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Hey! Thanks a lot for the feedback. I'm really glad you liked it. Proud it helped you, that EventPlayer one is REALLY cool. Especially when you have most of your game systems set, then you just orchestrate them.

Thanks! I guess 😅

 Hey there!  If you are  Brazilian I also accept Pix.  PayPal has an option to setup credit cards, tho!

You will have access to THE bundle once it releases. It's a single bundle with ebooks from this series, including the ones above.

The bundle is planned to happen as soon as I have the eight cookbooks published.

Until then, each ebook is a standalone product that gives access to the bundle once it releases.

Nonetheless,  new ebook releases are likely to have discounts for previous customers!

Ohh what a surprise! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Really appreciate the feedback! ❤️

Thanks! Really glad you liked it! 🐷❤️

I was there in 2018! I made a homage game to Juan, Juan Saga.

Something really important that I learned is that is really not ideal to join two game jams where one ends within a weekend and the other within a will end up with people judging a work that's only 48h of production while expecting a while month put in work on it.

You can read the solution here:

Nice! Glad you liked it 😁

Yep, and tweak them however you like.

Nice! Moon Cheeser is getting an update soon btw!

yes I am 😎👌

It was supposed to be shown only the first time, tho. Which browser are you using?


Seriously tho, what happened there, do you remember the steps that led you to this bug?

Dá uma olhada agora kkkk

Acabei de fazer uma build com tutorial, testa na aba privada porque ele lê o cache pra saber se tu já jogou ou não. Ou então dá uma limpadinha no cache aí.

Cara que massa! Vou divulgar teu canal aqui ❤

Deixa eu te perguntar, eu notei que você não redirecionava as estrelas e os cometas. No game tem uma mecanica que quando você clica e arrasta você muda a direção do voo deles.

Tu teria algum feedback pra dar pra eu poder deixar essa mecânica mais explicita pros jogadores?

Na versão 1.0.0 tinha um tutorialzinho de 5 segundos se o jogador nunca tivesse jogado. Não sei se volto com isso 🤔

a e s t h e t i c

Awesome! Thanks a lot for the feedback :D

Ahm…I think this one will take some time to do. It has some dependencies I guess. What would be a good proof of concept for that in your opinion?


In our discord server we’ve been debating other alternatives. What do you think about:

Having one bundle with all experiments each being its own Godot Project each on their exclusive folder and having each experiment available individually for download


The previous approach with Area2D was meant to automatically “cancel” the pass through, but it doesn’ t make sense gameplay wise. So this approach is way better and simpler :D

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Hey there, I think I’ve been doing these experiments files in a weird way…

As for now, each one is an individual file with its own Godot project.

What do you think about bundling them all together?

I have some options in mind:

  1. A single Godot project with folders for each experiment (might cause some issues regarding the project structure, especially if I want to re-use assets across experiments)
  2. A single .zip with a folder for each experiment, which would be each an individual Godot project (quite inconvenient, but maintains a better structure)
  3. Keep it as it is (inconvenient since if you want more than 1 file you need to download, save, extract and import each .zip)

Would you rather 1 or 2 or 3?

Thank you, will do! :D

I mean, you can encapsulate the transition logic to a node that would be specialized in that. Hmm I think I have something to experiment with :D

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You know, when I was experimenting with tilting on slopes I couldn’t stop thinking that it is quite weird to have a character tilting on a slope, especially if they aren’t 1:1 proportion ratio.

I think it works kinda nicely for vehicles, or maybe characters that aren’t bipeds, right? Like an alligator…I guess?

I mean, no…it doesn’t make sense for organic stuff. Maybe for cars or whatnot.

So I was thinking about solutions for a biped character to animate on slopes, and I thought about using 1D Blend Spaces to blend between a walking animation and a “climbing” animation and using the blend space to interpolate within these animations depending on the angle of the slope.

So I’ve made a small experiment, I’ve created 2 animations, one where the character is “normal”, one when the character is fully “climbing”…I had to abstract it as just scaling the character on the y-axis, don’t judge me. Try to imagine a character on a better pose, like a person climbing a stair, I dunno, use your imagination.

Using the absolute aspect ratio of the slope’s normal, I was able to get the proper blend position and assign it to the AnimationTree node.

If you are curious, these are the lines that execute this logic:

func _tilt():
	var blend_position = 0.0
	if is_on_floor() and raycast.is_colliding():
		var normal = raycast.get_collision_normal()
		blend_position = abs(normal.aspect())
	anim_tree.set("parameters/blend_position", blend_position)

So, yeah I think that using the proper animations this can be a better approach to animate characters on slopes, as you can see the character blends according to the angle, so you can imagine a walking animation blending with a climbing animation where lower angle slopes don’t change the character pose that much, but with higher angle slopes the character changes completely to a climbing animation.

And note that since we can animate any property…we can export the character’s move_speed to the inspector and animate it as well, decreasing it in the climbing animation, and since we would blend between those animations, the speed would interpolate accordingly.

The possibilities are infinite! Anyway, that’s just some thoughts I had when experimenting with tilting on slopes.

Had you tried with ColorRect and AnimationPlayer, fading out, then triggering the get_tree().change_scene() method and then on the next scene fading in?

I’m going to make this quick experiment and report it asap!

I’ve just tested with a 4 and a 7 degrees slope and the movement looks fine

We’re in the same boat, brother. State machines are a nightmare to me, even tho I’ve got over them recently…

Anyway, I’ll make my research and see if I can come out with something. Thanks a lot for the suggestion!

Muito obrigado! Fico extremamente feliz sabendo disso <3

Hey! Glad to know it helped.

For tilting, I think you could grab the collision normal angle and rotate. But I’m not sure…could you make a request on the community page?

OK, epic.

I liked the fast-paced combat but it needs more strategy. Especially in the preparation phase. I’d suggest you to make the stats and items more meaningful.

In combat, it felt like nothing but Strength really matters. It seems like the “food” status doesn’t make any impact on the battle.

The art is very good tho, you could make the attack animation to improve the combat visuals as well as a hurt sprite or animation to provide a better visual feedback when you get hurt. Just numbers don’t tell who hurt who when they simunteneously attack.

Hey! Very creative approach to platformers with only two buttons, I’d never thought about that.

Keep working on it, it can even be a nice port to mobile. Those “on screen joysticks” are terrible, but if you manage to make your approach work with finger indexing it can be quite a nice approach.

Heh, there are 4 objects to repair! The first 3 are constant afak, just so you can get the feel of the game, after that some random ones appear. Check out @Spudcats video, some new faces show up there :P

Thank you so much for playing, nice vid btw. <3


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It’s the first time I see the game being played by two players, nice strategy you developed!

Thank you a lot for playing the game. I’ll share the cool vid with my community!

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I’ll make an update soon and will provide a MacOS build, let’s see how this goes :D

In the mean time you can test it using the source provided, for that download the latest version of Godot Engine

Dang! 🤦‍♂️
Missed opportunity indeed :(

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Yeah, I understand that. At some point in the post I mentioned that it would definitely be the greatest approach if we had a "Followers" category in the mailing tool provided by I think this is the best option.

I understand that devlogs are how you designed this gamedev-followers communication, but it is a bit different. When we write a devlog we often want to get attention from those not following us yet, taking advantage of getting the devlog exposed in the devlogs page, so is likely that people who didn't follow the project sees a devlog and decide to follow it.

Some times we want to deliver a different message to those who are already following the project, knowing that they already follow us, we can direct the message towards a less "convincing" message and just talk about stuff that are not that appealing to broader audiences, as a devlog is more likely to reach.

So that's the take I would suggest: allow us to somehow mail our followers.

that feature is totally already on itch, it is just lacking a special category. It is not sneaky things for god's sake please read the whole post before you comment nonsense.

regarding "email marketing is never going to work" I would like to request your data that supports this statement, as according to this GDC talk, it is one of the few things that actually works at long term:

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can you describe me how the moderators and players aren't in the control of the feature I am talking about? Or do you really want to ignore everything I said regarding the fact that we don't have access to players' emails because that's on's server we can only use general categories to add them to our email using's build in emailing tool?

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Please, point me a single feature in this platform that can't be abused.

Devlogs can.

Publish projects can

Feed can

Game Jams can

Please, just tell me a single one that can't. If you really believe that "can be abused" is a valid argument for not adding or remove a feature.