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My games rating

A topic by Rogue Empire created Dec 30, 2017 Views: 267 Replies: 2
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I asked this a couple of days through the support mail, not sure if it went through:

I am the Creator of Rogue Empire. I was wondering why my rating is 4.91 when in my dashboard I can see I have all ratings being 5 star ratings :S

Anyway great Job guys! Thanks for all the indie love and support. Have a great new year!




Sorry for not getting back to your email, we didn't get a chance to look into the issue until now. I found a bug where the cached rating was not being updated when someone changed their existing rating. I've fixed the issue and re-calculated the rating for all games affected. Tell me if you spot any issues.


Hi! Seemed to have worked! Changed a few positions along the way lol :P

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