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How many% of your projects are complete?

A topic by Witchery Studios created Jan 01, 2017 Views: 394 Replies: 15
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Yeah, I know, it's just the first day.

But a lot of people (myself included) have been working on their projects for a long time.

I just wanted to know how close to the end you are.

In my case. I estimate that it lacks around 20, 25%.

Script: 83% (approximate)

Music: 100% (God bless those who make their music available for free)

Graphics: 80 ~ 90% (Illustrator currently works at CGs)

At first, the game will be released only in Portuguese, with an English version to be made later.

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I just started working on the source code for my game yesterday, and it's got a long way to go.

Thankfully, I decided to make my game have minimal graphics because I'm doing this alone and I'm much better than coding in C++ than I am designing character graphics.



Music:0%(I probably am just going to download free music or cook up something in garageband)

Graphics:?% (I create graphics when I need them or I just use shapes)

Then again, I expect my game to only be a concept of something bigger to come.

I have the framework for the game, and the first iteration of the mechanics. Only minimal art, no sound, and no level design.

Yay, work :P

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I started my project around September last year, but I put it on hold to chase holiday art (I'm primarily a vector artist. My galleries are in my profile, check your SFW settings)

In probably 24 hours of active work I finished the basic movement engine for the main character. If I can learn the basics of Lua and how it integrates with my current environment (Fusion 2.5) I'll be able to do everything code-wise I need in a matter of days I'd say.

I've been constructing a soundfont from public domain samples on Freesample for the music - I need to get back into that. (I'll add my Soundcloud to my profile later today.)

Right now I need to finish up my late Christmas pictures so I can do the protagonist's design. =/


It's hard to say, I think I have 80% of the idea, and maybe 90% of the music, but everything else is at 0%. Going to make a design doc and start everything from scratch. I've made prototypes for this idea so many times that I'm hoping I can get everything done properly this time.


im finished with my project feel free to sheck it out


Downloaded. I'm gonna check tomorrow in my break time from work


thanks it isnt much since its my first game (technically 3rd game)

Make a parallax background. It will look awesome.

Good job done mate!


thanks for the feed back


Maybe ~25%? I made a very simple editor to make the graphics (Every individual graphic of the game will be made with only one polygon, so I made a polygon editor). That is finished.

I think the most important part of the code is already implemented, but really its impossible to tell if my estimations are right. One never knows when something that you didn't expect will come up.

Maybe, one advise to everyone: Don't think too much about percentages and design documents. Start working on the game now, we only have less than a moth left. JUST DO IT.

Hey Wichery Studios, What is the scripting work? what do you write in?

I'm about 99% complete on my Alpha versions of my 2D "Fly Squirrel Fly" .jar Java game! I just need one last part, publishing a .jar file correctly to!! I am coding my game in Java on Eclipse (Neon) on a windows machine and using Photoshop for the artwork. I have one main catch...

As I only posted it as a "downloadable .jar". (which has all kinds of security warnings)... I want to post it to play on the website itself. Can anyone help?! that is my main goal from this Jam. But I feel the answer may lie more in reading more about Java / Eclipse.

Basically,..I am at a snag with one part of the "Draft" page, it won't display my game (but I can run it locally as a .jar).

I think it has to do with this: (has anyone had to set "entry point of game" in Java?)

JAR class name — Enter entry point of game, eg. io.itch.MyGame

I assume my game should simply run in the "Draft" mode if I have the entry point right? (Support confirmed this).
So, I don't feel this game is complete at all, even tho I published it :(, so am joining this Jam. and reading more online about this ;) Thanks for any assist! if you can help, I will totally draw some 8 Bit animations for you (like in my game) lol- Zero_Fade

Java applets aren't supported anymore in Chrome, and I think other browsers are following suit (NPAPI based plugins in general are being phased out.)

It looks like Itch does support it, though. Just keep in mind that the future of in-browser support for Java applets is sketchy, unless Oracle makes a native interpreter/whatever you call it for Java.

(Actually, if you are using Chrome that may explain the game not running, on my Chromebook at least it just shows nothing for the Java games on Itch.)

Thanks for the feedback, it's weird they added .jar to have it phased out, but I think it's fairly common on Android also, so I may move to making java apps for android in the future. I have that android studio currently also, hmmm. OKay, will keep this in mind, on the current page, I had a download, I've had 3 people download it, and I downloaded the .jar in Chrome now and I see "download now", but I see my browser is like "don't run this unless you really trust it" for the .jar

It gives that warning for .exes too, pretty much any non-web game on here. Most people don't mind.

I know it is possible to run a jar file with an exe launcher of some kind (similar to Minecraft), but I don't know how complicated that is to implement.

I'll check the game out when it isn't an hour after midnight :P

Thanks TerraCottaFrog, yea I need to maybe get some approved "code signing" happening.
I have about 7 levels, and a boss of sorts, so I hope it works out :D thanks.
I have a few friends playing this .jar and having fun so far, it is challenging (that's why I made an more in depth tutorial)

Yes, itch support said this about launching .jar in browser on submission, so sounds like this is my monthly goal for finishing this to my expectations :)

"The entry point is the package name of the class you compiled into your jar. Once you get it correct it should work on the draft page. If you're using an existing game engine then they might have a tutorial about how you would embed your game into a browser, and they'll describe what your entry point is."