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A. Durakin

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Huzzah, he speaks. Have some news.

  • The build that has been up since just after the end of the 1-Bit Clicker Jam has been renamed to indicate that it was made for the clicker jam. You will always be able to download that version for free, no exceptions. I like to think of it as a piece of history to look at, as I work on new builds and new horizons.
  • City.Scape() will be growing, with new buildings, foliage, and more. I am already working on a new playable build for internal use, and from that, I will be making a new playable demo build. ETA unknown. It will have xbox 360 controls and an updated UI for mouse control, and it will only be for Windows. 32-bit, naturally.
    • Why only Windows? Because Unity's input manager is a potato, and a dead one at that. I have to go sourcing a new input manager, which is a bit much for me right now. (AKA, it potentially costs money, and I'm moving soon.)

I clicked, clicked some more, and clicked even more hoping there would be something rewarding.

I made it to "the end". I am not disappointed.

I'll be working on an experimental game. Looking forward to seeing how people interact with it.

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Since there's already a rules thread, let's ask:

What are the rules on the optional challenge for collecting/collectables? If I were making a music based game for this jam, could I award the player with a stamp or coin or collectable for say, perfect completion of a song? (I will not be creating challenging content for this jam.)