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Pigdev Studio

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The most accurate definition to fascism is a collectivism movement that aims for a great change in the politics of a nation through the centralization of decisions to a great leader that will guide the collective to the next movement on history, with strong nationalism and supremacist (be it class, race, gender or any other element that creates the sense of collective) elements 

Fascism comes from "fasci" a bunch of sticks tied together and it's the very core idea of fascism "individuals are weak, but together they are strong".

Besides fascism accepts capita (means of production), they tend to nationalize these said means, not too different from antifa's big brother socialism, and other collectivism cousins.

Hope your game jam succeed. Keep developing and until the next time.

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Heyo! Thank you so much for the feedback. Also, the game is not finished yet! We are planning a bunch of features to implement. You can see what's coming next in the official roadmap. I can't look forward to implement the play along feature in particular. This game is a part of a one game a month challenge, so currently it lacks the most awesome features we planned. But follow still, the best is yet to come .

Thank you! If you like vector art I made a very basic intro on how I did the fox. It is also available to download and use freely at this repo <3

God bless the pigs!

I loved the game, the feeling, the commands, everything is just so nice. I'd like to mod this with some of the graphics from my studio, would you mind that?

As always you make amazing games, really enjoyed that one, and I'm not a rogueliker myself, but this one catched me. Also, automatically toggling between aim and walk when you press a movement key would be a nice improvement to gameplay(so that we don't need to repress the key to walk).

Love your work man, you should turn on this tip button <3

As simple as it seems to be I really felt the suspense in this game like "THEY ARE COMING, THE SHARKS ARE COMING!!!"

The only thing that I missed is some kind of control over the fishes. Maybe a small match 3 behavior would increment the gameplay a lot :3


Absulutelly loved it! The concept is good, the gameplay is good, the levels are well designed, the learning curve is smooth!

I liked it! Besides the lack of audio the game was interesting (I can't talk sheit bout audio since mine doesn't have it too)

I think I won the game since I destroyed one base! Nice game man :D

Thank you very much!

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dont broke lol
Thank you so much for the feed back!

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Gotta fix that, the issue is already reported at the official issue tracker, it is happening on windows too. I just scheduled the fix because of Ludum Dare

Just loved it!
It is just simple enough to understand yet deep enough to entertain. Congratulation on that. By the way if I understood well the interpretation of theme...damn it is just as simple and deep as the gameplay.

I would suggest to make hitbox reflects the actual visual feedback for the attack, but apart from that the game is good, I will replay it, definitely 

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Thank you <3 

Hello there guys! First of all I'd like to thank everyone that participated in the pre-order event, you guys gave me the boost I was needing to finish this game, everything is already set just waiting for the release date so you can test it and I'd like to announce more content for all of those interested in the development. 

The post mortem 

So I'm already preparing the first part of a series of the post-mortem of Moon Cheeser, from the tricks I used to develop it to the tricks I learned to publish it there will be enough content for at least two months of videos in my youtube and vid.me channel. But I'd like to know from you, the most important pillar of this studio, which kind of content you would like see. There are some suggestions: 

  • How we managed to get the game closer to the initial design
  • The workflow of the tools used and how the engine managed the assets
  • Tool specific topics
    • Godot
      • GUI
      • Vectors Math
      • Tween
      • Built-in physics
      • Scene and resource management
      • Data management (achievements, highscore for instance)
    • Inkscape
      • Vectors drawing
      • Vectors operations
      • Prototyping and mocking up
    • Blender
      • Animating vectors
      • Deforming with modifiers
      • Rendering the correct resolution
  • How itch.io managed the business model
  • What tools itch.io offers to help content creators manage their business

Well this is it guys. Comment there what would you like to know the most about Moon Cheeser. That's it, keep developing and until the next time <3

Yep the one with a Blue bird on the Demo :3

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There is something in this game that makes me feel like I actually have to finish it...like, it is not the game objective, is mine... I really like this feeling <3

Just want to report a bug, I got a crash falling right on the begining of level 3 (?)

I most say the physics are not good :/

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THAT'S HARD! And also challenging

I don't know if it is just me but I got really dizzy with the graphics

Also, can you confirm that the character is a cow or not? I'd like to imagine a skin where he/she uses milk instead of water lol

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82% was my best :'( poor forest being burned

As always I most say I loved your game, your graphical style is incredible amusing, you use just enough shades and shapes, just the very needed to tell what is each thing on the screen, yet the simplicity is well applied and unified into every asset and the whole pleases the eyes... I could, and I'm, playing this for a bunch of time trying to figure out a strategy to make 100% forest survive, without any eye fadige... You're awesome <3

I'd suggest to give a better feedback of what's happening behind the screen, for instance:

  • Are the fire sparks being damaged? How much I still have to damage them?
  • How much time shall I spend watering the brushes? And the trees? Are there difference between their time?

Also I'd like to congratulate for the well designed feedback about the fire focuses, they are well positioned on the screen, not far away so that I had to lose the focus on the character, and not too close so that they would annoy. Thanks for this experience <3

@update almost there

lel this game really made my mood today

The tongue part tho lol

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Ohh thanks for reminding me. The code is being updated constantly, so it is better to check it directly on the development branch, although the development bundle will be updated with less frequency than the binaries. I will update both tonight, since some assets changed too.

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

Something that is on the plans to be done as a fine tuning is to add visual instructions to the very first time an element appears on the screen. For instance, as you can notice, the first right comet, left comet, left star, right star and planet always appears at the same position, only after that it starts to spawn randomly. So I will took advantage of that to make very subtle instructions (like an arrow pointing where to interact with the object).

Design the learning curve is something that requires a really good attention, thanks for giving me this feedback only this can guide me on the right way <3

Would I be able to use skins for the gameboy case? *-*

Awesome! Especially good for meeting&greeting events :3

I loved it. Something in the controls bugged me out, but I can't describe what, apart from that, the game is awesome. I spent 2 hours playing it, no regrets on that. Thanks for making my morning funnier <3

This game is an awesome work. A simple concept with a really, really well designed mechanic. The feedback for bullseye the dot's is so exciting. This game has a trully potential to casual mobile players. try to work on a combo mechanic (for consecutives bullseyes), implement sound feedback and work on a customized font for the text. I think this is a great recipe for an awesome mobile game, keep it up man, congratulations.

I loved the proposal, but I felt frustrated by the walkspeed. Also, nice work on the coding I learned a lot reading how you did the procedural stuff.

This is a real master piece <3
I loved the overall design, very simple and smooth. The graphics... man! Congratualtions for doing this!

I found a bug (or not) if we block the entire path, the waves simply don't spawn. Is it possible to fix it by seting the walls to have a health kinda property?

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I will send the .zip file to the email you provided. Check it out! :D

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I'm alowed to take pictures of handmade graphics from internet?