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One of my players is having a weird bug/issue

A topic by Rogue Empire created Nov 17, 2017 Views: 169 Replies: 1
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He said this process of itch is trying to constantly open my game. Could this be? What can he do to resolve this?


Although this screenshot shows that the game has been downloaded with the app, that seems to be something purely between Avast and the game's setup file.

I'd suggest contacting Avast about this: - that form only allows uploads up to 50MB, so you may have to find another channel to reach them :(

I do have one actionable piece of advice: instead of distributing an InnoSetup installer, just push the game's folder using butler, as recommended in this guide:

Best of luck solving this particular AV issue! Getting rid of the installer altogether might be enough to fix it. Installers tend to request administrator privileges for no good reason, and antivirus software tends not to like that.