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What are the rules? 😅

Nice! What was your highest score? :P

Nice! I'm glad you liked it!

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I just played it! Due to my lack of friends I played it alone, so my overall experience wasn't the greatest.

The game modes are good, I liked the "greedy" one, well designed and offers some good challenge.

The controls tho I feel they are confusing. most of what I could do was with the second action button, m for player 1 and 2 for player 2, the first action button, at least to me, seemed to not perform any action or at least any useful action.

Nice, energy saving is important!

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Woah, what an honor! Thank you so much, leafo! <3

the gravity is maybe bit too weak

Yep, totally agree, I will try to figure out a more snapper strength.

the dash direction is strange

Hmm, I designed it to mimic Megaman X's dash, there you can dash when idle. So you don't need to pass through walk first, allowing fore more precision in dashes.

E.g. if you want to make a dash on the edge of a cliff, with spikes on the head, and a spike pit, passing through the walk state can be dangerous.

it should accelerate vector of the jump velocity

Yeah! I am trying to add this, to mimic achieve the same behaviour as in Megaman X as well.

But currently it doesn't modify the vertical vector's velocity, only the horizontal.

I will try to polish it a bit, as you can see it is way too strong in air!

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I will try to digest it and see how to fix these issues!

I did notice that I can dash while in a jump mid-air. Maybe that could be optional?

Yeah I also think the same, I will definitely add a config bool to allow to configure that. It can also be a good approach to prevent dashing if the character depleted its jumps, i.e., he can only dash if he jumped once, if he double jumped = no dashes. Thanks for the feedback, it solved 2 issues at once xD

Regarding the ActionBus is a design pattern I've been wrapping my head around for some time, it is not optimal yet, I think I will add a middle-man, i.e. a manager, to manage the signals and actions through code, so it is more visible and easier to track down related bugs. I'm glad you liked, tho! Don't hesitate to test it to exhaustion.

Me too! But I gotta take it easy :P

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if you took the time to read the twitter thread I shared, you would understand why this is not the case anymore.

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You are really trying to say that Gardiner, someone articulated in the topic, would say Open Source so naively to the point to mean simply "we have access to the source code"?

It's clear that the jam uses "Open Source" as the definition of the Free Software Foundation. And Aseprite doesn't fit this definition.

Have in mind, Open Source, especially when you are aware of the topic, means FOSS. I had this discussion on twitter just the past week

Aseprite is not FOSS anymore. Tho there is a really awesome alternative for it the LibreSprite, is basically the same thing. They even have a flatpack version, and the source code under a FOSS license.

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That's awesome, I wasn't aware of this tool! Thanks a lot.

Although Krita has vector drawing support, it is not good compared to Inkscape, for instance check it out GDQuest's review on the feature:

Krita is really powerful when it comes to hand/free drawing since its strengths come from the raster drawing engine, so if you have a tablet and you have the skills to draw using a pen or something, Krita is the totally go for it option.

Inkscape is focused on vector drawing, it's really powerful when it come to boolean operations, vector effects (like bending, twisting, etc...). It is really powerful making complex shapes out of the box and you just need to arrange them. It is also a powerful solution for designing UI elements, design screens, etc...

If you have the skills for hand drawing and is a good designer as well, I'd say the following:

Use Krita for:

  • Characters
  • Objects
  • Environment
  • In-game art (item's thumbnails, character's portraits...)

Use Inkscape for:

  • UI elements
  • Level Design
  • Icons of all sorts (item's icons, menu icons, emojis for in-game [like those Ragnarok emoticons], etc...)
  • Anything that needs clean graphics

Although you can use both solutions for the problems presented. As an example I use Inkscape for everything that is graphic related.

They get paid the amount the sales -'s cut.

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Heyo fellas, I'm Pigdev, an indie game developer that only dev with FOSS!

So here goes my list of tools you can use to get that bonus point.

  • Graphics
    • GIMP for image manipulation such as color adjusting, cropping, transform, etc...Not good for drawing tho
    • Krita, this one is really good for hand drawing, so you can create your graphic assets with it
    • Inkscape also good for vector drawing
    • Blender for 3D assets
    • Goxel for voxel art
  • Audio
    • LMMS for music composition, you can also use its build in SFXR to synth sound effect, great tool!
    • Audacity for final cuts and audio manipulation: normalize, equalize, compress, etc...
  • Animation
    • You can use Krita for traditional frame by frame animation
    • Synfig for Cutout/Vector animation, good for cutscenes and trailers
    • Blender for Cutout/Vector animation as well
    • If you prefer, you can use Godot's Built-in animation system to make procedural animations
  • Engines
    • Godot for both 3D and 2D games, it provides all sort of tools and works with a Node composition system. Exports to all sorts of platforms, including Linux, Windows and Mac.

By the way here are the 4 major tools I use on daily basis for gamedev:

If it runs on linux, it runs on linux

That's amazing! So many new features, improvements...Man that new animation system and the new inspector are AWESOME!!!

Congrats to the whole community. I can't wait ™ for 3.2 already xD

Yeah!, Also note that you can use the "Autoslice" on the Texture Region tab so Godot identifies the pieces of your texture and lets you select which piece shall be assigned to the selected Sprite node, very convenient!

Awesome, keep up the good work. This towards/away option will be really awesome to have. You could even have both. If the mouse event happend above the character it is towards, if it is below the character it is away.

I must say, I didn't like it. It doesn't make too much sense, suddenly I stopped shooting, there were no visible, or at least intuitive, way to know how many...arrows (?) I had available.

I just replayed again and seems like "people" is equivalent to "ammo"? But is also recovers health...

Sound effect is quite annoying as well, maybe you could use AudioSampleRandomPitch to break the monotony.

Congratulations on finishing it! It's a really accomplishment and I'm sure you learned a lot.

I really liked it! The puzzle elements are cool and the emergency feeling due to the jumps limit is cool as well.

The UI could be better placed tho, maybe make it horizontal below the character since it is there where the impulse force is  applied.

Hey! Thanks for the support!

Unfortunately there is no ETA by now. The project is slowly growing both in features and solidity. It currently depends on the Godot 3.1 release due to changes in the KinematicBody2D that will demand changes in the base structure of the project.

But I'm always updating everyone with the current state sending early access versions through emails. In the last update it was already able to do small platform projects. May I invite you to our discord channel, so I can send you the latest early version?

Awesome! Thanks for the gameplay section, I love your work! Keep up the awesomeness 

Thanks for the feedback! <3

Yeah...sound was a major issue in this game :/

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Thanks for the feedback! Regarding the physics:

"the velocity made no physical sense" and "If you turned left, the forward momentum also turned left, which meant that you were going forward even though you turned around" are kinda of contradictory statements, don't you think? If the spaceship keep moving onward when you turned left, that means that there are steering forces and inertia going on, while the opposite would be totally non physically accurate :P. But nonetheless it's a stylized physics, right? Although I do agree that it feels bad, especially when you are trying to shoot on comets and always lose that target because of the inertia.

Thanks for the compliments on graphics! The style is called flat design, and was inspired mostly by Kurzgesagt,, although I use this style broadly in my games since the first of them, Moon Cheeser. Most of the art reference came from this image:

Although I know and really admire Kenney's assets as well!

Regarding sound, yeah, I actually think we don't even deserve anything above 1 star, and this star being granted only due to the try of adding sound :P

About the gameplay, are you sure you couldn't harvest the planets? It is an automatic action which happens as long as you stand within a planet boundaries, and by the way you can't harvest the same planet twice. We did a check on this report, and at least this is working as it should :/

Well, if the problem persists, please tell us, it is indeed a major bug, I'd say even a blocker if this isn't working.

Anyway, thanks a lot for taking the time for giving such a good feedback, I really appreciate this <3

Just stay within the planet boundaries, it is automatic :D

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Ohh noes, sorry so much about that! The boss thing was made poorly because as you saw I wouldn't even made it in time! But I already worked on that on the next day lol

Although I'm still working on sound :P

Thanks! Really appreciate the compliments <3

Yeah, bad work in the design, especially in the boss :P

I didn't thought it would be that poorly designed tho, sorry bout that, I'll improve it asap!

Ohh awesome! You know there is a lot of potential for this prototype, right? Keep it up, I'll follow all the devlogs for this one <3

I loved the concept! A small improvement in gameplay I can suggest, if you want to take this project a bit further, is to match "genes". I mean, you can mate with a flying being, then your next generation will have wings, then this generation mate with a horn being, the next gen has wings and horn, and so on...kinda of stacking the features.

Also, I dunno if the level design was made by hand, congrats on that! Something I'd suggest to avoid: large non "game-ish" parts. What I mean is that there are a lot of walking and nothing happening. Remember Scott Rogers tips on level design: "walking is not a mechanic" :P maybe a smaller level or even some enemies could help you fix that.

Also, thanks for the mention! Tell me what you think about the platform mechanics when you have some time <3

I think it may have something to do with the actual web export, try the standalone one.'s app uses chromium based browser which are known for having a hateful relationship with Godot :P

Chromium based browsers have a lot of problems with Godot's particle system.

Interesting concept, but I think it needs a better feedback loop. What about adding something to trick the players? Maybe there can be collectibles that lure the player (each can increase their score). This adds a layer of complexity:

  • Player has to think if he/she can collect, increase their score or
  • Stop collecting and safe guard on a lower tile (1, 2, 3...depending on the opponent tile)

Well, just a suggestion for the gameplay design, congrats on yet another published game <3

Woah, the game looks awesome!! The art is really catchy, congrats to whoever designed and draw it, really talented.

Also, cool thing this daily challenge, it will sure increase retention, nice choice.

Hey! The game looks cool, congrats on that!

Although me and, I think every linux user, would really appreciate not using .rar to compress files :P


Do you already have something in mind for scoring and stuff?

Also, I'd recommend to increase gravity a little bit to make the controls more snappy <3

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Hey thanks so much for the support,

I'll also wait a little until the new KinematicBody2D, currently in Master on GitHub, becom stable to fix some character movement.

Meanwhile I'll work on other features, specially for level design (ice floor, etc...).

Hopefully the current version(actually on alpha) helps you achieve your goals already! <3