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Monolith Mayhem released!

A topic by Joel Strait created Oct 12, 2017 Views: 170 Replies: 2
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Hi everyone!

I released a new platform game yesterday called Monolith Mayhem:

Avoid the pacers, bouncers, and phantoms to make it to the exit with your structural integrity intact. Eat some pizza if you need to repair damage. You can play the first few levels on the web and download the full game for macOS.

I'd love to hear your feedback - have fun!

Didn't play much of it but as far as I can tell from what I played and saw from the GIFs I can say that it is a classic platform game. The challenges are not bad but I think people are looking for something new and there is not much of that in this game. I find it a bit dry; what I mean is that there is no sound (maybe it is in the paid version) which makes it kinda boring. The best thing I like about the game is the background art and its colors. I suggest you to make some changes and update the game, trying to add something new and innovative (which is not easy). 

As a developer I appreciate more critical comments rather than simple positive comments like "That's cool". So I hope you don't get what I said as negative or get discouraged. Keep up with it!

Thanks for the feedback - appreciate it!