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Your game Youth 95 is really confusing the way it is designed to be played. I find the music a little bit off and there is no other sound. I'm not sure what the point and what the game is all about.

The other one Sad Run has a lot of flaws. I got stuck somewhere and kept jumping over and over and the score was getting bigger and bigger without progressing. Gravity is weak and makes the character fly instead of jump. I don't know if it was designed this way or not but I would suggest to make it stronger because. Jump mechanics are not the best. I know how it is because I had this struggles with my game Below.

Both of the games need to have a better description or even a story, this way even if you have a really good game people will get interested. I l mean like Sad Run but a bit more descriptive.

oh shit hey man, yeah I made another, still there's a problem in the second. speed becomes way too much.

and youth is like, i was testing something. I am going to take it down, I was just proud at the time.

I don't mean to judge your games. I actually try to expose the problems the game has in order for the developer to correct them because as you said it yourself, every developer feel proud of their game and won't notice the problem no matter how big they are. I have the same problem with myself related to judging your own games and I comment to others what I'd like others to comment me.