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Oh, we sorry to late for update the new demo. Thank you for reporting use the bug of language.

We happy to  have Italian language for Perang Laut - Maritime Warfare, but for now, we didn't have money for localization.

No. There are new expansion for several months later and since this demo still old , we will renew the demo . UI and UX still our priority and maybe will fix in the expansion.

Perang Laut -Maritime Warfare is RTS  game set at time when many maritime powers still strong in Indonesia archipelago and tried to  expanding their power through war and trade. 

(Example of Majapahit, Sulu,  Aceh, and Tidore  expansion in indonesia archipelago)

In this game, 11 factios can playable and there are many unique ability such Majapahit have biggest army and advance gunpowder technology, Sulu can get bonus from raiding ports, and many more!

Gameplay just simple:Build your army and ports conquer more port, monopolizing, and try the best to conquer all ports in Indonesia or hold until 100 years (in demo 5 year) which threat of western will come...

You can play the final demo with Srivijaya, the first empire of Indonesia in  demo at

This is still under developing and will finish after Europans have strong AI and many information complated

Maybe the biggest thing that non english developer is english language. I have seen many developers still have grammer error if they do it alone including me...

good strategy...

i feel shame for me in previous year since i never learn strategy of promote game...

i currently finishing Pedalahusa Fall of Bali. It taking one year to finish the game although maybe i can finish it in 3 months if i want

Hey everyone, i am Karim from Sengkala Dev. I have heard about is one of great selling indie games. i intrested with many games in this place and currently, i am developing game called Pedalahusa Fall of Bali (FOB)

it looks intersting

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If you wanted something Indonesian local music or classic music, i recommending my friend, Raden Agung, which creating many music for my game.

For example my game theme in 2014: (Choir with my instruman, mainly Middle east) (Javanese music with ochestra) (classic music)

His has speciality in trailer music (he creating many tralier music for Indonesian's movie , television series, and advertisement)

If you fell want his music and request him to create music, you can call him in:

or his email:

I have been developing this game since November 2015. First i try to make some simple game about Bali in 19th century after inspaied by book "Bali in 19th century". I creating 9 factions of Balinese(Badung, Mengwi, Gianyar, Tabanan, Klungkung, Jembrana, Buleleng, Bangli, and Karangasem) and 2 faction of Europans (Dutch and England), but add more faction, Mataram. I didn't think about battleroom, a skrimish battle betwen the large army, but i think it will be good for my game if i have battle.


Title: Pedalahusa Fall of Bali


Engine:GameMaker Studio

Progress:70% (Campign is ok, but AI still not well for diplomacy and event tringger. Battleroom still new and must polishing more and more for better game)

For know more information about Pedalahusa Fall of Bali:

Battle room

Map of Bali and Lombok (with town)




Already have done:

>Campign (As i said before. Not perfect in AI diplomatic but other... is okay)

>Ten faction Baliense-Lombok

>Unit in Battleroom (Militia, Bugis Mercenaries, Lela Cannon,

>Skrimish/Battleroom:still new.. The unit good in fighting, but need more AI and animation.


>Siege in Battleroom

>All unit in Battleroom is perfect, either AI, and animation timing.

>Better AI Campign(can make alliance)

>Thater State buttom.

>Historical events

>Dutch intervantion more polish

>Victory and lose

>History of ten factions

We have developed the game based on Bali-Lombok called Pedalahusa Fall of Bali and now still under developing mode. We very welcome with feedback and critic.

This game only can playable in PC and the demo version will be release next time..

For link: