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Share Your Screenshots and Progress Sticky

A topic by Second Dimension Games created Jan 02, 2017 Views: 1,499 Replies: 92
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Hi all, thought I would Start a thread to share your progress and screenshots.

For anyone who needs help embedding images, you will need it to be hosted somewhere. The easiest thing to use is probably Imgur, sign up for free and then upload your images. Once your image is on there you can just copy and paste it directly into your post here on itch. You can also use the HTML editor and enclose the URL in the IMG tags if you're comfortable with that.


I'll kick us off, here is the first mock-up of our game, called Midnight Fields. It's going to be an arcadey top-down shooter set in a sort of weird underworld. Idea is mostly there but will probably be tweaked a lot over the next few weeks.

Top-down + a dinosaur reminds me a little of Jurassic Park on the NES :) God, I'm old!

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Ok, here I go.

My intention is to finish Sam & Sara, a simple 2D platforming game I've been working on, off and on, the last couple of months. The idea was to build something, start to finish, in 38 hours of actual work. My reason for this is to test out a time schedule I wish to implement during game jams.

I asked what to make on Twitter and got challenged to 'make a game about challenging yourself'. I translated this to a game in which a man named Sam or a woman named Sara constantly races towards their goals but get hindered by their own past.

Game play wise this means that every time you reach a goal, a ghost of the past appears that performs the exact same actions as you have done before. Hitting a ghost equals losing the game. A high score system keeps track of how many goals you could reach before getting hit by your past.

I am now 29 hours into development, meaning I still have 9 hours left to go. My goal is to use these 9 hours to tidy up loose ends and polish what I've got so far. Beneath are some screenshots of the progress up until this point.

Good luck to you all, and for god sake, FINALLY FINISH SOMETHING!


This looks cool, looking forward to giving it a go



Fascinating concept. I can't wait to play it! Good luck with that timeline


Thank you

This is great! And you work so fast! Will the player be allowed to place the pickup in the final version?

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Well thanks!

No, I played around with that idea at the beginning of the process and it stuck around for quite some time but in the end I decided to switch to a randomly placed goal (from a predetermined set).

I did this for a number of reasons :

  • Having to set the goals really messed with the flow of the game.
  • Players became confused by this sometimes.
  • Clever players figured out ways to get high scores in cheap ways to often, making the game less fun for everyone involved, even them
  • It gives me more agency over the level design. I can force players to pass through certain difficult paths.
  • It adds a level of randomness that allows for weaker players to beat a high score every now and again. This doesn't happen often but when it does it's real cool for them.

Although it fitted the theme of 'challenging yourself' very well, all these reasons ended up being more important to me than sticking to my initial idea.

Thanks for the thorough reply! I'm using the same or similar method for pickups in my game (using the predetermined set) without thinking too much about it (I'm focusing in other aspects of the game), but that design choice piqued my interest. Maybe it could work in a game with a different goal. Anyway, I love to think about metaphors for mechanics, so it's food for thought.

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I think it might work well in a setting where the player gets rewarded for placing a goal further away, while also increasing the risks involved to get there (like perma death and harder enemies along your path). This way you encourage the player to really challenge themselves while also being realistic about their own skills. This would also facilitate longer play session in between goals taking away the problem of flow loss in between 'rounds' as a breather from time to time would be a good thing I guess. It still leaves the problem of level design, but there's certainly a solution for that once you know the setting of the game.

If I ever come across such a design, I hope I'll remember this thread.
If not, I hope you do. :D

What are you making this in / on? I love 2D platformers, just trying to work out my 2nd platformer soon, but I fear its become more of a side scrolling space ship kinda 2D game recently haha )
I'm using Java personally, with Eclipse.

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I'm working in Unity with C#.

Unity has a lot of 2D tools in recent years that make working with sprites, 2D physics, etc... way easier.

The platform character controller is something I made myself though and migrates from project to project. This way it gets updates on a regular basis. This time dash and double jumps were added for example.

Good luck on your game!

Thanks SimoensS this helps alot, I'll look into Unity (is it free?... I'm sure a quick google search will tell me haha)

I guess I have these great code gaming engines in java currently, that's the main reason I'm clinging to it perhaps as I have so much flexibility and control with gravity / damage / hits / tilemapping etc


I'm working on a simple Visual Novel, just to getting used to renpy.

Is in Portuguese, which is my native language. I will work on an English version, but not for Jam.

Also the last screenshot is kinda outdated, since I changed the scenery.

Cool! Nice Seinfeld joke there! That also seems to indicate that the characters are adults, am I right?


They're around 17 ~ 18 years old. TBH (And I'm not being humble), it's just a silly novel with a rushed story (nothing special, since it's my first VN)

No way, it looks great for a first one! Haven't played much of the genre, that's why I was curious about the ages. Anyway, good luck!


Sara has joined the game! Finally :)

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Another 1h30 gone, only 6h30 left!

Added variable jump height so players have more agency over their jumps.

Sam is able to dash now too, but that doesn't feel quite right yet.

How are you doing?


Variable jumps look like they will help a lot with strategy. Is the dash just to get you around a bit quicker, or is there any strategic benefit in that too? Was thinking it might be cool if the ghosts disappear when they were dashing so you could make little windows for yourself, but that might make it too easy I guess. Anyway it's looking cool


Atm it works just the other way around actually. Sam can't be hit while dashing, but when ghosts dash they are very dangerous! This makes dashing a tool in one case but forces you to use it carefully as the movement of the ghosts also becomes more unpredictable.

I'm not sure yet if the invulnerability will stay though. Might make Sam the 'right' choice over Sara, and I want them to be both viable.

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We were itching to do a new project in a short timescale, so we're joining in as well.
This time there's two of us, programmer and artist.

Our core idea revolves around a lone space fighter defending a big mothership.

This is all we had this morning...

We want to try and focus on the balance between maintaining your mothership's integrity, and fighting off hostiles.
I can't share much further details, since we're not sure about them yet either.

I blocked out the basic ship and camera controls tonight, while my partner is researching art approaches
(It's quite exciting to see what he's got cookin' )

More to come soon!


Welcome! This is already looking pretty nice with the mothership and nebulas

Seems like a great start. creativity rocking along!


Good job everyone, some cool stuff in the works. I've got nothing much to share tonight, spent all evening doing boring things like menus, pause, high score table, control selection etc. I think I've got all the framework stuff up and running now, so I can start to do something more fun over the next few days. The other 2 team members are trying out some character designs so will share some of that soon.

Submitted (1 edit)

Looking forward to seeing the character designs!

Good job on the systems. I always put them of to the very end. Sometimes this results in games without a shutdown function. Alt+f4 or keep playing!

Hey Everyone, hope your game is going well, just posting on the threads to see if anyone has had much experience submitting .jar (java awt) games to

Anyone out there like that, all I really need is to set the "entry point of my game' correctly I believe,... to get it to play in a browser. My main issue is having the game as a playable .jar in a browser, thanks!

Any discussion / help apprecaited :) ~ Zero_Fade

(1 edit)

This is my project Pn01

Its my first real unity project, heavily inspired by pn03 for GameCube :)
Its going to be made up of a series of rooms where you have to kill all enemies, simple as that.

Target shot> once fired at an enemy your fire is homed at hit enemy, can be seen as green sphere in img. Without it you fire straight ahead.
Combo> Each shot hit increases your combo bar, when an enemy is killed you have x time to continue on you combo.(Seen as grey and red bar in img)
Jumping> You can jump straight up to avoid enemy fire, strafejump, and a longer strafejump.
Scoring> After each room you will get a score based on you damage, hitcount and combo count.

LVL 2. gif ruins the jump its alot smoother in game. But here you can see the combo increasing after i kill the second enemy.


Submitted (3 edits) (+1)

Planet Lander: Killer Rocks from Outer Space!

The objective of the game will be to survive as long as possible while getting a High Score. By destroying the Asteroids you will gain minerals, and by landing safely back to your planet with those minerals, you will give the population extra materials to build you extra ships (That, of course, represent "lives"). So there will be (Hopefully) a mechanic of destroying the spacial rocks, retrieving the precious metals that they leave behind, and taking them back to your planet whenever you can.

Defend your planet from spacial rocks and killer aliens! Last all you can before your inevitable demise! How long can you survive before you are overwhelmed by asteroids and you and all the population of your planet dies!? Find out by playing Planet Lander!

I am writing a development blog here:


Cool stuff :)

I like that you already have a sale pitch :D


Than you! I'm glad you like it! :D


Almost Finished!

I'm only waiting for the CG Artist finish his work and make some revision in text. But the basic writing and coding and stuff like music are 100% Ready


Another two hours closer to my deadline. Only 4,5 hours left to go, this is getting tense!

I re-did the UI tonight. It didn't scale all to well before and people rarely noticed the message system or even the score before. Should be better now.

Also added sound and a little dash frame to the new dash feature.

I've changed the goal image to be a polaroid, presenting a memento from the past. Not sure if that's very clear. Any ideas?

So much little stuff left to do! I guess I'll have to start choosing my battles real soon.

Have a good gamedev day everyone!


So is the game a philosophical piece, about how spending too much time focusing on the past will impact on the present? Like chasing memories will only lead you into trouble? That's very deep, I like it.

Also, something I wondered about the past version of yourself - if you stand still after you've collected the polaroid, would the ghost jump into you and kill you?


As for the first question : yes! That's exactly the point underneath this all, I'm glad it shines through somehow cause I wasn't to sure that it did. :D

For the second question : most of the times it will not kill you. Sam and Sara have some momentum so when you grab the polaroid and stop giving input you will go on for a tiny bit. Most of the time that's enough to stop the ghost from colliding with you. The ghosts also have a tiny 'free zone' where they visuallt collide with the player but won't kill you. This let's the player have 'close to death' encounters that lead to exciting moments. This also helps with the issue.

Standing still for too long leads to unpredictable ghosts however. Cause you never know when he will start moving again :)


We've been trying out a few characters designs. First the player:

Then a few enemies:

Also some dancing animations for the player (need to find way to include dancing in the game)

And finally whatever is happening here


I really really like what's going on here.

This little guy is my favorite


I love this! Please, include the dancing.


That spritework is so cute! I like the big deamon ^^


Just finished most of the UI, now for more levels and smarter AI!

Perhaps a more cool background as well?


A background would be good I think, you have quite a few options there. You could go for something quite traditional, like a nice looking wooden table, or a miniature environment (like beach, forest, desert snow etc), or even something a bit crazier (like a floating rock in space or the back of a turtle)


Mmm, I like the idea of the turtle - I'm a big fan of Terry :)


Oh wow me too, you know what you have to do!


No turtle unfortunately - I'm no artist - so instead this programmer background :)


This game honestly looks really fun.

Submitted (1 edit)

Kenny, the awesome guy doing anything and everything visual, got us covered!
We've got featured on HardcoreGamer's Screenshot Saturday lineup!

And it's getting better by the minute!

We've been solidifying things on the Design side, and to that end, i've been programming all the foundational things:
Menu's, scene frameworks, parameters of a single gameplay run, etc...
So except for some debug text, you're gonna have to take my word for it :)

We'll keep you posted!

looks really awesome, looking forward to trying it out! Keep up the amazing work!


I would love to play this but it would probably over heat my old laptop :P

(1 edit)

minor update today

hit reaction on player when getting hit.
And added health to the player so you can die.
And fade effect uppon clearing a room and on death

Been working on finishing up the launcher page's productivity tools. While they're not core bits of the program, they're really giving the front page a purpose and are actually turning out more useful than I expected, thanks to a couple last-minute additions. Github integration is getting harder though.

Below is progress on the Contacts page (a built-in address book that automatically adds contact info for people participating in your projects), plus a show of the About button actually pulling live information.

Still need to connect the sorting features, update the profile headers, and handle the notes sections (which are beasts of their own, since I'd like to give the notes a (simple) HTML editor for formatted text). After that: connecting to the schedule page & starting on the first tools (probably the Form Creator, since that'll be the basis behind the file structure I need for those buttons on the Home page). Almost onto the fun stuff.

My Trello board / current to-do lists are also here, since we seem to be sharing them in other threads c:

Side note: Thanks, Gif. I could've found that broken code when I wasn't taking a break. //time to go make stuff load properly hahaugh.


May go into further detail about what this actually is? (Right now I kinda see it as a cool little social media type thing for indies :p)

Whoops, forgot that this discussion was in a different thread, so I didn't explain much.

Just to tl;dr, it's a program that keeps track of your creative projects' progress and details, generating certain assets while you outline and design. It also supports collaborative universes for sustainable fiction development, i.e. where a whole new world isn't built for every project.

It's mostly inspired by the fact that I'm into a lot of different types of work, but I just don't have the time to do them all from scratch for multiple projects. Most creative dev work (at least on the indie end) is really inefficient time-wise for a decent production. This is meant to combat some of that c:

I'll only be getting the bare bones done for this jam, though. It's something I'll be adding features to as they're needed.


This is a quick snapshot I did of my game Red vs. Blue. There isn't much yet but it is in a playable state as it is.


Proud to say I will be joining the Mientje team as a game designer and gameplay programmer on their already awesome project!

I hope this is ok with the rules as I already finished and submitted Sam and Sara.

Finally Finish Two (?) Things!


Finishing 2 things is.... OK!

Submitted (2 edits)

New update: EXPLOSIONS!

During the last few days I've been implementing more complex collisions, cooler explosions, and the ability to shoot highly destructive lasers.

You can read more about it, if you want, in my blog:

All sorting stuff for the contacts page is now done. Just need to set up the groups / teams pages & add edit/delete features before I'm finished with that part. (I've decided to skip the Schedule & Published pages for now, so the related sections will be blank temporarily.) Will probably be testing out some stuff on the Tools page next to get an idea of what file structure the core program needs. Trello.


I made a promise on Twitter, that if Sam and Sara was downloaded more than 38 times (or 1 time for every hour I worked on it) I would create more levels. That number has been reached so I started work on 5 new levels. Here are the first two.


A brilliant and inspirational game jam this, really got my arse into gear so time to share some screens from the entry I'm working on, and it's also fantastic to see so many quality entries in the pipeline.


Looks great. I love the background lighting in the first setting.


Thankyou, I might try to get a similar lighting vibe with the other areas too.


I spent the Sunday (and half of the night) resolving a dependency/build issue and I think I'm finally done :) It's nothing great but I'm satisfied with the result :) Web build does not want to run but I don't need it :)

Tomorrow I will just upload the final builds and write the descriptions


This reminds me of 'Hugo's house of horrors', and that's a good thing!

Childhood memories :)


haha thanks, but don't expect anything good from me, the goal here was to finish something, not to make anything good :D


Make some changes in textbox (and font, because I FUCKING LOVE Klavika Bold)

And correct some portuguese typos I made (I also postponed the English version to March because of my second VN, so I have less time to translate the game to english)


Some more enemy characters for our game (my favourite is the giant zombie potato with 3 hats)


I like this dude

He's all like : "Where do you need this fire?"


I love pixel art and that is just beautiful! Keep it up!


Finally send the submission, so I can hit this song for my work


Another Update! Now landing is possible!

I wrote about it in my development blog. There you can see a longer version of that gif and read how landing is implemented:

Next, I am working on the sound! I have the self-imposed objective to make the game take the less amount of disk space possible (Ideally, less than 1.44 mega bytes, the size of a floppy disk), so I wont be using pre-recorded sound effects at all. Instead, I am working on some algorithms that procedurally generate the different sounds.


Added auto-generated level previews to the level selection screen! Me like :)


Started at the bottom... we're here!


I'm now working on a second VN, it's a short novel that I worked 3 years ago and recently decided to redo.

If my virtual waifus (aka Nekopara girls) let me finish this, I will upload until sunday.

Submitted (1 edit)

Hi there! It's late and I want to go to sleep, but I wanted to ask you a question first.

The game is every day a little bit better. Most of the mechanics are already implemented and working properly (I think), but...

Which graphic style do you prefer as the default? Sorry for the lack of sound, I haven't been able to configure my capture software properly.


Or "Filled":

Anyway, you will be able to change between them by pressing a key. I am starting to like more the "Lined" style.

Than you!


I think I prefer the filled style, but they both look good


As you were the only one who answered my question: Congratulations! You voted for the winning category! Thanks to you, the game will have the filled style as the default.

But really, thank you for a lot your opinion!


I'm honoured!


We've got a title screen!


I really like all of the skulls in the font. Nice touch!

Submitted (1 edit)

A year ago my husband and I decided to make a turn-based strategy game. We both like this genre. He came up with the idea of computerizing a board game that he has invented a few years ago. I already had some experience in game programming with Unity, so I started off with a map editor. Then came the game itself. Much time was spent on AI behaviour (expected) and user interface (surprisingly).

And now the first release version is finally published! I tried to finish it till the end of January to participate in this jam.


Sounds like a cool idea, welcome to the jam!



Submitted (1 edit)

I've just published my entry to the jam. It's called 'Give Me My Houmous!', and it's an endless runner. You're a dinosaur who just wants to have a picnic, but your houmous has been stolen. It's the first game I've managed to finish, so please check it out and feel free to give me feedback if you have time!

HostSubmitted (1 edit)

It's a really fun premise, I'm a big fan of houmous myself. Will give it a try when our game is finished




Added 4 new levels to Sam and Sara.


Still lot's to do on our space shooter project, but it's becoming quite fun.

Had a bit of fun with the main menu as well


Here is a look at our game Shadow Fencer Theatre.

We did a post on it in another thread if you want to see the changes we made to complete something for this jam. Hope to get it submitted tomorrow, but my guess it will be Tuesday.

I didn't know whether I would be able to submit my game at the end, which made it a little harder, but the jam still motivated me to finish writing the alpha of my 20K word text game. I wrote the last passage this afternoon and I keep having to remind myself that it's a huge milestone, even if the results aren't very tangibly impressive.


I've added some chip-funk-music to my Sir Runalot game.


I just published my entry!

So close to the deadline! Maybe tomorrow, after resting a little, I will write about my fantastic experience on this jam. This was my first time participating in one, and it was a really cool experience.

Thanks to Second Dimension Games for this opportunity to start the year in a way I haven't done in so much time: Finishing a new game.


No problem, congratulations on your first jam game!

Ahaha, rest in peace, just about to submit, then noticed I was a minute off already, since it was :59; oh well.

Looking forward to trying all the other games submitted!