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Post Your Plans!

A topic by Terracottafrog created Dec 19, 2016 Views: 688 Replies: 26
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Post what you are planning to work on here.

I'm going to be finishing the first stage of the Shmup I've been "working" on for 6 months.

i currently finishing Pedalahusa Fall of Bali. It taking one year to finish the game although maybe i can finish it in 3 months if i want

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We're going to try and finish a little arcade shooter called Midnight Fields - I looked back at my hard drive and I have 37 different prototype versions of it, absolutely ridiculous! Going to do most of it from scratch, but use the exisiting ideas and keep it fairly simple. The 38th version will be the final one :)


I'll be working on an experimental game. Looking forward to seeing how people interact with it.

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I am working on a game inspired by Lunar Lander and Asteroids. I want it to have a vector graphics aesthetic.

Defend your planet of spacial rocks and killer aliens! Last all you can before your inevitable demise! How long can you survive before you are overwhelmed by the asteroids and you and all the population from your planet dies!? Find out playing Planet Lander!


I am going to finish a project I have been working on for three months now.

It will be called Alchemist simulator or Alchemist's Cradle and you will play as an alcemist in a medievalish era, trying to create and sell potions.

I am only going to be completing a small prototype of the game but it should resemble quite well what the end product will be like (without all the polish, visuals, MECHANICS, and stuff like that).


I'm gonna finish my second visual novel. The first was a train wreck (something I make to learn how to use the renpy), and the second one is looking good (at least to me).


I'm using this experience to cook up some game idea tonight and work on it this month. The game will have minimal graphics and more emphasis on the coding aspect as that is what I do best.

I'm going to finish a project that I started for Procjam, but ran out of time on. It's a tool to randomly generate a language.


This sounds awesome! :D


Trying to finish my first game. After many tutorials and frameworks, I am finally building something that seems fun to do and feasible. I gave a lot of tought to the concept already, and have some basic mechanics already implemented (kinda like a tutorial level). I learned a lot since I started it last month, but I know if I don't keep on it and finish it, most of it will go to trash and I'll be really dissapointed. I want to at least have a playable prototype at the end of the month.


I'm in the same boat there! Good luck to you!

Thanks! Good luck to you too!

I'll be working on completing an updated demo for an RPGMaker game called Who Do You Think You Are! It's an eerie exploration game that emphasizes flavortext and atmosphere. I originally started and finished my first pass at a demo last January. I was new to game dev and it was my first finished project, so I'd love to polish it and hopefully end up with a new and improved demo by the end of the month!


I'm really short of time this month, but am hoping to make some kind of endless runner similar to the one on Google Chrome. You'll be playing as a vegetarian dinosaur who has just had their houmous stolen :( So you need to chase after the thief and throw things at them. Weird concept which I only came up with today...

A friend has told me that she is very excited about this concept :P


Ha ha, I hope it can live up to any expectations? I've only just got back to working on it - have had uni deadlines. Just to warn you (and your friend) - my artwork is useless!

Just trying to finish up the skeleton of an (easily procrastinated on) software. It's intended to make an overlap in the "design document" and "straight to production" workflows in one program, by generating testing assets as you plan out their details.

For now, I need to build up the basic GUI (which is taking longer than it should; still learning how to do procedural Java interfaces haha), workout the final file structure, and add some standalone tools. Last goal for the jam will be to get the Github integrations working.

Sounds really cool. Could you give an example of what you mean/a screenshot. Really curious :)

Sure ^^ But I don't have many screenshots with the meat of it since I'm still working on the launch (hub) interface, which has some productivity features and whatnot:

The core has a (modular) universe -> concept -> project -> asset -> publication workflow. It's intended for collaborative creative projects, so the overarching universe lets you keep track of any characters, locations, languages, etc., these being the concepts. Those can then be referenced across projects, like book or game ideas (which are the design doc side of things).

You can generate instances of those characters / locations / systems / etc. to export asset packs of their models / maps / scripts / etc. to use in testing or final publications. (There will also be some dev tools included to override what the program generates in case you have a talented artist / programmers / etc. on board already. But they're going to be the biggest pain to code tbh.)

It'll have limitations; all engines do. But I'll probably open source what I can in the end to encourage more technical growth c:

Update: While I didn't get everything on my to-do list knocked off, I still made a ton of progress, and I've learned all the basics I need to continue on. The GUI won't be an issue from now on & the file structures / tools are being tackled as soon as I have the time for them c:

Jams are awesome because they give me an excuse to give certain to-do lists priority when I normally wouldn't, but long ones like this are a bit rough for that haha. Definitely puttered out near the end there (for good reasons but still). Congrats to everyone who made an attempt & double-congrats to those who submitted!


Im gonna finish what i have and:

Create 2 more enemy types.
Create any amount of rooms/levels appropriate.
Create room transition screen.

Camera movement and playermovement, it feels kinda not cool rightnow.

If there is time:
Create an endboss. Would be awesome.


Good luck!

What you have so far looks cool.

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Sam and Sara looks great too!


Hello all,

Let's add what I'm trying to do. I started in December on a little experiment writing AI for a simple mini game. It's a lot of fun to work on! And then some friends (@SimoensS and @Mientje to be exact) pointed me in the direction of this jam. I never really finished any personal project I worked on, so this is a fun challenge, it would be great if I could actually deliver. We'll see. And it's the first jam that I'll participate in!

There's still a lot todo, I still have quite some work on the levels and the AI, but right now I'm setting up all the infrastructure so that it's actually a game.

I have a Trello board tracking what I need to do and what's done here:

Looking good everyone! I just installed Gamemaker a couple weeks ago, so I'm working on a game to help me learn the software. I always think it will be a small, easy game, but you know how that goes. I'm working on my own version of Atari's game "Missile Command".

It's been a bit slow, but I'm still moving forward.


Good luck with that! Hope to see some images soon!


Hey everyone! We should have posted this back when the jam started, but, well we just didn't... But this jam and a local event helped us work on the next step on our Ludum Dare entry "Shadow Fencer Theatre". We didn't necessarily finish our game, but we are working to finish our next demo (one more thing to fix) that we are going to upload to Anywoo, about the game!

Shadow Fencer Theatre is a 2 player fencing game set in the world of shadow puppets. Players grab a stick, and that stick is stuck with some paper, and that paper is stuck to a sword.

Shadow Fencer Theatre in Ludum Dare 37 entry form

Changes being made:

New Movement Controls: include jumping and ducking, and uses the analog controls of the joystick

New Fencing Controls: Include 8-way directional movement for the sword

New Characters: 4 new characters added to the game, randomly selected each match

New Sets: New sets for players to battle on, randomly selected each match

Improved Look: some polishing to look a little nicer

Pause Button: Game can be paused during match, and then players can go back to the menu

Other Stuff: There were a lot of changes, I don't remember them all

Shadow Fencer Theatre in it's current state.

Thank goodness this goes until the 31st. just enough to finish up our web build.