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Is it an IRC channel? A Discord server? A reference to the somewhat obscure RPG, Lands of Lore?

You could also use pyinstaller to build a distributable file. If not, remember to include a requirements.txt file so we can install the dependencies correctly!

Just one secret agent? What about being Death, and chasing down various "final destination" type situations, people who have escaped death, going against the natural order, and must be "corrected"

out of curiosity, what engine do you consider using?

how would you define "Excessive gore"? Are zombie/supernatural undead type of settings off-limits?

Hi Jam Fans, my humblest apologies, in my haste I seem to have botched the linux build. The windows build is OK, if you don't have access to windows, please refer to the game's main page for an updated linux package.

Hi, thanks for the review/bug report! The move directions are entirely dynamic (abusing the physics system to detect movable/unmovable obstacles), so there's something weird going on around the top left corner, possibly one of the walls that triggers a collision for vertical movements when it shouldn't? Either way, as you said.. entries for the jam are closed, lessons were learned (and are still being learned, it seems). By the way, the BGM is from here:


Almond Jam community · Created a new topic This is nuts!

but why?

sadly seems to crash my system on Ubuntu 18.04

This looks cool, any chance of a linux version?

What are the rules concerning "hand made" graphics? When are graphics considered "hand made"? Does taking a picture of a brick count? How about drawing stick figures on paper and scanning the paper?