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Looking to help your game grow!

A topic by itsjustgames created Sep 10, 2017 Views: 889 Replies: 44
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Hello everyone, hope you are well. Let me begin by introducing myself, my name is Jordan, but why online alias is known as itsjustjord. 

I have been a youtuber for a few years now with different channels and projects. I've always loved supporting indie titles, as i was an indie developer myself before, i still am but at this point in time i am very consumed in my work with my Youtube, an MCN, video editor and as graphics designer for a magazine.   So that has had to stop, but my love for indie titles had not stopped as i understand how a small team of people have to struggle to get there dreams out there! 

With that being said, my channel is starting to gain some exposure, for instance last month i gained around fifty thousand views alone and as a result of this i want to give back to the community. So i want to help indie developers with getting  there game some exposure.  I play lots of titles so there is a very slim chance that i will deny a game, i would like a game with an in depth story and my content mainly evolves around theories and such, with Let's plays being a supportive content,  as a result of my many experiences i can help your game out with beta reports and media for example trailers and running communities.

So with that being said, i would love to help out your games and record the footage and show it on my channel and other platforms. 

If you want know anymore or think I've left something out just give me a shout and i'll happily answer! :) 

I look forward to chatting to you all! :D

Good man! I'd love to work with you when I have most of my development down.

Just message when ready :)

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Sounds great! If you are interested in fairytales and mythology, and the tales of 1001 Nights, I have a game just for you! :)

Sounds great! :)

I just released my game for pre-order, so stay tuned!


More than happy to make some content earlier for it, if you drop me a key! :) 

The Demo is out, if you have fifteen minutes to waste :).

play geam plz lol

oh yeah also im busy with updating the game as well so if im done with its update

and if you want you can play the updated version as well when i release it :)

I'll check it out! 


You're doing the god's work here. Stay awesome!

Thanks :D

Well if you want to be first on the scene for an awesome dating sim beta, "With Love" is coming out during Fall Break 2017! You can follow our public progression on Twitter.


Would love if you gave this one a go:

An adventure game with some side scrolling scenes as well.

Looks really interesting is it out at all yet? Or is there any content on it at the moment :) 


Yes. You can download it from the itchio page at the link I gave. That's the full game.

ah, so is the game free in general then? 
Also is there any videos of it on Youtube? 


Yes. It is free. There's a trailer on youtube linked to from the page on. If you mean are there are any playthroughs, there is one I found that goes through the very beginning.


Hi - if you could check out my  game 'A Shawn Story' ( because it seems to fit your bill pretty well, its a story driven game that has 16 endings - see if you can find them all :)

Sure thing, it sounds like its tailored for me! :D 


Hello there!  I checked out your YouTube channel - good stuff!  My game might not quite fit with your general story-driven let's plays, but I see you did one for the Walking Vegetables, mine is in the same arcady/fun vein.

 Disclaimer: controls are a bit quirky and game is a bit hard.  On the plus side it has potential for some raging and screaming, which can make for an entertaining let's play ;)

No problem, if i can help out i will, no matter the genre, I'll give this ago! :D :D Thanks


Hello sir. If you interested, you can try my game here: It is a simple game about collecting flags to reach next level. The full descriptions are in the link.
Have a nice day.

I'll be sure to poke around :3 


Hey there. This is the game I've been working on Soon the full version will be released. If you are interested to play please let me know by leaving a comment and I will send you a key to get the game for free.

This game is a puzzle game with a horror atmosphere. I'm concentrated to have a good story and a nice atmosphere but there is action moments and puzzles too. What you are doing is really amazing and i appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

Hey! Thanks i will take look, i absolutely love the art style! Do you plan on any updates? 

Maybe you could check my first game.

Stellar Color War.

At the moment it has only one play mode but I have already develop a second play mode and I want to make more play modes.

Could i have a link please? 

Hello Jordan,

if you like adventure-RPGs my game  may be something to interest you. It's done in RPG Maker, but with "real" characters (not anime), and I put special attention and care in the story (branching, 3 ends) and carefully designed the maps, atmosphere and sound effects for more immersion. I'd like you to give it a try and many thanks for this occasion!

P.S. You'll find a short gameplay video here

Your CorvoRosso

I'll be sure to check it out, i love rpg games :D 

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see if you like my game

I'll check it out, looks very good! :D


Oh, my! You're an angel! Thanks for doing this. We're all grateful~ 

My team and I just released our game a few days ago. It's called "Escape the Fate" and it's a free indie 3D horror game. The demo is up over here:
And here are some trailer/promo videos:

We hope you enjoy our game~
Have a lovely day~!


Hey absolutely i will check this out it looks awesome! I'll give you a message when the video is live! :) 

OwO Thank you so much! <3 Aaahhhh!


Action RPG in Dev Since 2015:
• 4 Classes, with 4 unique stories, all converge in the middle
• Custom Party system + COOP
• Real Time Airship battle system, and airship travel system
• Build and Empire!, manage your own town/castle in real time
• Destroy an Empire! Siege war built right into the story


This does look good, is this out on Steam? :O 

It will be on Steam by April 2018, however we are currently gauging whether to put it up on Steam Early Access or just ride it through until release.

How about a strange Rpg? Its got aliens, evil mutant corn, clown robots, and some other good stuff.

I could really use the feedback.

Do you mind if you check out my Epistle 3 jam game? It’s called Tangent: A Half-Life Story and it’s quite short. Still in alpha version tho.

Thanks. <3

So this is a video of my game Spectrum Break.

It's still in development but there's a public demo with the first 10 levels. I'm also into fellow game design nerd feedback so be sure to throw it my way.

Just saw this thread, and I have to say, that's real generous of you, bruh.

Don't know if VNs are up your alley, but I'll take a chance.

(I know it says yuri, but it's SFW don't worry, heh)
We're still polishing and such, but we've got a playable demo out, around 10-15 minutes.

Full game will have different content, but hopefully this gets the setting and characters across.
If you do plan to check it out though, maybe give me a heads up, and I'll try to roll out some updates before then.

Hi man! I am really amazed every day by finding out about such cool persons that want to help us out indie devs! From my heart a big thanks to you!

Now, about my game :D Its a classic fantasy roguelike dungeon crawler but with more modern graphics and some unique aspects to it. Particularly for streaming I recommend the timed mode!

You can check it out here:

If it is something you might like just let me know! You would need a key right?

By the way I checked your youtube, cool stuff! Keep up the good work!


Thank you so much for doing this for the community. Our game ArcAngel is a free to play arcade shooter with 25 levels of 70s vector fun. The game can probably be completed in one or two episodes. We understand that it does not have a real story, but we hope you'll help us as it is free. Thank you for your consideration.

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Sounds like an angel. Thanks man. I think Boingkid™ may be interesting for you, please read the story on our campaign page. We are in desperate need for your help and support to spread the word about it.

Please follow and let me know your idea:

Thanks a lot.