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Even if the kickstarter fails..

A topic by Rakune created Sep 16, 2018 Views: 333 Replies: 1
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You guys should at least try to make it on steam and see if you can get support there. I think a lot of people feels betrayed because of so many kickstarter and scams, and most only commit once a game shows a decent amount of daily updates on steam. If the kickstarter doesn't  make it all the way maybe you could still try and make it work as a early access game. I'm sure a lot of people would support you guys there, just like they did with stationeers. I feel like this game is great and has the potential it needs to be a great seller, but just lacks the correct platform to have support for it. 


yep, that's what we have in mind, if the KS doesn't succeed, we will aim for an Early Access version. We have had loads of support so far, we feel it would be well received.