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Nice vibes. Kinda rough jumping mechanics. I'm a fan of exploring around and I appreciate it but the game was too simple. I think that it was possible to make it more tricky even though it was made in a short time. Anyhow it is a nice, enjoyable game to play.

I can help you, check your email.

First question: Is it supposed to end after you reach the platform or something went wrong? Anyway it is a little bit awkward how it end, I mean never ends because it will fall forever. Accelerating is great but I think breaking is not less greater. I know its a prototype but it needs to be fixed. Keeping it short, except everything I like it. :D ;)

Since it is a prototype I'm not going to say much about the game look and minor problems it has. In the future version though it needs to be more click sensitive because sometimes it does not count the click. The general idea is cool. I think it needs to has a story and a more motivating achievement rather than passing to the other side. It is simple as a prototype but for the future versions some better graphics would be nice. 

I think that there plenty of horror games out there  that have the same principle; scare, reward and get chased by a monster.

This was a good one. It is entertaining even though it is simple. Really good concept. Maybe it would be good to start a little bit easier and then get harder.

I don't mean to judge your games. I actually try to expose the problems the game has in order for the developer to correct them because as you said it yourself, every developer feel proud of their game and won't notice the problem no matter how big they are. I have the same problem with myself related to judging your own games and I comment to others what I'd like others to comment me.  

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Finally the first episode is released with no problems. 

Here it is a short description and the story of the game:

The main character a wolf is found in the middle of a big mess. People started doing time travel experiment in this cold forest. Things start to get out of control because animals get involved into the experiments. So people decide to move them somewhere else. A lot of animals were killed and the others were caught and moved. 

At this point you enter the game. Your mission is to help the main character escape and not get killed.

The game is constructed as a story and it is mostly linear. There are action scenes and puzzles to be solved.

If this episode results being successful I will continue to make more episodes because I've put a lot of love in this game and I would like to see it grow.

It's most likely a PIN than a password when you only have 4 number digits.

Great! I actually enjoyed playing this game. Puzzles are fairly easy but it's a well put together little game. Must keep developing it.

A blogging platform would be great for I was planning creating a website for this purpose but I wasn't sure if it would work getting people from here to watch my blogs. 

Adding a search hashtags option would be nice. This way I think more people would notice. I don't know how it is going to work but I'm really looking forward for this platform. 

You will get there over time 

I follow quite a bit of people on Twitter, here are some people I remember @sylvia_ritter@EC_DanielFloyd@punchesbears@talecrafter.

Maybe you want to check out my twitter following list or we can discuss wider via Twitter. If so here it is my Twitter @WimGames. I'd be glad.

I was using a keyboard, with the controller it's fine. Thanks

*Talking about the demo

After pressing start at Unity's user input window, the menu you made shows up. I set up my configs and try to confirm but it doesn't work. I don't know if it's me or what.

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Actually in a devlog I would suggest to put more about what new things have you done with your game. Things you have changed and so on. Some media would be good too (like screenshots). 

Read the rules in the bottom of the page when you make a new post, they help.

Pretty much... LOL

I personally like to use Twitter. The number of characters is limited and you can't say much but you can use GIF's or other media. What I like about Twitter is that people will interact even if they don't know you. The game development/indie game development community there is pretty big and it is easy to find interesting content to see and give your opinion about it. I can give you a couple of people to follow if you are interested.

Regarding the right place as you say, it's really subjective to me. You can find a platform that you are comfortable in and you can develop your community there or interact with other developers. There is not one "good platform", if you fit well somewhere than it is a good platform for you but for some others it may not be so. 

Adding something more than just a link in your devlog would not be bad. I don't consider what you have written as a devlog. Can you at least try a little bit more and say something.

Death can be useful; it's an interesting title and after playing the game it is totally justified. Starting from the main concept, I think it is not bad at all. 

After playing the game I mostly got what I expected  to get from it. You already know about the graphics. As I said before playing the game, adding some characters would be more interesting. Some enemies for example. Consider adding weapons (for player); even if you don't, running away from enemies would be interesting too. I like the concept of limited time and it should not be changed. Also consider adding special effects. At the point the game is you need to find some ideas yourself, make updates and get feedback to improve your ideas.

I don't know what the story is going to be but I'm curios to know after you make full one.

As trota68 said I noticed the same thing. I have noticed it on my work with Unity too and it occurs when reflections is checked as active on the material properties. Haven't found a way to fix it yet. 

The game crashed after the scene was loaded. It only happened once and I couldn't recreate.

Hope I helped you

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I haven't played the game yet (I will play it soon) but it looks interesting. Definitely I would like to see the full story and a more complete game, maybe more characters... Judging from the 'trailer' I can say that the graphics are not bad, maybe it needs some work with the shadows. I will play it and leave a more complete review at the game page. Keep up!

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Your game Youth 95 is really confusing the way it is designed to be played. I find the music a little bit off and there is no other sound. I'm not sure what the point and what the game is all about.

The other one Sad Run has a lot of flaws. I got stuck somewhere and kept jumping over and over and the score was getting bigger and bigger without progressing. Gravity is weak and makes the character fly instead of jump. I don't know if it was designed this way or not but I would suggest to make it stronger because. Jump mechanics are not the best. I know how it is because I had this struggles with my game Below.

Both of the games need to have a better description or even a story, this way even if you have a really good game people will get interested. I l mean like Sad Run but a bit more descriptive.

I totally misspelled "fan" and wrote "fun" instead LOL (edited now).

 Anyways, related to your game. Now it makes sense after you say that it is a background kind of thing and I like the idea. I would totally like to see an updated version with more details; especially on the game art. For example the pictures on the wall are way more detailed than the rest of the objects, if the objects had the same level of detail would be great. I would suggest adding some shadows. The burning simulation is not bad at all, is great actually, maybe a bit too fast but that's not a problem. If you manage to add physics in the woods would be a cool thing; I noticed that after the bottom ones burn down, the top ones just float. Keep up!

Didn't play much of it but as far as I can tell from what I played and saw from the GIFs I can say that it is a classic platform game. The challenges are not bad but I think people are looking for something new and there is not much of that in this game. I find it a bit dry; what I mean is that there is no sound (maybe it is in the paid version) which makes it kinda boring. The best thing I like about the game is the background art and its colors. I suggest you to make some changes and update the game, trying to add something new and innovative (which is not easy). 

As a developer I appreciate more critical comments rather than simple positive comments like "That's cool". So I hope you don't get what I said as negative or get discouraged. Keep up with it!

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I'm a fan of this type of "games" because I like to enjoy the game art. I like concept of it. Idk if this is an early version or not but I think it would be more cool and enjoyable if there is more into it. Why I say this is because if you stare at the screen without doing anything you will get bored eventually. Either way I find it as a cool one.

sitebender is right. People usually consider cheap or free games as bad games but they also won't by a pricey game if they're not interest. I think the hardest part of indie game development is the marketing. Without a good strategy, no matter how good your game is, it may be noticed by just a few people the first days of the release (talking about itch). Again sitebender mentioned that you need to publicize, it is obvious, more publicity you make more people will notice your game. If you haven't done much work with your marketing I doubt you'll make any sale. 

I'm looking to do the same thing on my game after releasing the full version which will be paid. There is the option to set a different price for a  file but I find it kinda not right. There must be another way because I've seen games that have pay button and a free download button which you don't get with the "set a different price" method. 

I'm out you checked out my game. To pass the camp you need to be quiet which means you need to walk or stop make a few stops. There is a noise meter below but it's kinda unnoticeable (will be fixed in the full version).

I checked out Magica Voxel, looks like a fun easy to use program so I hope you'll have better models in the future versions. Keep up! :)

Pretty much the best thing (in my opinion) in this game is the 80's game logic. What I mean is how the game works and there are static ways of how the ghosts "think". Not like modern games. I know how the red one moves, which i guess was the easiest. He just follows you. The retro graphics are really nice too. The game has turned out really cool and I'm a fan of it. Keep up the good work!

I like the idea of making the game in about 10 hours. It's really cool actually. I have one question though. About the models; how were they done? I'm just curious.

It seems like a good one. I like the high level of detail and the high saturation colors. 

Doing everything yourself is hard but I think that it's more enjoyable working with a game this way. I want to do the development myself because I love doing it and I consider it like a piece of art. I'm a student so I do indie development on my spare time but I see it like something more than just a hobby and I hope I can go further. 

That's true that a lot of indie devs do the PR at the last minute, I've done it too. I've understood that doing the PR along with the development is much better and helps building an audience and a playerbase. Now my friend helps me with this sort of stuff but I also tweet a lot related to the development progress of my games. We've been quite busy this time but soon we'll have a website to and we'll post weekly blogs related to the development.

I'll reach you out. Thank you for your suggestion!

I see. I don't really have any developer friends. I like your idea of meeting people via game jams. 

Thank you for your reply

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I'm looking forward being more social on Itch community but I don't really know who to start following. I mean there must be some people who are popular here and who post interesting content. I'm even looking for indie developers to follow, discuss or share ideas. 

If you have any ideas please let me know. :)

I don't really know exactly but I think about 3 months to really get the hang of it. I was familiar with programming when I started so it was easier. Unity has done a good job with the GUI part, this makes it easier to script for the people how don't know programming. I think it becomes easier after you start understanding the basics and how the Unity functions and classes are constructed. Documentation helps a lot. Even now, sometimes I need to check something. I would say Unity is the best beginner friendly yet a powerful engine. There are plenty of documentation and tutorials so it won't be hard to get going. 

Something is wrong with the game logic. After a certain action they don't even bother to try and kill you. Really short. Looks interesting but it is really flat. If you add more content it may end up something cool.

Glad it helped :)

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Can you say something more? I mean it doesn't sound bad but if you want someone to pay $5.00 USD for your game you should have at least a decent trailer. There are plenty of other games for $5.00  or less therefore you need convince me to buy your game instead of another. 

The idea is good. In my opinion a contemporary touch to the GUI would be something interesting because the game looks a bit like an early 2000's game. Personally I would like a game of early 2000's style with a modern touch into it. 

Keep up and good luck!