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these gasses, or as. like to call them 'stink clouds' are often spawned when bathrooms overflow from a full waste line and nowhere for it to go. If you have vents setup, you can trap stink clouds by building bulkheads instead of doors, because they block airflow. But uh, yeah once a stink cloud gets into an open room it really spreads fast. Best thing is to build vents to allow oxygen flow, and trap it off with bulkheads. even putting a bulkhead to seal off where your bathrooms are is good practice I believe.

Thanks for your response. 

Knowing that I have 4 waste processors and hazmeeps working, will biomass accumulate with all bathrooms and waste bins connected to ejectors?  

so long as you have wastage in the line, yeah, they'll keep producing biomass, however if you run out they'll just stop. Waste processors also passively turn some waste back into water.