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this game is simply fantastic. There are some things that I would love to though in order to make me a future buyer. First of all, the monsters tend to spawn quite a bit, especially the wood dwarf things. I would like to see them not spawn during the day. Also, i think the day an night cycle should be slowed alot. One more thing, the throwing spears are a bit hard to throw, in terms of knowing where they are going to land. It would be nice to see them go a bit further. Keep up the good work!

This game is fantastic, and has some very needed mechanics in other games like it. Some things that I would like to see is a better main screen. One thing that bothers me is the hovering corners are kind of annoying, and the player selection area can be buggy, such as not letting me name my character. I know you are a small team, so I wont expect this to be and instant fix, but it is a small request. Good luck with your game. I hope it doesn't get left, because it has lots of potential.