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Pigdev Studio

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Awesome! Especially good for meeting&greeting events :3

I loved it. Something in the controls bugged me out, but I can't describe what, apart from that, the game is awesome. I spent 2 hours playing it, no regrets on that. Thanks for making my morning funnier <3

This game is an awesome work. A simple concept with a really, really well designed mechanic. The feedback for bullseye the dot's is so exciting. This game has a trully potential to casual mobile players. try to work on a combo mechanic (for consecutives bullseyes), implement sound feedback and work on a customized font for the text. I think this is a great recipe for an awesome mobile game, keep it up man, congratulations.

I loved the proposal, but I felt frustrated by the walkspeed. Also, nice work on the coding I learned a lot reading how you did the procedural stuff.

This is a real master piece <3
I loved the overall design, very simple and smooth. The graphics... man! Congratualtions for doing this!

I found a bug (or not) if we block the entire path, the waves simply don't spawn. Is it possible to fix it by seting the walls to have a health kinda property?

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I will send the .zip file to the email you provided. Check it out! :D

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I'm alowed to take pictures of handmade graphics from internet?