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Just trying to finish up the skeleton of an (easily procrastinated on) software. It's intended to make an overlap in the "design document" and "straight to production" workflows in one program, by generating testing assets as you plan out their details.

For now, I need to build up the basic GUI (which is taking longer than it should; still learning how to do procedural Java interfaces haha), workout the final file structure, and add some standalone tools. Last goal for the jam will be to get the Github integrations working.

Sounds really cool. Could you give an example of what you mean/a screenshot. Really curious :)

Sure ^^ But I don't have many screenshots with the meat of it since I'm still working on the launch (hub) interface, which has some productivity features and whatnot:

The core has a (modular) universe -> concept -> project -> asset -> publication workflow. It's intended for collaborative creative projects, so the overarching universe lets you keep track of any characters, locations, languages, etc., these being the concepts. Those can then be referenced across projects, like book or game ideas (which are the design doc side of things).

You can generate instances of those characters / locations / systems / etc. to export asset packs of their models / maps / scripts / etc. to use in testing or final publications. (There will also be some dev tools included to override what the program generates in case you have a talented artist / programmers / etc. on board already. But they're going to be the biggest pain to code tbh.)

It'll have limitations; all engines do. But I'll probably open source what I can in the end to encourage more technical growth c:

Update: While I didn't get everything on my to-do list knocked off, I still made a ton of progress, and I've learned all the basics I need to continue on. The GUI won't be an issue from now on & the file structures / tools are being tackled as soon as I have the time for them c:

Jams are awesome because they give me an excuse to give certain to-do lists priority when I normally wouldn't, but long ones like this are a bit rough for that haha. Definitely puttered out near the end there (for good reasons but still). Congrats to everyone who made an attempt & double-congrats to those who submitted!