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Midnight FieldsView game page

Top Down Shooter Made for #FFSJam
Submitted by Second Dimension Games — 6 minutes, 47 seconds before the deadline
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How long have this project been going?
On and off for nearly 5 years

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I ended up including your game in my favorites from the FFSJam here.

Lovely game! I included it in my Finally Finish Something Jam compilation video series, if you'd like to take a look. :)


Solid game. I'm not particularly good at shooters so I didn't have much to compare it to, but I did enjoy myself for the time I managed to say alive. The music was really freakin' good. As soon as it started I was hype to play the game. Only problem was that putting the game in fullscreen broke the music, so I had to refresh the page and play in the smaller window.

I didn't make it past the first level, but I liked what I saw. c:


I had a lot of fun playing this! The weapon upgrade system reminds me of Gunstar Heroes, and I enjoyed figuring out some different combinations. The replicating bullets weren't particularly useful (maybe it should spit out bullets for 8 angles instead of 4) but the rest felt really good to use.


Good quality game! Fun to play!


I played and rated your game!

What can I say?

You had me at the turtles reference in the high score list!

The game is really well made and polished. I liked all of the different enemy types and ammo types.
Especially the ammo makes it real fun to go on.

Feels like a full fledged game, only had time to play for 10 minutes now but could see myself play a couple of hours.

I would like the difficulty to ramp a bit quicker though. I can imagine the first couple of minutes becoming boring for someone who wants to do run after run trying to beat the high score. In the end I had to run into the enemies to die because I needed to go to work. :)

All in all a very nice game and good job on finally finishing it!


Great job on this. I only played it once, so I don't know if it would become more clear to me if I played it again, but I wasn't sure if there was something for me to do after collecting the skulls. A couple big enemies showed up that i struggled to try and kill, but then I died.

I like the music, but I don't feel like it really fit the mood of the game, plus the levels were a bit high and kinda covered the sfx a bit.


Thanks for the comments so far everyone. BTW you can mute the music and go fullscreen from teh pause menu (access with P)


great art.

would have been nice to be able to turn off music

really teeny tiny though. Maybe using bigger main characters would help?


The art for the jam itself is really cool too, btw.


The art was awesome, especially the quasi-3d block dudes (are they pre-rendered?). My only complaints art-wise were the main character and the top-hat wearing statues. I also thought it was pretty neat that the in-game music overlapped the menu music.

My only suggestions are to add co-op multiplayer, sort of like Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. (Ideally local, but I have no idea how you'd figure out the controls for that.) And maybe to make a standalone version of your game, if your engine / tool-set allow it.


Fun little game, would be nice to see an explanation of the pick ups though.