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First question: Is it supposed to end after you reach the platform or something went wrong? Anyway it is a little bit awkward how it end, I mean never ends because it will fall forever. Accelerating is great but I think breaking is not less greater. I know its a prototype but it needs to be fixed. Keeping it short, except everything I like it. :D ;)

Hey there!  Thanks for the comment!  Yeah, this was mostly just a little cutesy thing I whipped together yesterday on Christmas Eve to pass the time, so the entire concept of the game was made on the fly.

That being said, if I come back to it, I'd most definitely add a proper "game over / you win" thing.  As far as breaking goes, that really depends on whether I decide to take a more absurd look at game mechanics and focus on how silly it is to forever accelerate forward and jump a truck over ridiculous distances, or focus on something ... less absurd.  Although jumping a truck without a ramp is pretty absurd in and of itself...

Thanks for your time and the constructive criticism!