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jams are more fun if you can talk to other participants. Discord, matrix, irc, anything goes as far as I’m concerned!

fantastic, thank you!

Hi, I’m using this asset kit in a jam game, and I am wondering if you have a “KayKit” logo I can add to the game’s splash screen, if it is ok to do so. The game only uses your free assets and will be available open-source.

I don’t see any rule against it, however, it makes it extremely unlikely to get your game featured on stream.

This was quite fun, well done!

It took me a little while to figure out how to activate the portals, but that was pretty cool. The game definitely needs more content, but I think this could go many directions from here - perhaps a rogue-like? The portal connected rooms certainly allow for lots of surprise enemy spawns. I am a bit at a loss to find a real connection to the theme, though, other than the portal room that connects to itself.

This was interesting, and a lot more subtle with the theme than the other entries. I think it would be more interesting if the few decisions the player is given have an actual impact on the story.

This was an interesting experience, and a fun take on the theme

I am seeing this issue as well, using baricello’s godot docker image as well. Rather than set up my own gitlab-runner, I’ve switched to Jenkins-ci until a solution is found for gitlab

Thanks for playing! I’ve updated the game to solve performance issues, and even added an actual win-condition!

Thanks for playing! I’ve updated the linux build to fix the performance issues :)

This was an interesting combination of story telling and poetry, some of it a bit hard to decypher. Fun, and certainly creative, but much potential left untapped. I hope to see this grow into something more substantial.

This is a great example of how the game can be improved - it is not obvious how happiness affects gameplay. Low happiness penalizes productivity!

Hi! The source repository is here:

Hi! The source code repository is here:

Note that this was a jam game, so it may not be the finest example of “how to build a game with godot”

Yes, source code is here:

Hi! The source code repository is here:

wow, thanks for playing it all the way through! To be honest, I wasn’t sure the pre-jam version could be played all the way through. I think for a quick overview of changes, the pre-jam devlog held up pretty well, we managed to get all the planned changes in the Spring Cleaning release:

Spring Cleaning pre-jam devlog

This is absolutely amazing, well done!

While I did get an error about CONSTANT.TXT, the game was playable after - it looks good, and the music really adds a lot to the atmosphere. However, it is lacking a lot of polish. Menus, tooltips, any kind of instruction on how to play would go a long way to make this into something really interesting.

Not much here yet, but it seems promising. Add some targets on the map to shoot at, and you’ve got a game!

The Spring Cleaning release is up!

This looks amazing, especially taking into account the difference with the pre-jam version!

Not exactly a sequel… call it a “Spiritual Successor”!

I love these sprites, and join the other voices hoping for another pack with more heroes and monsters!


Thanks! I really don’t consider myself much of an artist, but thanks for the kind words :)

Finally a game that really tests my skill!

Loved it. Threw a party for the goblin minions.

Now this is low effort - leaving it up to the user to figure out how to run this thing. A puzzle almost as fun as the game itself - I’d have to say my favourite part is the win screen!

What did I just play? Was it even playable? Is this thing winnable? So many questions!

What an adventure!

This looks great, with a minimal use of graphics assets. Very impressive!

Looks lovely!

This dude… is definitely in a mine field.

My grocery adventure came to a brutal and unexpected end, well done

typos, no punctuation, this is low effort at its best.

This was fun

This very cool, hard to believe it was done in such a short time. Great work!