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Aha. Yeah just a message that your inv was full would have been great instead of just nothing happening. I did retry just now, but the fact that you have to regather and give all the items every time you fail the stealth part made me give up. But really cool game and cute art.

It took me a while to realize the red swirl I was standing on was an arrow :-D But after I did, it's a fun little game.

Cool game. It's similar to an idea I've had for a while to make a game where you stay in the same physical room but just travel back and forth in time to gather objects and solve puzzles, so I quite enjoyed it.

Really fun and well designed game, I enjoyed it.

Looks like a pretty fun game but there's a bug that makes things not be able to be taken sometimes, and then the game appears to be unwinnable. Got pretty far the first time before that bug hit and second time it happened pretty quickly.

It looks nice. Couldn't find much to do. When I go through the door, the game just ends.

A fun story. Good job.

The puzzles are fun but need a bit more explanation. It seemed I needed to get all the blue gears turning, but the 3rd one I had to do a certain way for reasons I don't understand, and the 5th one I never got past even though I got the blue gears turning.

It's a nice little game.

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Another fun game, Guga! It was really fun to play with logical enough puzzles. Great job.

Quality game as always. The live action segments were a cool addition. Quite enjoyable.

This is the second Francium game I've played, and I'm getting invested in this world and characters. Puzzles are well made as always. I'm going to have to go find the first game in the series I think.

Turning all the actions into spell inventory items was interesting. Voice acting was very good. A fun game!

Very cool game. Had fun looking for all the endings, and very funny writing.

Fixed file is uploaded. Save files should still work.

I am assuming that you drove the truck up to the car instead of walking there didn't you? So you missed the whole car chase. I have fixed that bug, and am uploading a new version right now actually. Sorry about that.

Hello. What you have so far looks really good. I'd seriously consider changing your style of camera though. The constantly changing camera perspectives is just disorienting when trying to navigate around.

Unfortunately, I have to remove this from the Adventure Game Challenge jam. Partly because in its current state, I don't know if it can really be called an adventure game. but mainly because I don't see how this game even remotely fits the theme of the jam.

Best of luck to you on developing it further. It's a cool idea.

Hello. I'm sorry, but I'm removing this from the Adventure Game Challenge because there is not really a game here. Best of luck with continued development on it.

Hello. I'm sorry, but I'm removing this from the Adventure Game Challenge because there is not really a game here. Best of luck with continued development on it.

Fun little game here.

Unfortunately, it doesn't follow the theme of the jam. There is no false belief driving the main character. So I will have to remove it from the jam. I'm sorry.

This is a very interesting cross between a platformer and an RPG.

However, it is not an adventure game, so I'll have to remove it from the Adventure Game Challenge jam.

Thanks for understanding and all the best with your game making endeavors.

Unfortunately, there is no working game here. So removing it from the jam.

It's nice little game.

Unfortunately, it is not an Adventure Game, so I'm going to have to remove it from the Adventure Game Challenge jam.

I wish you the best with it.

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I did finish it. See my answer above. The player has to KNOW from the beginning, per the full rules of the theme, but the player doesn't know until the end.

It may well be that it ends up being a game in the future, however, what you submitted to the jam was not. exploration games can certainly be games, but your submission doesn't even have exploration. It's just keep clicking for the next line of text until the end.

The major issue with it that makes it not follow the theme as outlined is that the player does not know from the beginning what is going on. If the player already knew he was the murderer of all those people but the character didn't know, then it would have been fine. But the player doesn't find this out until the end when the character finds out.

I do wish you the best with developing it further, it just doesn't fit in this particular jam.


It was a hard decision in your case, but I have decided to remove your game from the jam. I'm sorry. I will tell my reasons below:

1. When you said you were doing a visual novel, I thought you meant a visual novel game, which is a visual novel where you make choices to progress through the story. Your submission is just a story. There is no game at all. The "player" has not even one single choice. Ultimately, this is a game jam, and your submission is not a game.

2. Your submission does not exactly follow the theme. The character isn't really under a delusion, rather he just has amnesia. He doesn't know who he is or what's going on. The only belief he has is that a monster is chasing him, and it is not made clear to the "player" at all that this isn't true until the very end. The player doesn't know what's going on, and so doesn't know if it's true.

For these two reason, I believe your game doesn't fit the requirements of this jam.

I'm very sorry and wish you the best with further development of the project.

Yes, you can edit the game page all you want as much as you want. Just not update the game files during the judging period.

If your game has a game breaking bug, as in the game is just literally not playable, contact me in Discord and let me know, and describe the bug. I'll probably let you fix it.

If it's not game breaking, then it stays in.

I'll make a sticky post about this in a minute.

If your game has a game breaking bug, as in the game is just literally not playable, contact me in discord and let me know, and describe the bug. I'll probably let you fix it.

If it's not game breaking, then it stays in.

The term Adventure Game does not mean a game about an adventure. You can make an Adventure Game about building a ham sandwich in your kitchen. The genre is named after the game Colossal Cave Adventure. Games that are somewhat similar to that game are called Adventure Games.

It's much like the term Rogue-like. You would not call a game Rogue-like because it has a rogue in it. You call it Rogue-like because the game is somewhat similar to the game Rogue.

I hope this clears up the confusion.

A visual novel is fine for this jam. As long as the gameplay is not focused on action-oriented tasks, twitch-based tasks, or battles, but is rather focused more on story, It's probably fine.

I think you're confusing Adventure Game with Action-Adventure game, a completely different genre of game despite sharing a word in common. For instance, your example, the Legend of Zelda, is not an adventure game.

Adventure games are story focused by definition.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by a platformer adventure. If you mean a game that is clearly an adventure game but has a "platformer style" perspective (like Yorkshire Gubbins would be a good example of a game like this) then sure. However, an actual platformer (a game that has challenges related to running and jumping and precise timing) would not fit this jam. There can be some switches and levers in there, sure. As long as it is not platformer style gameplay.

Thanks for the good clarification on that. Yes, I was mostly joking about Myst not being an adventure game. I didn't think about the fact that people less familiar with the genre might take me seriously.

But yes, Myst is definitely an adventure game and a very popular one. All I really meant to say was that Myst did not start adventure games or even make them popular. They started way before Myst and were already very popular. But I did not mean to imply that Myst was not a popular game. It certainly was. And again, yes it is an adventure game.

The judges are not required to comment on your games, although in years past, most actually do. I always do. Scumm and Villainy will be streaming all the games.

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a credits.txt file is fine if you don't have the time to make in game credits. It's a jam game after all, so there is some leeway on crediting. As long as you do it.

I really don't know what you mean about a laggy full screen game. But of course the game can be full screen and you can use any style you like as long as it's an adventure game. So what you're talking about is probably fine.