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A topic by Armen138 created Jun 08, 2016 Views: 407 Replies: 9
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What are the rules concerning "hand made" graphics? When are graphics considered "hand made"? Does taking a picture of a brick count? How about drawing stick figures on paper and scanning the paper?


Hi Armen

Thanks for the first post on the Jam :) Every graphics that didn't created with program are ok.
Take photo of brick and draw a stick figure on paper are ok.

Using Wacom Bamboo Spark, is not ideal but allowed.
Please take photo of the drawing on paper and add it to screenshoots of your game.

Since there's already a rules thread, let's ask:

What are the rules on the optional challenge for collecting/collectables? If I were making a music based game for this jam, could I award the player with a stamp or coin or collectable for say, perfect completion of a song? (I will not be creating challenging content for this jam.)


Yes you can. There no requirement that the collectables must be the main theme of the game.

Can we do 3D scans of clay work?


Yes its allowed. Please add a photo of your clay work to description of your game page.

Great! thanks


Multiple submissions allowed.

I'm alowed to take pictures of handmade graphics from internet?


No. You need create the graphics for the game yourself.