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Acabo de ver el video! Y de leer la nota! Me alegra mucho que hayas disfrutado del juego. Siempre es un gran gusto para mí ver a alguien jugarlo y divertirse con él.

Abrazos, compatriota! Muchas gracias por compartir el juego a tus lectores y videntes!

I just published my entry!

So close to the deadline! Maybe tomorrow, after resting a little, I will write about my fantastic experience on this jam. This was my first time participating in one, and it was a really cool experience.

Thanks to Second Dimension Games for this opportunity to start the year in a way I haven't done in so much time: Finishing a new game.

As you were the only one who answered my question: Congratulations! You voted for the winning category! Thanks to you, the game will have the filled style as the default.

But really, thank you for a lot your opinion!

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Hi there! It's late and I want to go to sleep, but I wanted to ask you a question first.

The game is every day a little bit better. Most of the mechanics are already implemented and working properly (I think), but...

Which graphic style do you prefer as the default? Sorry for the lack of sound, I haven't been able to configure my capture software properly.


Or "Filled":

Anyway, you will be able to change between them by pressing a key. I am starting to like more the "Lined" style.

Than you!

Another Update! Now landing is possible!

I wrote about it in my development blog. There you can see a longer version of that gif and read how landing is implemented:

Next, I am working on the sound! I have the self-imposed objective to make the game take the less amount of disk space possible (Ideally, less than 1.44 mega bytes, the size of a floppy disk), so I wont be using pre-recorded sound effects at all. Instead, I am working on some algorithms that procedurally generate the different sounds.

Good luck with that! Hope to see some images soon!

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New update: EXPLOSIONS!

During the last few days I've been implementing more complex collisions, cooler explosions, and the ability to shoot highly destructive lasers.

You can read more about it, if you want, in my blog:

I love this! Please, include the dancing.

Than you! I'm glad you like it! :D

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Planet Lander: Killer Rocks from Outer Space!

The objective of the game will be to survive as long as possible while getting a High Score. By destroying the Asteroids you will gain minerals, and by landing safely back to your planet with those minerals, you will give the population extra materials to build you extra ships (That, of course, represent "lives"). So there will be (Hopefully) a mechanic of destroying the spacial rocks, retrieving the precious metals that they leave behind, and taking them back to your planet whenever you can.

Defend your planet from spacial rocks and killer aliens! Last all you can before your inevitable demise! How long can you survive before you are overwhelmed by asteroids and you and all the population of your planet dies!? Find out by playing Planet Lander!

I am writing a development blog here:

I am programing in Lua in the Love framework.

Maybe ~25%? I made a very simple editor to make the graphics (Every individual graphic of the game will be made with only one polygon, so I made a polygon editor). That is finished.

I think the most important part of the code is already implemented, but really its impossible to tell if my estimations are right. One never knows when something that you didn't expect will come up.

Maybe, one advise to everyone: Don't think too much about percentages and design documents. Start working on the game now, we only have less than a moth left. JUST DO IT.

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I am working on a game inspired by Lunar Lander and Asteroids. I want it to have a vector graphics aesthetic.

Defend your planet of spacial rocks and killer aliens! Last all you can before your inevitable demise! How long can you survive before you are overwhelmed by the asteroids and you and all the population from your planet dies!? Find out playing Planet Lander!

Oddly, some days ago I was just searching for composers that could be interested in contributing with their music to my possible-game that worked with the Sega Genesis sound chips (Which I love).

I'm currently trying to find the time to develop my little game, but I will let you know if I have some advancements!

By the way, your music is pretty fantastic.