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This is a nice combination of Crazy Taxi and the original Grand Theft Auto. Looks good, has a fitting soundtrack, and the drifting physics are fun to master. Might be nice to have some indicator about distance to the next target - it was a little easy to overshoot. But overall I had fun!

Difficult, but I enjoyed it! The art looks good and fits the gameplay. I would have liked some visual/audio feedback when damaged, and maybe a reticule to show where I'm aiming, but the core loop is really fun.

This looks and feels really close to an N64 game. Gameplay is fun and the difficulty curve is about right. Good stuff!

Interesting idea! I liked how it looks and the core game loop is solid. Shame I am so, so bad at it.

Fun little game! The presentation reminded me of old LCD games.

Very cute art - I really liked the lighting effects in Level 4 - and the music fits well too. The platforming feels pretty good, although maybe movement is a little slow. I did like that collision is a little forgiving when landing on the edge of a platform.

This was a lot of fun! I liked running around and collecting an army to do my bidding. Graphics are clean and the sounds worked well; having a bunch skeletons all dooting away made me laugh.

I really enjoyed this!

The graphics are cute and I liked discovering new areas and plushes to make. It started a little slow, but once I had a few more materials I was making plenty of coins.

My biggest complaint is the lack of sound or music. The feel of the game would really improve with some nice sounds and some light background music. But otherwise I think is a really solid game with some good mechanics and a great hook.

It took me a few tries to figure the controls out, but they worked well once I got the hang of them. I liked the addition of catching fish for a score bonus, and the music fits the game well. Some parallax scrolling on the background would have been nice, but it still fits the game without it.

Really enjoyed playing this! Jumping feels a little bit off, but the rest of the game works really well. Graphics are excellent, sounds do their job and there's a nice variety of enemies to fight. A bit of music would really have polished things off, but it's still excellent even without it. Excellent job!

@ava: What platform were you using? I've had a few people mention sound issues but I haven't been able to replicate them yet.

I had a lot of fun playing this! The weapon upgrade system reminds me of Gunstar Heroes, and I enjoyed figuring out some different combinations. The replicating bullets weren't particularly useful (maybe it should spit out bullets for 8 angles instead of 4) but the rest felt really good to use.

The presentation and polish on this is excellent! It controls well and the idea is really fun. Great work!

Played on a 2011 Macbook Pro with no performance issues.