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I may have written it as 1.0.5 instead of 1.0.6 by mistake? But regardless there is version 1.0.7 which is currently in experimental at the moment, once it's been tested a little bit more i'm going to make that the public version. It includes quite a lot of changes. Fixes to pathfidning, some new techs, items, and a Zone feature to restrict meeple to certain areas.

EDIT: you can double check the version on the title screen? does it say 1.0.5 in the changelog/title screen when you open up the game? If so i might try to push 1.0.6 again in the meantime.

lol it'd probably crash

I'd like to speak with you about Publishing your game. Please write me at

I'd like to speak with you about publishing your title but find no information about how to contact you online. Please speak with me at cheers"!

so long as you have wastage in the line, yeah, they'll keep producing biomass, however if you run out they'll just stop. Waste processors also passively turn some waste back into water.

these gasses, or as. like to call them 'stink clouds' are often spawned when bathrooms overflow from a full waste line and nowhere for it to go. If you have vents setup, you can trap stink clouds by building bulkheads instead of doors, because they block airflow. But uh, yeah once a stink cloud gets into an open room it really spreads fast. Best thing is to build vents to allow oxygen flow, and trap it off with bulkheads. even putting a bulkhead to seal off where your bathrooms are is good practice I believe.

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sharp find! I'll see what happened there and fix that up.

I've fixed this and reverted it back to a lower case v, this will take effect in the next patch 0.5.06

haha! I’ve heard that a few times, but I’ve never played it xD

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Unfortunately itch doesn't have an automated method for us to send out unique steam keys, so we're manually writing out emails daily to get them to our legendary backers like yourself ! :D

If you haven't received an email yet, please let me know! Don't feel shy to pester one of us on our discord channel either!

Hello there everyone! 

We've been hard at work on Meeple Station the past couple of weeks, and we have some pretty huge news! We've signed up with a Publisher (finally) which will be a huge boost to the game's quality! Expect to know just who it is in the following weeks. 

We're making great strides towards multiplayer, overworld map movement, and many other VERY juicy little features, but for now we want to show off some of the meeple available on the station!

I wanted to bring you all a short dev diary about the different types of Meeple you'll be able to find on Meeple Station. Every meeple comes with an inate job they do, be it mining, refining, exploring or building, they have their class and they stick to it no matter what!


Above is the Miner. He'll be your go-to guy for mineral extracion on asteroids. Expect to employ a decent amount of these guys, as they (sadly) are inclined to suit related incidents, as well as oxygen depletion due to airlock malfunctions, etc.


Botanists ensure you'll have enough food to feed your station. A super important job all around! Make sure to stock up on plankton or whatever it is they eat (I don't actually know!)


I'm going to keep what the chemist does under wraps currently. But as you can see they require loads of complex wires and advanced machinery to undertake their task.... for some reason that important area seems to have been built in the most traffic heavy part of the station but whatever.


Refiner Meeple take the raw materials made by the Miners and make them into useable resources for advanced building. Nuff said.

engineer building

Your engineers build both inside and outside of your base. Also, check out our z levels, yay!

hazmats narrow

I'll leave it to you to figure out just what went wrong in this picture... yikes.. The hazmat Meeple will clean (or try) toxic spills and fumes around your base. Remember to conduct PROPER maintenence next time!


Janitor meeple clean up mess, while a bit of a lackluster job, they certainly help to keep morale from falling!

That's it for this week friends.There are many more meeple in the game that we haven't touched upon yet! Please let us know in the coments below what types of meeple you'd like to see!

Vox Games

on the demo you might be experiencing an issue with persistent data from the previous game. I'd try restarting the game and firing up the tutorial again.

yep, that's what we have in mind, if the KS doesn't succeed, we will aim for an Early Access version. We have had loads of support so far, we feel it would be well received.

it's a crucial role needed for a functioning station xD

ooph! First I've seen of this. Look's nasty.

Have you tried fiddling with resolution settings in options?

oh, whoops! thanks for bringing that up. I wasn't aware this was an issue in the demo. I fixed this quite some time ago in the beta branch I'm using!

I feel privileged to know this, thanks!

I mean, of course it's not realistic, but I do like to bend around reality a little bit. Steelite is the only one I wanted to coy with something familiar, however the rest are totally alien of course. I didnt want to make a recipe of 10 carbon and 50 hydrogen, in order to make a bed, or something, I felt like the obvious caveats with reality are too stark and just giving things a totally imaginary name sort of takes the edge off and allows it to be more free.

However, that was clearly a show of my ignorance you caught! well done :)

It's a good point. There is a strange blend going on. Personally I like it :P
Do you have any suggestions?

(The game will have support to completely customise UI and even texture packs for the game itself if people want that, but i'm interested in suggestions)

Hey! (Fellow dev, I'm working on Meeple Station)

I had a look at your demo, and this game looks great! I'm a huge fan of Factorio (like, 300 hours worth of gameplay sort of fan) and couldn't help but notice the inspiration. However, on the MacDemo I tested, I was struggling to push above 10 FPS the entire time. I'm on a MacBook Pro, and Mac's graphics cards don't get much better than this, so if it's a rendering issue I'd say you should look at some much much lower settings. I tried turning everything down to the lowest it could go, 11 FPS was the best I could do. Things are running pretty hot. Thought you should know! :D

All the best! Looking forward to seeing more of this!

Likely around February - March, but we may have an Early Access launch before then (if we feel it's in good enough shape. We're not going to have DF-9 happen all over again)


I understand about DF-9, as a hardcore DF fan myself, it came as a gross tragedy, I agree.

You're right, there are some early issues especially in the demo. I'm updating our development build much more frequently, but you'll find in the next update I've introduced 4:3, 16:10 and 16:9 resolutions, as well as an experimental-custom-auto-adjusting resolution option for anything out of the ordinary. It is a little bit tricky to get right because I'm using pixel perfect ratios.

There are actually two separate pathfinding algorithms I've implemented, one is a quick and cheap method for short distances, outdoors (with very few obstacles) or just to check proximities. The other is a very complex and intelligent algorithm that could solve just about anything. But it comes with a bit of a performance cost, hence the cheap and quick method.

The pathfinding issues you have noticed in the demo I think are a result of a mismatch in priority. I'm still trying to track it down, but it seems to be when a miner wants to use an airlock, for the purpose of returning indoors to eat or sleep or such, but their task or job order remains outdoors, when they get to an airlock, they get confused about whether or not they ought to return indoors or go back to work. If you can replicate it, please let me know, it could really help to track it down!

These are issues I will definitely be addressing, especially before any public release of the game. I've already spent five months getting it up to where it is now, and hopefully by February we'll have something we can all be proud of. (God help me if DF-9 shall ever happen again)

please, if you have any suggestions or feedback, I would love to hear it! I really want to get community feedback into this, it's very important to me. You can always jump onto our discord channel as well:

Hey thanks a lot! :D

We still have quite a way to go, but I'm having a real blast developing this. I'm a hardcore DF fan, so I totally understand ;D