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Pedalahusa Fall of Bali

A topic by Sengkala created Sep 17, 2016 Views: 153
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I have been developing this game since November 2015. First i try to make some simple game about Bali in 19th century after inspaied by book "Bali in 19th century". I creating 9 factions of Balinese(Badung, Mengwi, Gianyar, Tabanan, Klungkung, Jembrana, Buleleng, Bangli, and Karangasem) and 2 faction of Europans (Dutch and England), but add more faction, Mataram. I didn't think about battleroom, a skrimish battle betwen the large army, but i think it will be good for my game if i have battle.


Title: Pedalahusa Fall of Bali


Engine:GameMaker Studio

Progress:70% (Campign is ok, but AI still not well for diplomacy and event tringger. Battleroom still new and must polishing more and more for better game)

For know more information about Pedalahusa Fall of Bali:

Battle room

Map of Bali and Lombok (with town)




Already have done:

>Campign (As i said before. Not perfect in AI diplomatic but other... is okay)

>Ten faction Baliense-Lombok

>Unit in Battleroom (Militia, Bugis Mercenaries, Lela Cannon,

>Skrimish/Battleroom:still new.. The unit good in fighting, but need more AI and animation.


>Siege in Battleroom

>All unit in Battleroom is perfect, either AI, and animation timing.

>Better AI Campign(can make alliance)

>Thater State buttom.

>Historical events

>Dutch intervantion more polish

>Victory and lose

>History of ten factions