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Digital Firewood

A topic by woodsmoke created Oct 12, 2017 Views: 232 Replies: 5
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Put wood on the fire to keep it going. Stare into the flames as the wood burns away. CPU heat keeps you warm. Includes various seasons and fireplace decoration.

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I'm a fan of this type of "games" because I like to enjoy the game art. I like concept of it. Idk if this is an early version or not but I think it would be more cool and enjoyable if there is more into it. Why I say this is because if you stare at the screen without doing anything you will get bored eventually. Either way I find it as a cool one.

Thanks for the reply. Good to know what others think. Yes this is more of an inactive media which runs in the background while you read a book, think about stuff, or just relax. You can choose your favorite setting and there are a few things that are clickable indoors. I wanted to make something like Pixel Fireplace but free, with a higher resolution and especially with better simulation of the burning process. I was that thinking of adding a wood collecting and survival part to the game and that the player must start the fire manually. I may add that in the future.

I totally misspelled "fan" and wrote "fun" instead LOL (edited now).

 Anyways, related to your game. Now it makes sense after you say that it is a background kind of thing and I like the idea. I would totally like to see an updated version with more details; especially on the game art. For example the pictures on the wall are way more detailed than the rest of the objects, if the objects had the same level of detail would be great. I would suggest adding some shadows. The burning simulation is not bad at all, is great actually, maybe a bit too fast but that's not a problem. If you manage to add physics in the woods would be a cool thing; I noticed that after the bottom ones burn down, the top ones just float. Keep up!

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Yeah the floating wood bugs me too. I wish I knew how to fix it. Every wood pixel is a separate object. If they had gravity the wood would fall apart like sand.

They say a GIF speaks a thousand PNGs.