle (but used only for one level).

The last level (15th) is a bit unclear at first. You have 36 "ideas" to find, but you have to find only 29 of them. The rest are only for fun.

I have retested with new version. Oxygen is fixed. GREAT! :) Now I know that I live. ;)

About upgrade issues: when you close the window you can't use upgraded things AND you can't upgrade them more. Just expand your inventory, save, close the window, open the game again and *magic* you can't use expanded inventory again (only 25 resources instead of 30-something).

> By closing the window do you mean closing the game?

Yes, complete close of the window. I haven't tried to reproduce the bug, but once I will try.

About exploration [spoiler]: I have found different species and the silver. Good. But most annoying were jellyfish (or something like that). Is it possible to destroy them? :/

And another strange thing spotted:

when I lost a game (eyes have eaten me), I have run again the game, and I have found that some of the resources were in my base. Probably from last save. Buildings were lost, but resources not. Is it a feature to start faster, or rather a bug (no reset for resources)?

First: I like the idea of mining here (first mine, then collect). Also the background is good.

Second: I don't like moving system, but I can used to it. "I don't like" doesn't mean it is bad. I just don't like. But I like the idea of flying and shooting at once.

Third, I have spotted a few bugs:

a. In update 0.4 you don't loose oxygen.

b. When you throw away inventory, save and open the game, inventory is lost.

c. Also when you completely close the window and reopen, most of the upgrades are lost. Plus you can't upgrade them once again.

d. I have reached depth of ~300 m and no silver, nor gold was spotted. I don't know if I should go deeper? I have plenty of other resources and I don't have any precious metals.