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Niemi Bros Entertainment

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Glad to hear the Linux build worked well and, yes, Oblivion is one of our many influences. At this time, programming is what we need most for development. Unfortunately, it would be difficult to add outside help, especially remote, for what we are working on at the moment. Perhaps in the future, after things are more cleaned up and more clearly designed there may be some systems/tasks that we could possibly outsource. Some things such as Unity editor tools, or shaders come to mind. We'll have to make a list of things.

We'll check them out. (Agreed, the UI does need work.)

What kind of controller are you using?

We are working on shield crests/images for the next release, including the ability to make your own. Hang in there.

Replied to laky987cz in Bugs

As of v0.1, pressing F12 should capture a screenshot, placed in the game data folder. If you could show us a screenshot of the bug, it could help us figure out what's happening.

Once you download v0.1 you can enter. ;)

Just to clarify, the game only has local multiplayer/splitscreen. No online/LAN multiplayer. 

At the moment, you will need a controller for each player. I think if you mix desktop and controllers, there's issues... Anyway, In the party/player setup screen, pressing start or an action button on a controller should open up a new panel. If this doesn't happen, it might be the type of  controller you're using. Xbox 360  controllers have been tested and should work natively on Windows. 

If you're still having issues, let us know.

Look forward to seeing them.

If you have any questions, ask away.

Indeed. :)

This is WIP. The HUB, for the next release, is going to be very similar... However, we've made transition gateways/areas for entering most scenes including the arena.

I think this could happen. :)

Replied to TheRealSauron in Bugs

Oh! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Replied to laky987cz in Bugs

Uh oh. Could you post a screenshot showing where this happens?

Maybe. There're still a lot of other middle-aged weapons and armor we want to make first. :)

Thank you! There will be a few more spells in the next version along with a revised magic system. 

Yes. In the next update they'll be smarter. Notably, villagers will now use pathfinding and pursue a target for a much greater distance than before.

Perhaps down the road... We have experimented with this a bit already and will definitely need to hire help. It will depend on how the game does. We certainly would like to see this happen, too. :)

Open world, as in no loading screens between landscapes,  is something we've thought about for a while, however we are a small team with limited resources. Certain designs with couch co-op would be difficult in a full open world & many of our designs already rely on the scene-to-scene approach.

The game will be open world in the sense that you will be free to travel, but with separated areas & loading screens between them. We don't plan on keeping the warp pads as the primary way to travel. You'll have to discover the entrances to travel between different areas.

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Thank you!

Perhaps in 3 more, you'll get an update. :)

We're working away and will hopefully have the next release ready for December.

These changes will be available in the next update. Unfortunately, we have a lot of cleanup/bug fixes to do before its release, so it's too early to make any predictions. We've overhauled quite a few systems and want to ensure features that were in the first demo still work properly, in addition to the new stuff.

The most helpful thing right now, would be spreading word about the game. Later on, we just might be looking for some help.

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After equipping, many spells, including fireball, must be selected on your ability quickslot which is toggled with '3.' Then, hold 'M' or 'middle-mouse' until cast. There's a stamina requirement so you may need to level up and increase your Endurance for some spells, though. 

Also, we're not sure, but the summoning spells may be broken... 

Yes. We are using Unity, so we can build for Linux... However, we are unfamiliar with Linux, so the builds will  be purely experimental. Nevertheless, We'll put up a Linux build for our next version release. You can be the guinea pig. :)

Yes. We plan to increase the price as the game grows. We plan to update the current free versions which should allow you to update, since you've already downloaded it, even if we change the price.

Hi Stephen,

Glad you found the game immersive!

Mod support is something we've been thinking about for a while and have recently begun working towards, exposing some files for editing such as dialog and books. Importing an image file for a shield design would be a good step forward. We shall add it to our to-do list.

Thanks for the feedback.

The weight of items you are carrying will slow you down, but we are also working on tweaking movement speeds, especially sprinting. Look sensitivity can be changed in input settings, while playing (not in the title screen). Also, we'll drop the default look sensitivity values for the next version, as we have been getting a lot of feedback on that.

We do have some ideas for improving jumping. The animations are probably a big part of it. We'll have to work on those.

Haha, thanks for sharing! You are a wizard, especially on the throne. :)

Thank you! Much appreciated. We plan to do just that. :)

Most of what you've mentioned, we're planning to make. :)

It's going to take a while, as we are a small team. Keep an eye out for updates.

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If you've learned a spell/ability, you then have to 'Equip' it in the abilities menu. This basically assigns it as an option for your ability quickslot toggling ('up d-pad'). Once you have the desired spell/ability on the quickslot, hold R2/Right Trigger. It takes some time to cast certain ones such as healing.

Most magic is used in this way, though others take an effect automatically once equipped.

Hope that helps :)

Agreed! We might have to start working on that. :)

Thank you!

I'm not sure voting is still available but here's the Greenlight link: Greenlight Page

We are using Unity.

I'm assuming you're on Windows. Yes, currently, the Windows build is 32-bit. We plan on including 64-bit builds for future versions.

As for bots, there are computer characters in the game. You can start arena matches against computer characters and find enemies in the cave as well.

We are on Steam Greenlight and have already been Greenlit. We are working towards a more polished version before releasing on there. Nevertheless, we appreciate your support!

Hope that answers your question.

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In v0.0.22.2, left-handed character's attacks do not behave correctly. Animation events do not fire at the right time causing collision checks to not occur during the full duration of a swing. It's more noticeable with slower/larger weapons.

For the time being, we suggest being right-handed. :)

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Any ideas of what you'd like to see in the game? We'd love to hear them!

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Report bugs/issues here. If known, steps to reproduce are very helpful.

As of v0.1, pressing F12 should capture a screenshot. If the bug is visual an image is helpful.