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WIM Games

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I've seen the trailer of the game before and I'm happy that I found the demo here. The concept is good and the gameplay is fun.

I like the simple but smart idea of the game. It's definitely a good game to play

Basic Forest Pack

A new asset pack of forest low poly models. The pack includes useful models that can be used to make different setups of nature scenes. Pack includes different types of trees, plants and rocks. Go check it out https://wim-games.itch.io/basic-forest-pack and be creative ;)

That's the biggest struggle. Finding an inovativ idea that will make people play your game in stand of others.

As far as i saw the main idea is really basic and there are tons of other similar games. In my opinion there should something new to difference this game from the others. The demo videos made me think that after playing for some time the game will became boring and the player will lose the interest to keep playing.

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First of all thank you for the review and I really appreciate that you made a video about the game. I'm happy that you liked it.

I want to say that I was getting the reactions I excepted to see and that was really nice. Also i want you to know that this game was inspired from Inside, so you're right :)

Created a new topic What's your overall opinion?

What do you think about the graphics? What about the performance? How does the controls feel?

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An unusual situation and a lot of surprises. Sometimes things will not be as you expect. Make sure to find the right way to progress and beat the level (It will not be easy I promise). Use your intelligence, your skill, learn from mistakes and the most important, enjoy.