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I’ve just tested with a 4 and a 7 degrees slope and the movement looks fine

We’re in the same boat, brother. State machines are a nightmare to me, even tho I’ve got over them recently…

Anyway, I’ll make my research and see if I can come out with something. Thanks a lot for the suggestion!

Muito obrigado! Fico extremamente feliz sabendo disso <3

Hey! Glad to know it helped.

For tilting, I think you could grab the collision normal angle and rotate. But I’m not sure…could you make a request on the community page?

OK, epic.

I liked the fast-paced combat but it needs more strategy. Especially in the preparation phase. I’d suggest you to make the stats and items more meaningful.

In combat, it felt like nothing but Strength really matters. It seems like the “food” status doesn’t make any impact on the battle.

The art is very good tho, you could make the attack animation to improve the combat visuals as well as a hurt sprite or animation to provide a better visual feedback when you get hurt. Just numbers don’t tell who hurt who when they simunteneously attack.

Hey! Very creative approach to platformers with only two buttons, I’d never thought about that.

Keep working on it, it can even be a nice port to mobile. Those “on screen joysticks” are terrible, but if you manage to make your approach work with finger indexing it can be quite a nice approach.

Heh, there are 4 objects to repair! The first 3 are constant afak, just so you can get the feel of the game, after that some random ones appear. Check out @Spudcats video, some new faces show up there :P

Thank you so much for playing, nice vid btw. <3


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It’s the first time I see the game being played by two players, nice strategy you developed!

Thank you a lot for playing the game. I’ll share the cool vid with my community!

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I’ll make an update soon and will provide a MacOS build, let’s see how this goes :D

In the mean time you can test it using the source provided, for that download the latest version of Godot Engine

Dang! 🤦‍♂️
Missed opportunity indeed :(

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Yeah, I understand that. At some point in the post I mentioned that it would definitely be the greatest approach if we had a "Followers" category in the mailing tool provided by I think this is the best option.

I understand that devlogs are how you designed this gamedev-followers communication, but it is a bit different. When we write a devlog we often want to get attention from those not following us yet, taking advantage of getting the devlog exposed in the devlogs page, so is likely that people who didn't follow the project sees a devlog and decide to follow it.

Some times we want to deliver a different message to those who are already following the project, knowing that they already follow us, we can direct the message towards a less "convincing" message and just talk about stuff that are not that appealing to broader audiences, as a devlog is more likely to reach.

So that's the take I would suggest: allow us to somehow mail our followers.

that feature is totally already on itch, it is just lacking a special category. It is not sneaky things for god's sake please read the whole post before you comment nonsense.

regarding "email marketing is never going to work" I would like to request your data that supports this statement, as according to this GDC talk, it is one of the few things that actually works at long term:

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can you describe me how the moderators and players aren't in the control of the feature I am talking about? Or do you really want to ignore everything I said regarding the fact that we don't have access to players' emails because that's on's server we can only use general categories to add them to our email using's build in emailing tool?

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Please, point me a single feature in this platform that can't be abused.

Devlogs can.

Publish projects can

Feed can

Game Jams can

Please, just tell me a single one that can't. If you really believe that "can be abused" is a valid argument for not adding or remove a feature.

i I don't know how to do those, honestly. But I think would be nice to have all this integrated on itch, and exactly relying on to maintain this as a good feature, it already does it as I mentioned.

Also it would be hard to abuse it as well, already limit the amount of emails we can send, as I mentioned people can opt in and out of that easily.

It is not a complex request:

Add followers category to the built in email tool, there is nothing in this request that isn't already there, is just a matter of matching them.

I honestly can't see any problem with supporting this feature, even as a player, as long as, like you said, we can easily opt out.

As I pointed, it is a small addition to an already very tested and explored feature, that emailing tool, which has total control over and the player's data isn't exposed at all (as we can't see the actual emails, just the categories).

So basically it would be just a matter of adding a new category "Free download" or even just "Followers", in which only people that turned on "Follow" are included.

Then it could be debatable if everyone that downloads the game are automatically following and they can opt-out, or if we keep it as is and players can opt-in to that email category by following the project. Either are OK honestly

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I said how they can opt-out here:

if you disagree with that, there is an option on your profile to turn this off, and if I remember correctly, will turn off the emails from that feature I pointed as well, simple like that, actually I think you can even turn Itch emails on and updates from games off...

We can even rely on the "follow" feature for that. If "follow" is on, we can send emails to them, otherwise no

Regarding your 1st concern, as I said, please read the thread. We would be using's built-in email tool, in which limits the amount and quality of the emails.

In fact, further on you suggest that if I don't provide my email then I shouldn't get to play your "free" game.

Where did I said that? In fact I very clearly and explicitly said the total opposite of that:

As I said, I am not asking to force people to provide their emails otherwise they won't download the game, if this was the case I could just put the games paid and make a 100% permanent sale or make an unlimited Reward that costs $0 and turn on "New purchases & downloads require a reward", this would do the trick, but that's not what I want.


Yes it does. Email addresses can be faked for the most part. It's been a common thing for a long time.  For example the place where  I work uses SendGrid. Do you know what you can do with SendGrid? You can specify a custom "from" address for testing. I can send you an email from or from . It's only when you look further into the email sender that it shows as a "fake" email address and a lot of people are unaware of how to check it.

All in all, confirms emails in any case, these are the emails they use for that built-in emailing tool

Please read the thread, we don't have access to the email, is all on's server.

What do you mean by email can be faked? That doesn't make sense, as I say, people can turn off this feature and is not a prerequisite to download the game to have an email, please read the whole thread.

It can be good or bad, depend on the perspective, for me it is good :)

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You can disagree with whatever you want, that's your opinion, this doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to do just because you have that opinion. But to make this clear, that's not what I'm trying to implement, this is already implemented by, so they already have what you so called "aggressive" marketing strategy built-in and already being used, if you disagree with that, there is an option on your profile to turn this off, and if I remember correctly, will turn off the emails from that feature I pointed as well, simple like that, actually I think you can even turn Itch emails on and updates from games off...

See, I think you are just putting your bias without actually thinking, just to be that "ohh I praise so much my internet privacy" standard. What I mean by that is: this tool that I pointed is a tool from Itch they are in power of deciding what this tool does or not, for instance, we can't send more than 1 email/week per project, they can turn this down to 1/mo for free downloads if they want. This is all already controlled by Itch, which you claim to trust, and thus this is not a "direct line to your private email", Itch is under all the control of this tool, if I send something using this tool I am almost sure they have access to that content, so if you trust Itch, you are already trusting what I'm proposing here, this is already available, this is already being used, I guess that never annoyed you, so why bother now? At the very worse scenario you can have a "player email" that you never look at, and tell itchio to use this email for updates 🤷🏻

I mean, all I want is to include free download to that feature.

if you don't have an email, then there is nothing to be collected point is not to enforce anyone to provide anything, I really don't know your guys' point. Are you really getting the context of what I'm asking? Because it seems that you are throwing points that makes no sense for the sake of what I'm asking in this post.

There could be a per-game setting to force people to enter one

As I said, I am not asking to force people to provide their emails otherwise they won't download the game, if this was the case I could just put the games paid and make a 100% permanent sale or make an unlimited Reward that costs $0 and turn on "New purchases & downloads require a reward", this would do the trick, but that's not what I want.

As I said, if itchio already has their email and we have a tool to send email to people that downloaded our game, why not include free downloads as well?

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I don't see how  "this is's building their relationship with their costumers, not me" makes sense. Your followers follow you for news about you and get notified about your work.

If this is true, than why they highlight other's project inside this email, an email people get because they followed me, not these other highlighted projects? There is absolutely nothing wrong with this btw, but this proves my point that this feature is a way for to build their relationship, not mine.

What I understand is that you want a direct way to contact people who tried, but didn't like your work enough to follow you (or subscribe to your mailing list, discord, etc.), which is absurd

You understood it wrong, then. This that you suggest that I'm trying to do we all already do, we can contact people on twitter to get them into our landing page, which main responsibility is to convince people that get on it that the project is good enough to deserve a chance, by downloading it.

My concern is to maintain that interest and to show people that, if they liked that first impression, and liked the iteration of the project they experimented at that point in time, maybe they will like to try the updated version, or another files, or tiers of that project.

Most of the games I download on itch I get just to see if I'll like them

If you like to do that, is OK.. But most people, if not convinced by the landing page, won't even try.

That's why we have so many features to try to show them the project's value, using video trailers, screenshots, about session, etc...

If the games you download didn't convince you just with their landing page, this is another discussion. My point, again, is: if someone downloaded the project they may have some interest on it, and I want to show them more about the project.

Giving away my private information is absolutely not a commitment I'm willing to make just to try something out.

Then don't try it and don't provide it, is that simple. I mean, is not as if your email wasn't available already to, you already made that commitment, you got a user after all, for free, look how funny.

Just to make it clearer, what I am asking is not for to just print your email to my computer and provide me a plain text file with all emails of everyone that downloaded my projects.

My request is: already has a built-in emailing tool, but this tool doesn't send emails to people that didn't pay for the project, so my request is: this feature could send email to these people.

For that, I don't even have to know your email, you are not exposing yourself to me all I'm asking is to add the group of people that got a files of the project for free to that feature as well, instead of just those who paid

(1 edit) already collect this information, this is how they send these digests through the follow feature, so why not allow me to as well?

The follow feature is not the same, this is's building their relationship with their costumers, not me.

I think that if I am providing something for free, in monetary sense, I should definitely get something in exchange. It is easy to get out there taking everything for free with no commitment.

The only other way to actually get something in return for people using your assets and playing your game would be to fallback this trade of favours, to a mere product-costumer relation, making everything paid, which is something that I would like to avoid because I know not everyone is able to pay, and especially, not everyone will understand the value of the product at first glance, preventing a healthy relationship to happen because of a monetary barrier.

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Hey there, so is an amazing place to build a community around your games, assets and stuff, but something that is still lacking is the ability to create a relationship with people that didn't pay for getting our projects.

It is a common strategy to release early, or even final, versions of a project for free in exchange of the contact of those who acquired the product.

For instance, if I make a free demo, to test if people are interested in the game and decide to keep developing the project, there is currently no way I can reach out these people that were interested in the game, there isn't a way to update them about the game, to tell them there is a new devlog showing some aspects of the game, in other words there is no way to build a relationship.

Collecting emails only for buyers is...kinda meaningless, most of them already got the value of the project, and probably already have some contact or relationship with the project owner, outside

So, in that sense, would be awesome to use our game's landing page, as a proper landing page and allow us to create and build that relationships with our audience. @edit We can use your built-in email for that, which doesn't expose their email and you are in control of limiting spamming etc...

  1. 2D Platform
  2. Action RPGs
  3. Sandbox
  4. Simulators
  5. Fighting

Very nice!

What are the rules? 😅

Nice! I'm glad you liked it!

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I just played it! Due to my lack of friends I played it alone, so my overall experience wasn't the greatest.

The game modes are good, I liked the "greedy" one, well designed and offers some good challenge.

The controls tho I feel they are confusing. most of what I could do was with the second action button, m for player 1 and 2 for player 2, the first action button, at least to me, seemed to not perform any action or at least any useful action.

Nice, energy saving is important!

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Woah, what an honor! Thank you so much, leafo! <3

the gravity is maybe bit too weak

Yep, totally agree, I will try to figure out a more snapper strength.

the dash direction is strange

Hmm, I designed it to mimic Megaman X's dash, there you can dash when idle. So you don't need to pass through walk first, allowing fore more precision in dashes.

E.g. if you want to make a dash on the edge of a cliff, with spikes on the head, and a spike pit, passing through the walk state can be dangerous.

it should accelerate vector of the jump velocity

Yeah! I am trying to add this, to mimic achieve the same behaviour as in Megaman X as well.

But currently it doesn't modify the vertical vector's velocity, only the horizontal.

I will try to polish it a bit, as you can see it is way too strong in air!

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I will try to digest it and see how to fix these issues!

I did notice that I can dash while in a jump mid-air. Maybe that could be optional?

Yeah I also think the same, I will definitely add a config bool to allow to configure that. It can also be a good approach to prevent dashing if the character depleted its jumps, i.e., he can only dash if he jumped once, if he double jumped = no dashes. Thanks for the feedback, it solved 2 issues at once xD

Regarding the ActionBus is a design pattern I've been wrapping my head around for some time, it is not optimal yet, I think I will add a middle-man, i.e. a manager, to manage the signals and actions through code, so it is more visible and easier to track down related bugs. I'm glad you liked, tho! Don't hesitate to test it to exhaustion.

Me too! But I gotta take it easy :P

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if you took the time to read the twitter thread I shared, you would understand why this is not the case anymore.

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You are really trying to say that Gardiner, someone articulated in the topic, would say Open Source so naively to the point to mean simply "we have access to the source code"?

It's clear that the jam uses "Open Source" as the definition of the Free Software Foundation. And Aseprite doesn't fit this definition.

Have in mind, Open Source, especially when you are aware of the topic, means FOSS. I had this discussion on twitter just the past week