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It won't work on XP, it's a 64bit application

You can always pause the game, change the payout settings and then resume again. But I don't think players would like to see this changed during the game though. The players that are behind, sure, but the ones on top will feel cheated.

That's a though one :) Can you check what the game log says? You can find it in %AppData%\..\LocalLow\AvaDev\HPTM on your computer. Getting the log from your android device is more difficult.

I thought about that as well. Main thing is you don't want anyone else to change those things so how can I ensure that? I want a simple user friendly workflow, if that's possible somehow I can add it.

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Hi, thanks! Good suggestion about the color, that is indeed something for an update.

Concerning the tool about blinds calculation, I might add that one day, but it's not something easy. People have many different requirements and its hard to put that all in one tool. I use the blind structure calculator from, it always predicted the duration of the tournament quite accurate.

Version 1.1.3 has the option (per tournament) to hide the Ante's. Have fun!

I'd rather not open source it, but I'm definitely open for requests/feedback. In my group we also never use ante's, so your request makes a lot of sense. I'll build an update where the ante is not shown if it is 0, displaying the blinds instead.

I'm also working on an app for Android where players can follow the tournament on their phones, this is now in testing so I'll probably release this change with that update.

Thanks for the input!

Aand done, v1.0.2 supports custom sounds, check the devlog for instructions.

Not now, but that's a good idea! The same could be done for the background images. I'll look into that, thanks!

I found this game really hard - the floor is so dark I can't really see when a gap starts or when it ends, making jumping difficult, while that is just annoying.

Why no turning with mouse?

Tried it, the rotation via keys makes it a bit annoying to play, mouse aiming would have been better imo.

Cool, liked it! Nice animations :)

I tried to play it, but my graphics card isn't powerful enough I'm afraid. Judging from what I've seen you have a very high memory footprint, perhaps you can optimize so it's playable on more hardware?

Well made! What's up with the sounds - did you record them with your mic ? Funny :)

True, but in my experience you mostly have your own music playing at an event. Thanks for rating!

Ok, I can follow. I didn't mean to bash him, the word "crap" was too harsh? I wanted to tell him to take what he's got and make something of it. Working "one day" on something is not putting effort in, or accomplishing anything, that's just trying something out. It was a good start, now finish it for the Finally Finish Something jam.

I can see why you would disagree, however this is a submission to the "Finally Finish Something" jam. Does this qualify as "finished"?

  • Since the visual part is the key component of your game, I would posh the quality of the shadows a bit more. Now, when you start the game the player gets a view with quite some visual artifacts. Using trees with thin branches and a few leaves don't make that easy, I know :)
  • Add anti aliasing.
  • There's only one quality setting, I would add a few more (certainly for those people that want anti aliasing.
  • Polish your startup experience, check Gravity Rush (another entry to this jam), he/she did that very well.
  • Foot step noises
  • Feedback on picking up a sphere is a simple text counter "1/14" flashing briefly on the screen, you could improve that experience, with a feel that fits the mood of the game - with sound.
  • Music

Are a few things you could do off the top of my head.

Best game so far in my rating run! Very NICE! Well done! Very polished! 

Would you consider a mobile version? Maybe add leaderboards?

Nice idea, but needs a lot of polish.

Cool idea! Sounds would be nice (other than trees rustling). Needs polish.

I like the idea, but its clear that its a prototype. For a prototype it's important to establish that your game is fun. For that, I'd like to see a bit wider where the possible jump locations are, because I'm sometimes waiting for too long until a suitable jump position appears. Sound, visuals and effects would polish this game.

Nice game!

Cool idea

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Good joke :)

Nice game! Only suggestion that I have is that the player can rotate the camera  a bit around the playfield, it's sometimes hard to see the codes on the ground.

I just tried it. It's crap.

At least it is at the moment, why did you submit this already? There is still a lot of work to be done and the FFS Jam is all about finishing a project you've been working on. This is far from finished. It hasn't been started yet.

This looks cool, I'm curious what you'll end up with!

Hello all,

Last year I participated and made Hopper, this year I'm not going to finish a game but something else, it is somewhat game related though.

I used to host home poker tournaments with the software in the video below. It is an old application made in Flash. It runs only a 800x600 resolution so it's horrible to display on a Full HD screen. Too bad, because it's a very easy to use tournament manager. It is simple, beautiful and clean, without any bells and whistles. There are a few alternatives out there, but they're not as good, contain adds or they're not free.

So I decided to re-make it in Unity. I've made already a lot of progress, but I want to dot the i's in this jam. I'm hoping some of you also play poker and can perhaps give me some advice on what I can improve. Once it's done I'm planning to release it for free.

@Jupiter_Hadley Thanks for the nice review!

@Aviol Ah yes, so you were the mistery rater ;)

@Bojan & Team Aviol: thanks for your comments, don't forget to submit your ratings! (it's a different button, annoying, I know)

It was on windows, I retried yesterday and then it didn't crash...

I played and rated, I like the artwork a lot! It just needs more finishing touches and features on gameplay and sound to make it a true game.

It crashes at the end of the game for me, and sometimes an input gets missed, but I like the concept!

Nice, worked ok. Why XNA? Isn't that dead?

The sound was garbled, no idea why, but it was fun to play!

It's hard to rate this, rpg's are not really my type of game :)

I found the music annoying and not fitting with the world and look of the game.