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Feature Requests Sticky

A topic by Niemi Bros Entertainment created Mar 21, 2017 Views: 1,380 Replies: 42
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Developer (1 edit)

Any ideas of what you'd like to see in the game? We'd love to hear them!


i think that it would be nice to add if you take every thing some one has till they have no cloths then talk to them they will act differently also i think that adding tons more ai in the city would ben nice lastly can you make the map bigger so randomly there will be a huge battle and bandits also add elves and armor that makes you move faster and bosses


add more books in the apothecary and add being good or bad also add all spells scattered around each location even homestead


if you add this i will be happy and make a youtube series about it although I'm not popular


Most of what you've mentioned, we're planning to make. :)

It's going to take a while, as we are a small team. Keep an eye out for updates.

can you add a ocean

Hey, Linux support a possibility?


Yes. We are using Unity, so we can build for Linux... However, we are unfamiliar with Linux, so the builds will  be purely experimental. Nevertheless, We'll put up a Linux build for our next version release. You can be the guinea pig. :)

Awesome, thank you, look forward to trying it.

late Roman EMpire/BYzantine EMpire armor and weapons? scale armor and a spatha and a helmet? :v


Maybe. There're still a lot of other middle-aged weapons and armor we want to make first. :)


can you add smarter npc's please?


Yes. In the next update they'll be smarter. Notably, villagers will now use pathfinding and pursue a target for a much greater distance than before.


Awsome game I love it but I think there should be more spells


Thank you! There will be a few more spells in the next version along with a revised magic system. 


Online game mode? Will probably take a while, but I'd like to see it.


Perhaps down the road... We have experimented with this a bit already and will definitely need to hire help. It will depend on how the game does. We certainly would like to see this happen, too. :)


If it's help you need, I'd be glad to help out in anyway I can. I don't have much experience with Unity, but when it comes to other games, I'm a decent modder/hacker. I can work for hire or volunteer, depending on preference :)


NINJAS special ninjato sword with special animations? x-D 

fan service but its be cool :v

i dont think ninja sword is the right word as ninjas did not have special swords in fact they rarely used them

(I think you mean katana)

the ninjato or whatever tis claled.  the slanted that looks like a broken dagger? i guess ninja dagger? but katana be cool too.. samurai this chit up!


I think this could happen. :)

i think it would be cool if in the hub there is only one portal to the town, and in the town there are doors or gateways in areas that act as potals. like for the arena make an arenaq looking structure and make the door a portal, and that kind of thing


This is WIP. The HUB, for the next release, is going to be very similar... However, we've made transition gateways/areas for entering most scenes including the arena.


also quests and aq story line later down the road


Indeed. :)


Please add an actual bow, the crossbow is great and all, but i think an actual bow is a great variation. And maybe add a quiver that you could put on your back.

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And remember ! To use the bow, you have to have the bow NOT on the main hand, cause that's how you actually shoot a bow !!

That is If you want to have a realistic take on using the bow, just a suggestion for the mechanics :D

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Perhaps ability to modify textures/appearance, such as making a different texture yourself for the shield...

Yes, I'm still following this game. It has great potential, and I'd hate to see it wasted.


We are working on shield crests/images for the next release, including the ability to make your own. Hang in there.


Hello! i would like to know how to pick up bodies, and also AMAZING GAME!

Hold shift, then hold e while pointing at body.

It would be interesting to see more foliage such as grass and maybe some more interactable plants in the wilderness.

The implementation of bandits into the wilderness and maybe camps would be a nice addition to see.  I've played around 38 hours of this game and I believe this game is one of those hidden gems within itch.

Animals such as bears and wolves would give a great sense of immersion and allow there to be something to fight in the wilderness, besides bats.

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stronger graphics


The game's still very much under development, focusing on graphics before having a solid game underneath would be a mistake. The graphics aren't that bad as they are and can be improved after the features of the game have been fleshed out.

This game is fantastic, and has some very needed mechanics in other games like it. Some things that I would like to see is a better main screen. One thing that bothers me is the hovering corners are kind of annoying, and the player selection area can be buggy, such as not letting me name my character. I know you are a small team, so I wont expect this to be and instant fix, but it is a small request. Good luck with your game. I hope it doesn't get left, because it has lots of potential.


Great game so far! Maybe you could add something where you can cut off limbs?


For certain enemies, we plan to. 


Cooldown after being incapacitated. Trust me, playing this with my siblings is a giant scream fest a cooldown to prevent spam killing would be great!


Good point. We're adding an invulnerability effect that's given to newly revived players for a short bit. Should be in the next release, sometime this year...

an improved barter mechanics,  followers (companions) and enchantments?