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Woah, the game looks awesome!! The art is really catchy, congrats to whoever designed and draw it, really talented.

Also, cool thing this daily challenge, it will sure increase retention, nice choice.

Hey! The game looks cool, congrats on that!

Although me and, I think every linux user, would really appreciate not using .rar to compress files :P


Do you already have something in mind for scoring and stuff?

Also, I'd recommend to increase gravity a little bit to make the controls more snappy <3

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Hey thanks so much for the support,

I'll also wait a little until the new KinematicBody2D, currently in Master on GitHub, becom stable to fix some character movement.

Meanwhile I'll work on other features, specially for level design (ice floor, etc...).

Hopefully the current version(actually on alpha) helps you achieve your goals already! <3

Thanks for the feedback!

Yee, unfortunately this is a known bug, we couldn't track what causes it, but we are really digging into our base code to fix it, as soon as possible we will fix and emit a patch updating the game. So if you happen to be playing the game through app you will receive the update automatically soon :3

I hope you enjoyed the game <3

It's like a horse and a kangaroo had a child

Hey Cheeseness! Thank you so much for such a rich feedback <3

What a coincidence, I just released a feature freeze version yesterday with a whole month of improvements. We took especially your feedback on the live you guys made reviewing the games, and I decided to take rid of mouse inputs. This will allow so many new features later on further development cycles, that it wouldn't make sense to keep this approach from the first prototype. For example:

  • You can play the game using only game controllers now
  • Reconfig controls giving more freedom to players to set their own actions layout
  • By keeping mouse inputs, a local multiplayer would be hard to design (nearly to impossible if we'd like to keep single player mechanics)
  • So now we can add split screen multiplayer which accepts any combinations of controllers and keyboards
  • Also, it allows both co-op and versus multiplayer modes

Due to this design decision we implemented another mechanic which, besides not inovative or revolutionary, fitted the game's gameplay, and allowed for, imo, a better experience.

I mean... what am I giving my unilateral opinion xD

What about you play it when you have some time available? If you installed through's app it should be up to date already. Anyway, thank you guys for this amazing jam! It was a good opportunity to try some new approaches to gamedev and design! <3

Cant's this downside you presented (other people selling game better than me) be used as an advantage? I's like a marketing AB test to see which landing page have more retantion, but in this case it can actually be proved better because it is already selling.

I mean, Moon Cheeser has a mod that someone else did and published on playstore, and after nearly 6 months of publish Moon Cheeser latest version has, it is still the game which profited more of my library (I did sell a "developer" bundle with editable source files for assets and source code) and I got surprised that the 4th in rank of trafic (below even itch) was a referal link to the mod on Playstore and 5th is a referal to the mod's page on itch.

So I learned some valuable things there, and it's something that I can keep implementing both on old games (through new development cycles) and to new games.

But something you talked that I did realize it should take carefully is the actual packaging of the games, for this to work, as you pointed, my versions shall always be the best they can, and taking the risk to lose, let's say, 20% of sales to another page elsewhere because they do better packages controlling the a huge risk which can cost a whole development cycle.

I shall work on that before releasing a big project

Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh that's awesome! Well designed :0

I dunno if it's me (by reading the comments it seems to be) but I'm unable to use the crane ;-;

I go to the crane machine, tried the controls (keyboard) but nothing happens. I'm at game 249171, version  #856822 using app, and stuck at the very first level where the crane machine is presented after we actually enter it.

Awesome entry! Congratulations on that, buddy. Really well polished, I can't wait to see more. 

The game is so well designed that the "How to Play" session is...unnecessary, everything is just very intuitive. Do you plan a mobile version on that?

The second player controls don't work :'( even when I hold down+left it keeps going down out the screen :T

I think that this "ease" is up to the player, I decided to stay in the middle of the screen on purpose just to feel the bullet hell urge tapping left right left right to avoid the bullets :P

Awesome entry! I really enjoyed playing it. The bullet hell mix is awesome, the visual feedback for damage on both player and boss is good, a very satisfying boss battle. It woul be a bit more satisfying if the tank keeps shooting when holding the mouse LMB, but awesome job you did, congrats :3

Hmm, the controls are very either confusing or not well implemented/explained. When I hold space (to run) the character starts jumping after (I think) the running animation finishes. I wasn't able to go through the top part of the first level because I didn't understand what was happening :(

I liked the overall level design, with collectables and such, but the controls doesn't help :( my suggestions is that you add a way to control the jump and wall jump, like...if I release the jump button the character starts falling, this by itself would solve 90% of the problems I ran into while playing.

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Thank you! A pinch of cuteness in the hardness of development flow doesn't hurt, right? :P

Thaaanks for the feedback!

Also, nice review pointing what you liked! I hope you enjoyed playing it <3 any suggestions to improve it?

Thanks for the feedback <3

Yeah, unfortunately I noticed that small jump bug,  I still have to fix that, since I don't know how to reproduce it :/

Thank you very much <3

If you get interested, we have a repository where we keep our characters with their animations for Godot Engine:

Thank you for the feedback!

Also, the characters already setup and with animations are also free content! You can Fork them using our repo, which will be constantly updated with new characters and animations as we develop more games <3

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Hey guys, sorry for the inconvenient, but I'd like to make a disclaimer!


Please judge the game by the "linux game jam" build available on the game's description (also links below).

The one available in (v0.1.0) is a 48h entry for JimJam. After the 48h of JimJam I wasn't able to push a build to Linux Game Jam until April's 17th, when the entry time was already over. So I made a build in GitHub special for Linux Game Jam with lots of new features, please check the links below:

That's it, thank you so much <3

I think I figured out something that may be interesting!

- Now the bugs can be removed by tapping the interaction keys (E/F)
- Bugs that are not attached to anything (console/Juan) can be stomped this includes the boss bug 

What do you guys think? Now everything is on one input method only aaaaannnd....

We can add a coop/competitive game modes since now both players can simultaneously play. 

Heyo thanks for the feedback

Check out the game's page we just submitted an entry for Linux Game Jam which add 6 levels and more features to the game :D

Hey The Linux Gamer, can you provide a promo image (16:9) so that I can add it as a splash screen for my game? :3

not fair playing as IMBAnaut after 707 :(

I think this would be amazing! This even helps us getting in touch with some successful projects and compare audience, demand, and other absolutely vital data we need to setup a successful community and audience here in itch. And as said by upheaver142

Why not having an option to show game stats publicly so each developer can decide by themselves to share the data or not?

We can promote a good support data for other developers, this option would give freedom to choose whether or not they will contribute to this data base, and it could even prevent non contributors to have access to this data (using principle of practical contradiction as an ethical justification for this).

Yep! Everything built up using Godot Engine.

Hmm, some advice I can give is: 

  • Signals are an amazing way to setup triggers for your code. They can even be setup easily using the very Editor.
  • Scenes are an impressive and easy self-contained way to design game objects, you can even inherit scenes to extend an object composition (for instance the bugs inherit the same basic_platform_character of the player, but I added some sensors to trigger the jumping)
  • GDScript is easy af, you can learn the whole syntax in 2h, really

I think that's it, thank you for the feedback <3

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it <3

This is super IMBA :P

Aff eu fiquei bem titi com o final :( non sabia que os clones eram gente como a gente.

Cara, muito daora o jogo, parabéns, o conceito tá muito bom. Uma dica que eu quero dar é pra tentar manter as velocidades das ovelhas sincronizadas, por exemplo quando a main sheep tá montada num clone, faz tipo o clone carregar ela nas costas IUHAEIUHAEAU

Hey, thank you for the feedback! <3

I'm very suspicious to talk about Unity, BUT when you decide if you will go for Godot, get in touch it will be a massive pleasure to help <3

Opa! Abraço do quadrado (DF :P)

Poisé, eu non fiz o design muito bem UIHAEIUAIUEHAIUHEIUAEHEUIA

Eu to trabalhando nesse game esse mês e já tá bem melhor do que essa release pra JimJam, vai ficar bem daora quando tiver mais polido, eu sempre faço releases no dia 5 dia cada mês então... tem bastante tempo pra polir ele!

Valeu pelo feedback <3

Thank you for the feedback! I'm very glad you liked it <3

Also, the secret to engine development is to ignore the bugs and just launch the features lol (trust me there were some bugs in mid of the development of the game heheh).

If your daughter like it, tell her (secretly) that we are working in this game for the whole month for One Game a Month jam (release May 5th)! 

I'd like to write a massive comment about everything I loved in this game, but as a Tron fan, a Synthwave addicted, a futurepunk and cyberpunk lover the only thing I can say is that you totally nailed this entry

Nice entry man! Congratulations on finishing the game :3

Some feedbacks I'd like you to consider for further games:

  • In a simultaneous 8 directions movement  game (with that I mean the character can go seamless from any direction, instead of in a snappy way) is better to use mouse for projectiles, as the enemy move to blind spots
  • As an (I guess, if not ignore this) RPG movement based game, would be nice if the movement could be either. or both, faster or/and snappy
  • I liked the mechanic where enemies can hurt themselves (friendly fire ftw <3)
  • More room to the characters, currently the screen's zoom is too close, I know you are probably proud of your art, but it can be even prettier when appreciated a bit further ;)
  • Nice work with the obstacles giving the player a clear objective from the beginning so we can work towards it while playing, good job!

I think that's it, again congratulations on completing the game within 48h! A task for few devs and you're one of them now <3

That's it, keep developing and until the next time!

Hmm, don't take that personal, but I didn't like anything :(

The only thing I was able to test was the "3rd Person Controller + Fly Mode" which is just one of the assets, I wasn't able to get out of the tutorial(which I think is just a demo of this asset) (from comments below I thought that by pressing ESC I would be able to get out of it, but it doesn't show anything :/)

So...based solely on this experience...I wasn't able to rate anything else, sorry man, I don't know if I have to execute all commands of the tutorial (mouse wheel is broken, so...) but at least for me it wasn't a good experience.

Although I really hope I could play it better.

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Thank you for the feedback! <3

I don't know why does a real person associate with an alpaca in your mind. 

Inside Godot's community Juan Linietsky is known as Juan Alpaca (because of his avatars)! lol hehe

totally accurate representation of a dev cycle :)

It is! lol the journey of commiting while bugs drop out of nowhere, but stuff gets even worse when we merge branches...ohh that feeling :D

Thank you so much for the feedback!

You gave me lots of thoughts and I agree with almost everything you said. I liked how you pointed a possible solution but let's dig a little bit on it, can we?

My studio stands for free content (as in freedom, not as in price :P). Your suggestion is really amazing because it enables us to make 2 products that feed loop themselves. The game that can be used as a marketing tool for the assets we from Pigdev were discussing this only as a passive incoming (sell assets and tools we used for our games) but really, this can be a good business model. We use the tools as a product for the patrons and they can decide what comes next, right?

I see this as a really good and sustainable business model, we can in forehand give access to our patrons using patron integration, and sell them here on itch! It's a nice strategy imo.

The only problem I see, but isn't a huge/un-work-aroundable problem, is that:

  1. The target audience would be gamedevs in that sense, right?
  2. Gamedevs use very specific tools, so this model is "niche" oriented, no problem with that actually
  3. But unfortunately the the free tools I used have a very small niche

The points above can be actually tested to see if they are actually problems and if there's enough demand for this. The major "manage" issue we would have is to rework the Patreon page to be more "gamedev oriented".

This model can even scale to game's audience later on, right? I mean, after having enough games being showcased we can pick them and rework to a "gamer oriented" audience!! Using something like "games as a service".

Like peeps from Rocket Cat did, but this on a long term strategy. This idea matches some of the insights we had watching these videos from Tim Ruswick:

And also:

Hey! Thank you for the support!

I made a small prototype already ( I'd be glad if you could help! You can check the game's repo and maybe push some issues or if you'd really like to contribute maybe even make a Pull Request if you used your skills to improve something, I'd be really glad to implement <3