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RPG Top-down like old school (RPG Maker)

A topic by endoxos created Oct 16, 2017 Views: 437 Replies: 5
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This is a prototype that aims to serve as a basis for RPG Maker style RPG and Chrono Trigger elements.

Now we have a full functional menu selector, move character, interaction system, dialog and inventory system. All control by keyboard and mouse.

Playable on web browser and in future in Linux and Windows.


  • Test action animations hit (X), change animation hit (C)
  • Dialog talks
  • Add Slide over the main character to open menu
  • Inventory System (Like Chrono Trigger)
  • Item Chests

Adding something more than just a link in your devlog would not be bad. I don't consider what you have written as a devlog. Can you at least try a little bit more and say something.

Like this?

Pretty much... LOL

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Actually in a devlog I would suggest to put more about what new things have you done with your game. Things you have changed and so on. Some media would be good too (like screenshots). 

Read the rules in the bottom of the page when you make a new post, they help.

Check out :D

Our new Inventory System (Like Chrono Trigger) added.