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Not 100% sure if I understand your question correctly, but I'm currently working on an update where you'll be able to hide some info from the dashboard if you like. But with the current version that is not possible, no.

The only supported languages are English, French, German and Dutch. I don't know any Korean so that will be hard for me to do.
However you could help me out, I could send you the localization file and if you provide me with a Korean translation I can try to include it?

If you check "Custom payout" you can do that!

If possible, yes please. If I can reproduce the issue then it will be easy to fix.

I fixed the 1st and 3rd issue in the latest build, but could not reproduce the 2nd. Could you maybe give me a link to the mp3 files you're trying to use? Thx!

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Hi, both devices are connected to the internet? That is (maybe unfortunate) a side effect of the new approach.

It might also be due to some limitation of your network, where port 7777, 7776 and 8080 are inaccessible? Is there maybe some firewall blocking those?

Thanks for this! On it.

Mention away :) 

It's not possible to add cards on the board, but giving input and feedback (as you did) is indeed possible. Feature requests I add myself to avoid people spamming the board.

Oh my, good catch of the matchmaking code rotate bug, I'll fix that asap.

Indeed, the export/import should now come into a next update, the networking was a quite invasive change so I did not spend much time in other features.

I'll look into those other things too, I'd love them too indeed.

Thanks for your input, much appreciated!

I've just released a new version, could you confirm whether this has this same issue? Thx!

1/ To be able to check: Is this the latest version? What is the resolution of the screen? I'll check if I can reproduce it.

2/ I'd have to change this... An option to toggle between black on white vs white on black seems doable yes. Adding it on my trello board.

Love what you did with the title :)

Hi Bob, I'm trying to understand where it goes wrong for you - in the editor view where you change blinds and everything there is a button in the lower right corner that looks like an old diskette (next to the Start button). If you click that, a pop up will confirm that the settings have been saved.

Hi and thanks again! I ran a tournament yesterday and I must say I like the TTS feature myself too :) People really respond well to that. I'll be working on that some more since I received some good suggestions.

I guess with column edit you mean you can drag the cell value down as in Excel, right? That would indeed be neat. The spreadsheet feature is a 3rd party tool I use, but I'll see if I can add that.

Import/Export android is not in yet, I moved it up my priority list. I've added a "Edit schedule while running" task, but it's one that is going to take lots of testing.

Thanks for the rating, that's actually the best way to help me! If you want to donate that's possible via, just download the game here and enter a donation amount.

Thanks again for your feedback, that's really valuable for me and well appreciated!


Good suggestions, I'll add them! Thx!

Feature 3 is in 1.4.2!

Hi and thanks!

Love your suggestions, I'm putting them on my Trello board

I'll see what I can do with suggestion 1. I'd love suggestion 2 myself and it's actually something I'm planning to do together with a friend of mine. It's not such a small feature so it will take some time.

Suggestion 3 yes! Why didn't I think of that myself either. Putting it in today.

Ok, thx for the headsup! Keep me posted if the issue would turn up again indeed.

Hi, thx for reaching out!

Scrolling the time while paused is indeed something I could add (putting it on the trello board), not moving it via a connected device is deliberate however; it could cause synchronization issues that I'd rather avoid.

Concerning the issues you have I'm very interested to fix these. I am however unable to reproduce the behaviour you are reporting. Could you help me out and send me a Player log of a session where you tried and failed to click on the buttons?

You can find the player log in this location:


You can mail me a at alex.vandenabeele[at]

Maybe I should ask: what resolution are you displaying at? (Shouldn't make a difference, but you never know)

Yes, unfortunately, it is in review at the moment.

I just released a big update, which fixes this issue too.

Yes, I noticed that too, small mistake on my part that I have fixed by now which will be included in the next release (soon to come)

Hi! Thank you for this great feedback! I'll add some Trello cards for this. Certainly your first feature request is one I could use too.

Concerning the Android issue: is it possible that the version on Android was a different version than the one on Windows? They should both be the same, at the time of writing this: 1.3.7. You can see the version in the lower left corner of the tournament selection screen.

Hi peeps,

Deadline is approaching fast! Make sure to submit before the end.

Presentations start at 1400 sharp in L007. You will get the opportunity to briefly explain how your game fits the theme and then you can demonstrate it by playing it on big screen. This won't be much more than 5 minutes per team, so make sure to show the cool stuff!

At 1600 the voting ends and the winners will be known!

Good luck with the final bugs!

That is fine, yes

270869 new code

DAE Crea Week 2022 community · Created a new topic Pizzas?

Hi peeps,

Around 7pm the pizzas should be delivered.

We ordered 50 large pizza's, which would mean that there is about half a large pizza (which is quasi a medium) for everyone. So please take a few slides of one or more pizzas (you can take multiple kinds), but no more than half a pizza per person. When everyone took their pieces I'm sure there will be some left for those of us that are really hungry ;)

Festify still active today, enter your tunes!

Go to, enter party code 755373 and vote or enter the next song to be played!

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Hi everyone!

For the pizza's, we need to order today, please fill in the poll on Leho to guide our choices!

(Link to a small poll can be found under "GAME JAM")

Warning! Apparently I cannot get results from the new type of quizzes in Leho immediately (a report gets generated after 24 hours) so I made a new one with the old type of quizzes

DAE Crea Week 2022 community · Created a new topic Schedule

Hi everyone,

We'll give more details tomorrow morning in the start presentation, but here you can already find our schedule. On Thursday evening we'll provide pizza's, in the noon the regular catering will be open.

See you tomorrow!

A: yes

Good question, no need to setup teams on itch, indeed one upload of one team member at the end of the game jam is sufficient.

DAE Crea Week 2022 community · Created a new topic FAQ

Q: Can we have a team with only GD/GGP/IGP/ISP students (take whatever single major from these 4)?
A: Yes, but we don't recommend it, your game will be a lot better if you combine people from several majors.

Q: Do we need to have a team at the start of the jam?
A: No, but we recommend it. We will see if there are teams that are still looking for team members at the start of the jam so we can make sure that everyone is part of a team.

Happy to announce that with version 1.3.7, you can now change the sounds on Android too!


Ok great! And thanks :)

Hi, the installer should install the new version in exact the same place as the previous time, where did you install it?

And what version is the old one?

Thanks for the detailed feedback!

I'll look into the export indeed. As for the payout one more question: if a separate house fee could be added, would you then always do a 100% payout of the prize pool? Because if you do a 80% overall payout (without house fee), there's also a 20% cut from the rebuys and the addons, I'm not sure if that is desired. Or in other words: do the rebuys and the addons also have a house fee?

Piecing together these audioclips is not something I'm going to implement, there's too many ways these levels could be announced plus I'd have to do it in 4 languages (maybe more in the future). What I could do however is use Google's Text-To-Speech for this. A user could type the announcements he wants after every level and the TTS does the rest. Nonetheless, this is not a small feature so it will take a while before I would have the time to start on this :)

Comments during the break, check (this could simply be displayed as text, no real need for audio). This will take careful consideration qua layout though.

Easier multi editing in level settings, check. Text in the prize structure, check.

I put all these suggestions on my Trello board, thanks!


Indeed on Android the export/import is not implemented yet; it requires additional permissions for the app + it's unclear to me how a person would copy an export to another smartphone at this moment, how would you do that? Via google drive or something?

Concerning the percentage: do you mean that you want to pay out only 90%? I never considered that use case, indeed, the Prizes try to total up to 100%. But your request is valid, I'll look into that, should not be too much work.

The text in the prizes is on my todo-list.

Thanks for your input, that's really valuable and appreciated!

Hi, the export does not work on Android (yet)