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Really good stuff! I love the massive number of mechanics that all come together by the end, and the puzzles are very well designed. 

Only complaint is that the early game felt a little slow (I think there are some early puzzles that could be cut out without much issue)

Other than that very  very solid and probably my personal favorite from the jam.

Visuals are iconic ngl, environments are really interesting to move around in.

I agree with Eric about the combat feeling a little bit slow, I want to run through these nondescript duck-infested offices leaving destruction in my wake.

Other than that there's just some polish things, like slightly higher fov, music mixed a little lower (it's so loud), and the elevator being disorientingly shiny.

Overall really good stuff!

i enjoyed the game

i enjoyed the game

Thanks for pointing this out, something seems to be wrong with the highscore API I use



You should post the Ludum Dare link here, along with instructions.

No problem. How exactly did you do this? (just so I can make this system more robust in the future)

Thats not a bug :)

This entire game is a bad joke

taken far too far

but maybe I'll lower the volume of the music for the next release...

All of the sound effects are original, and are made in bfxr. If you download the source code you should be able to find the source audio files for them. You can use the countdown sound if you want.

The music is also original, and made in Macrotune.

Thank you!

I'm definitely interested in this opportunity!

You can contact me through Twitter.

*games :)

woah somebody actually played it thats crazy :)

I agree that restricted should not count as published. If it has to, developers should at least be able to correct the publically available release date.

Sounds really cool. Could you give an example of what you mean/a screenshot. Really curious :)

A friend has told me that she is very excited about this concept :P

It gives that warning for .exes too, pretty much any non-web game on here. Most people don't mind.

I know it is possible to run a jar file with an exe launcher of some kind (similar to Minecraft), but I don't know how complicated that is to implement.

I'll check the game out when it isn't an hour after midnight :P

Java applets aren't supported anymore in Chrome, and I think other browsers are following suit (NPAPI based plugins in general are being phased out.)

It looks like Itch does support it, though. Just keep in mind that the future of in-browser support for Java applets is sketchy, unless Oracle makes a native interpreter/whatever you call it for Java.

(Actually, if you are using Chrome that may explain the game not running, on my Chromebook at least it just shows nothing for the Java games on Itch.) has some good graphical resources, although I've found it hard to find matching art in the past.

I have the framework for the game, and the first iteration of the mechanics. Only minimal art, no sound, and no level design.

Yay, work :P

Technically mine is in GML... :P

ill be joining this server over the jam. Thanks!

Post what you are planning to work on here.

I'm going to be finishing the first stage of the Shmup I've been "working" on for 6 months.

Thank you!

Cool game :)

My only major complaint is the bright color of the grass and sky. In the future it might be better to tone them down as they can get a little painful.

I love the touch of your logo being upside down :) Wish I had thought of it.

The music and the art are also great, the person is simple, but he reminds me of some of the very early atari vcs games.

Great work!

Thank You :) My highscore is around 220.

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