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You can update all you want before the submission deadline. I know you didn't update after the submission deadline because you literally can't unless you remove it from the jam. Itch won't allow you to unless I temporarily remove the upload lock.

Oh definitely. You can do whatever you want after evaluation. The jam has no power over the game at all after that.

That would not be allowed. In some cases, an entrant may be allowed to update to fix a game breaking bug that prevents players from playing or finishing the game, but not for any other reason.

Nice short fun game. Well done. Unfortunately, it is not an adventure game, so I have to remove it from the Adventure Game Challenge jam. But keep on making games.

The theme of the jam is A Stranger in a Strange Land

The protagonist must be in a place with a culture they are completely unfamiliar with, and the issues they face are a result of that unfamiliarity.

They could merely be in an isolated foreign country, or they could be from a different planet, dimension, time, etc than where the story is taking place. Simply being lost or somewhere they've never been is not enough, however. They must be in a culture they are unfamiliar with.

The unfamiliarity with the culture must be the main cause of their problems achieving whatever goal they are trying to achieve.

Have fun with the jam!

Yes. That is an adventure game.

It's time again for the Adventure Game Challenge now in its 6th year! One of the most respected annual adventure game focused jams with many great games and participants every year, so get on in here!

As the prize goes up by $1 every year, the first place winner this year will win $106 USD!

There might be someone in the bar who can put the priest out of commission for longer

I don't know your exact situation, but if you're being stopped by a locked door in the church, you might need something from the mayor's office.

The local gay bar is having trouble drumming up business as there aren't that many gay people in town. If this keeps up, your home away from home will have to shut down.

You have little time to convince more people to become homosexual, but the government, the church, and the school system are all standing in your way.

Let's show this town the joy of being gay!

Thanks for playing! Yes, we researched magical realism but it turns out it's a surprisingly difficult thing to pin down. After playing the other games, if we got it wrong many others did too, so at least we're not alone :-D

This game was fun. Unfortunately the extremely slow beginning stopped me from retrying too many times, but I see that's already being addressed. Good work.

Thanks for playing! Indeed we need to start easier and ramp up the difficulty more slowly, as well as balance things better. We are working on improvements to be released after the jam voting.

Thanks for playing! Yesterday it occurred to me why people think the card draw is slow. We start you out with Punch and Kick abilities but we do not explain them at all. Or how to swap abilities (You talk to Lee). The Kick ability does a good deal of damage for an early ability but it makes you skip your next card draw. So if you use 3 kicks in a row, you skip your next three card draws. It is intended to be a bad ability that the player will swap out as soon as possible, but we don't make this clear enough.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, time constraints forced us to do cutscenes as just text.

Thanks for playing! Yes, we would have liked to do more balancing on the combat if there was time. As it stands, it is quite unforgiving indeed.

Thanks! Was fun to be at the stream.

You're in the Discord right? Can you PM me there? To resubmit you would need a special link that I should not post publicly here.

Did you remove this game from the Adventure Game Challenge jam? Just making sure there wasn't an error.

The executable doesn't work. So removing it from the adventure game challenge.

Not an adventure game. Removing from the adventure game challenge.

Good job. However, this game is not an adventure game so removing it from the Adventure Game Challenge.

This is a side scrolling shooter, not an Adventure Game. Removing it from the Adventure Game Challenge

It's not even just about story. This game is nothing like an Adventure Game. Not remotely close to being an Adventure Game. I wish you the best with it. It just doesn't belong in this jam.

Good job. Unfortunately this is not an Adventure Game. I'm removing it from the Adventure Game Challenge.

This a very well done puzzle game. Good job. It is unfortunately not an Adventure game though so I'll have to remove it from the jam.

Pretty cool game. Definitely not an Adventure game though. Removing it from the Adventure Game Challenge

Good job on the game. Unfortunately, it's not an Adventure Game, so removing it from the Adventure Game Challenge jam.

That's fine. Thanks for letting me know. And also thanks for letting me know about the lock feature! That must be a new feature as I have never seen that before in the other years I have hosted the jam, and didn't notice it showed up this year. Should be locked now.

Yes, you can edit the game page all you want. That's not part of the game.
And anything that is not game breaking stays in. If something is completely game breaking, contact me first about the issue and I'll see about giving permission to update.

The judges will have one month after the jam ends to play and judge all the games. The results will be announced after that.

Yes, you are free to use any software you have the right to use.

See this post:

If the main game mechanic is running then it's not an Adventure Game

Sure. As long as the game can be played and understood by an English speaker

Do some of you people actually know how to read? The post says, and I quote, "They could be escaping from a place like a prison"