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Stratos Kakalis

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L ma o

A game made super fast in under 20 hours in a weekend for the Ludum Dare Compo #40.


Awesome work, I would be interested in some help with the music on my game. Not quite sure what to add yet but if I need help I'll let you know ;)

I am going to finish a project I have been working on for three months now.

It will be called Alchemist simulator or Alchemist's Cradle and you will play as an alcemist in a medievalish era, trying to create and sell potions.

I am only going to be completing a small prototype of the game but it should resemble quite well what the end product will be like (without all the polish, visuals, MECHANICS, and stuff like that).

thanks, that's great! Truly a unique concept for a game jam. Im very excited to see what the rest have in store :)

Hello everyone! I have been working on my game for over 2.5 months now and i was ready to give up untill i found this game jam! My only question is :

If I only get a working alpha version of the game does it still count as finished and can I part-take?

Thats beause Im probably not going to finish it in time (call it alpha or beta it simply wont be the end result :P)