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Going to sleep in any bed, and using the level up option and waking up/getting out of bed causes player to hover over the ground like they are sitting on something, only happens with the lvl up option... stops doing this if you jump or roll. Heres a video clip of the bug (ill upload here when I find bugs if I have the option)  

Ill try to find and keep you updated on bugs me and my kin find whenever they appear, cheers!

Cooldown after being incapacitated. Trust me, playing this with my siblings is a giant scream fest a cooldown to prevent spam killing would be great!

Man... This seemed simple and stupid at first but under it's unpolished and "cheap" game mechanics and graphics this was the only game that has actually kept my intrest to the end in a very long time. This was awesome! it left me wanting more! Highly recomend to anyone whos bored waiting for something or just wants to play a fun yet slightly challenging game. it's easy enough to keep my intrest but it's challenging enough to not blast through it and I love it to bits.