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A jam entry

Enjoy your lifeView game page »

Explore what happened in your house and your mind :)
Submitted by premek (@Premek_V) with 15 days, 3 hours before the deadline

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How long have this project been going?
~half a year

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Interesting game. I included it in my Finally Finish Something Jam compilation video series, if you'd like to take a look. :)


Thanks for playing h2n0 :)


Really interesting little story, I normally avoid these kinds of things, but it was nice to kind of chill out and think about the game. Good job


> May 3 2006 wasn't a Friday.

*That* is on purpose :) The day will be correct after I fix it, but the year is different :)


>I'm going to fix it

Really? I thought it was on purpose. Something like "wasted life" stuff... Went well with the atmosphere. Also, May 3 2006 wasn't a Friday.


Team Aviöl: How did it happen? I don't know :D thank you, I'm going to fix it. And thanks for playing!


Friday, May 3; Monday, May 4 :))

I hate "depressive" stuff, but I replayed this one few times to find if there is another ending.


This was interesting and unexpected, great little story! Was there an actual ending or does it just go on forever? (guessing that was the idea?)


Sorry for the inconvenience running the game and thanks for playing! The image distortion is done mainly by a shader I used (I didn't white it, maybe just modified it a little bit):

The credit for the music goes here and here Those are licensed under Creative Commons and I edited them a bit to fit the mood I was trying to evoke :) You can listen the originals on the links above


Love the music, and the visual effects, and the atmosphere; I think I just LOVE the game in general. The ending's kinda bleak though..

How did you do the scanlines and the convex screen thing (if you don't mind me asking)?


Figured it out, the Linux repository had an old version of LOVE, just installed it from a .deb package on their site and the game works fine.


yes! or depending on how it is installed maybe just double click it


I should just be able to run it with this in the terminal, right?

~/Downloads $ love


I played and rated your game! I've posted feedback earlier. Good job on finally finishing something!


Thank you! :)


Very cool narrative piece. I really liked the atmosphere you set up. Leaves me wanting more. Nice job!