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The demo for Spectrum Break is done, and thus for the past 2 weeks I've been working on the rest of the levels. 16 are done already!

I've also been working on minor adjustments to improve the feel of the game, which get uploaded to the demo weekly.

Spectrum Break is a colorful jet boarding game on zero-gravity platforms. When a platform hits something, it lights up. Light up every platform to win.

Game Eye 2D


I just made my unity2D camera tools free for you to use.

As a quick summary, included are scripts to help you track 2D environments. When setup, the camera will follow objects in your scene, or zoom to fit them all, or use input from the player to track the scene, etc...

If you want to see them in action. I'm currently using them to build my game Spectrum Break

Check out my game Spectrum Break.

GIF http://imgur.com/6C4x6gN

Demo https://jasonhein.itch.io/spectrumbreak

Demo https://burn.itch.io/spectrumb...

Spectrum Break is a single player platformer on non solid ground. Nearly every platform floats and can be pushed or kicked around. When moved, the platform lights up. Light up every platform to win.

I've been working on the game for about 6 months, and a sound guy joined the team recently. The game is still in development but I've been updating the demo weekly. I hope you enjoy it!