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coffeeCamel & Zeal.... give it another shot now. I'm not sure the new build will solve your problem, but I did fix a bug that was causing a lot of garbage. If this doesn't work, I can send you an executable that may run better.

And thank you everyone else for your comments!

I liked the story, but I wish I wasn't left out. There isn't any interaction to allow me to navigate or guide the story... which is what makes interactive storytelling/gaming so unique over traditional media.

I dig the art. this one is a bit shorter experience then your other entry :)

I really like how the helicopter follows the mouse. it's got a good feel to it. That music loop tho... what is it? like, 2 seconds? it's really the only thing i didn't like about this.

So first play thru I had an enemy get stuck on me head, and i couldn't move or kill him, so I had to restart. But I really liked the weirdness of this one.

congrats on completing something. I did find this pretty impossible to play. I figured out that i could get extra height jumping off of a slime, but trying this on the second slime would never get me high enough to make the high ledge. I assuming physics were fighting this. And as Zelan said, the controls are very floaty, and makes it hard to play.

nice job. I felt the paddle movement was too slow. I think that for pong, missing the ball should be my mistake, not the fact that I just couldn't make it to the ball in time.

Also add sound. Your game will feel much more complete (even unique depending on the sfx) just by adding sound effects to paddle hits, scoring, menu navigation and selecting, etc. although with no sound it is a nice tiny file size :)

Ok, well I will look into and try and optimize by the end of the weekend, otherwise I will build out an executable. I certainly hope at least a few people are not having troubles with it! :)

I was totally going to go on a rant about AI not being smart, then I realized the AI was me all along... and then I re-evaluated my life.... Nice job. it's a cool concept.

I would like to see a wall jump though. It's not necessary, but it was literally the first thing I tried to do for whatever reason.

coffeeCamel, what is your system setup like? we can try and get something that works for you.

Very cute! Sucks that you saved over your project, but good job on pushing past it to get something done. Plus, you know that 4 months of work gets done twice as fast the second time... so it's like only losing 2 months.... maybe... i dunno... just looking on the bright side!

Well this is certainly a thing. I could pretend I understood it all, but that's not true. My guess is that if you follow the correct story path, you break free from the "loop" of it. But, with how random each scenario seems, I think the only way i'd get there is trial-and-error.

Music is rad though

Great job on this. I only played it once, so I don't know if it would become more clear to me if I played it again, but I wasn't sure if there was something for me to do after collecting the skulls. A couple big enemies showed up that i struggled to try and kill, but then I died.

I like the music, but I don't feel like it really fit the mood of the game, plus the levels were a bit high and kinda covered the sfx a bit.

Here is a look at our game Shadow Fencer Theatre.

We did a post on it in another thread if you want to see the changes we made to complete something for this jam. Hope to get it submitted tomorrow, but my guess it will be Tuesday.

Hey everyone! We should have posted this back when the jam started, but, well we just didn't... But this jam and a local event helped us work on the next step on our Ludum Dare entry "Shadow Fencer Theatre". We didn't necessarily finish our game, but we are working to finish our next demo (one more thing to fix) that we are going to upload to Anywoo, about the game!

Shadow Fencer Theatre is a 2 player fencing game set in the world of shadow puppets. Players grab a stick, and that stick is stuck with some paper, and that paper is stuck to a sword.

Shadow Fencer Theatre in Ludum Dare 37 entry form

Changes being made:

New Movement Controls: include jumping and ducking, and uses the analog controls of the joystick

New Fencing Controls: Include 8-way directional movement for the sword

New Characters: 4 new characters added to the game, randomly selected each match

New Sets: New sets for players to battle on, randomly selected each match

Improved Look: some polishing to look a little nicer

Pause Button: Game can be paused during match, and then players can go back to the menu

Other Stuff: There were a lot of changes, I don't remember them all

Shadow Fencer Theatre in it's current state.

Thank goodness this goes until the 31st. just enough to finish up our web build.