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The game's still very much under development, focusing on graphics before having a solid game underneath would be a mistake. The graphics aren't that bad as they are and can be improved after the features of the game have been fleshed out.

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Got around to trying it out the Linux build, and it runs perfectly fine as far as I've played. I love what you guys are aiming for with this game. It seems like there's a lot of influence from Oblivion, which is understandable being such a legendary game, and you guys are taking that influence and running with it to great places. Some elements definitely need some attention (e.g. UI, the animations, the oddly large amount of toilets..) and I was wondering if I can help development in any way? I have experience with 3D modelling, texturing from photos (and photography for resources), UV's, I've used both C# and Unityscript a fair bit in the past, and I'd love to help design the world and give ideas. I'm not really sure how we could collaborate. Maybe you guys could run a private repository, or you could outline how things need to be made and I could develop them separately and send them to you to be integrated, I'm not sure, let me know.

When does GOTY edition come out? Will we get DLC for this masterpiece?

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Sucks, Mundo Lixo kinda makes up for it though.

Love your art, and all the creatures are so cute!  Thanks for having a Linux version btw, not common and much appreciated.

That sucks. It might work in Wine, but hopefully you decide to port it sometime in the future. Thanks for the response though.

Could you create a 64-bit binary for Linux? Although you can run 32-bit binaries on a 64-bit distro you need to install extra libraries, and I feel like most of the Linux community has moved past 32-bit architecture by now anyhow, 32-bit should be mostly an afterthought.

TANKITA prototype community · Created a new topic Linux?

Could you export your game to Linux?

Hey guys, any chance for a Linux version? It looks like you're using Unity, so exporting to Linux should be fairly simple.

Awesome, thank you, look forward to trying it.

Hey, Linux support a possibility?

Love the music, and the visual effects, and the atmosphere; I think I just LOVE the game in general. The ending's kinda bleak though..

How did you do the scanlines and the convex screen thing (if you don't mind me asking)?

Figured it out, the Linux repository had an old version of LOVE, just installed it from a .deb package on their site and the game works fine.

It's playable now, though still laggy, had lot's of fun and gave it a good rating.


Sorry, I don't intend to release the source at all, and unfortunately when you use something as basic as C and SDL to program your game you end up with a lot of boilerplate and boring code (in fact a large portion of my code is generated using Python scripts to save time and my sanity.)

Thanks for the feedback. I'll speed up the paddles if you like, but unfortunately that means finding another way to make the AI beatable (chance for error or something). Sounds I would love to have in the game, but my computer nearly explodes when I've tried to run lmms (a DAW) on my computer.

Would like to add that the AI is now beatable, though still pretty hard.

I should just be able to run it with this in the terminal, right?

~/Downloads $ love

Dark, really dark, but good. A+ for art. FYI, your game runs on Linux using the .sh script. You should only need to distribute one version actually, the .exe for Windows and the .sh which should launch on both Mac and Linux are both in the Windows .zip download, makingit cross-platform.

Doesn't work in Wine. :(

It's fun and runs well in Wine. It really should spawn asteroids indefinitely, rather than just quitting out after 2 rounds.

(P.S. Gamemaker Studio exports to Mac and Linux, it would be neat to see support for them.)

Hey, thanks for the comment! I'm usually all for cross-platform actually, but I'm (evidently) a Linux user and Windows is being difficult to compile for. I'm still working on the game, and unfortunately as it stands the AI is theoretically impossible to beat. Ironically enough, good AI programming involves programming flaws into it (something that I need to get into ASAP, lol.)

My specs aren't great, but I can run most other games smoothly.

  • OS: Linux Mint 17 64-Bit
  • CPU: 2.40ghz Intel i3 dual core
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Graphics: Intel Integrated "HD"
  • Browser: Firefox 45

I didn't mean to be a pain or anything, but I think due to the very graphical focus of your game (it looks great btw) and that it's in-browser it's probably best played by more recent and higher-end setups.

Also, the collisions are a little off. It doesn't so much show in your levels, but with a custom level it's pretty bad.


Fun and original concept, but borderline unplayable with lag. Any chance for a executable or some optimisation?

Makes me feel nostalgic and relaxed, love the aesthetic of the game.

I'll give you an even better rating if you make your game load custom levels. I duplicated one of the level files and made my own, but your game evidently isn't built to load levels as they come.

The art for the jam itself is really cool too, btw.

The art was awesome, especially the quasi-3d block dudes (are they pre-rendered?). My only complaints art-wise were the main character and the top-hat wearing statues. I also thought it was pretty neat that the in-game music overlapped the menu music.

My only suggestions are to add co-op multiplayer, sort of like Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. (Ideally local, but I have no idea how you'd figure out the controls for that.) And maybe to make a standalone version of your game, if your engine / tool-set allow it.

You can leave a comment on your own rating page, unfortunately other people won't get notifications if you respond, but I've made a habit of just checking the pages I've commented on occasionally. (Sorry if you already knew, just saying in case you didn't.)

Hey all, just thought I'd announce that my game now supports Windows. It's cross-compiled from a Linux system so it would be cool if people could test it out and tell me how it works. I know a Pong clone isn't all that exciting but you should check it out if you haven't already.

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This is pretty cool, not much use to me though (having a Linux machine with an LCD screen), but it's cool nonetheless.


The standalone executable runs fairly well under Wine. I get screen tearing, idk if that's a side-effect of it running in Wine or not, but it's pretty and saves the screen so 5/5.