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I love the trailer! If I had the money I would buy it, but I don't and I have a below-low-end PC. For now, please accept my verbal support as I spread the good knowledge and fun that is this game! XD

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Perhaps ability to modify textures/appearance, such as making a different texture yourself for the shield...

Yes, I'm still following this game. It has great potential, and I'd hate to see it wasted.

If it's help you need, I'd be glad to help out in anyway I can. I don't have much experience with Unity, but when it comes to other games, I'm a decent modder/hacker. I can work for hire or volunteer, depending on preference :)


Also, I've noticed the new posts on development, like the new helmet. Will there be any access to this soon?

Is there anything I can do to help? I'm great with computers.

Also, when this game is fully released, will it cost money? I'd hate to not be able to play this when it's been chiseled.

I played the game with my lil sis, and we both love it! There are so many aspects of reality, that for a moment, I felt as if I was in the game. Another words, I felt into the game, like it was a part of me, but in a good and controlled way. However, I Love The Legend of Zelda, so my sis and I tried to roleplay. I would use the green norman tunic and gnome cap, but the only problem was the Iron kite shield. It really threw everything off. My suggestion is... Modding, such as different textures you can add. I tried to modify it myself, but I'm poor, so I can't get the right software. It would be very interesting to give us players a window through which  we can not only bathe in realistic mechanics, but also add our own spice to it. If this dream becomes a reality, I will do all I can to support the development of this game. Heck, I could even contribute to the development of this game, but I understand those chances are low. Anyways, thanks Niemi for taking my thought into consideration, and thank everyone who supports this.

- Stephen Fleece  (AKA: YellowTARDIS)