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Nice story and an interesting idea. Sadly I had to Google who Richey Edwards was to get some context but a good idea non the less.

Nice art style and story telling. At first I though this was a second entry by @zelan because your title screens are very similar, but the story got a little dark in the middle part, but I guess that's what you where going for

Incredibly sharp learning curve, but I think thats the charm of the game. Managed to get to the 13th spot on the highscore board so I'm please with myself

Brilliant job, it was a nice experience to just have dialog between two people, nothing whizzing around on the screen to direct you attention away from the story. Would you consider expanding this?

Insane amount of polish, brilliant title screen, smooth controls and it works on Linux. Well done.

Really interesting little story, I normally avoid these kinds of things, but it was nice to kind of chill out and think about the game. Good job

Neat little jumping game, flying mechanic doesn't seem to work if you just double tap up, was this intentional?

Fun little game, would be nice to see an explanation of the pick ups though.

Just put a comment below with your first impressions and if you want, a screen shot of what you made the first time you used the software.


A custom Java framework designed for small resolution games

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Simply put

Just suggest below what kinds of features you think the main program should have with it

Just changed my spriting tool. It now works with "plugins" that can be created with a simple API, most of the day was spend making the core elements a plugin.

Slowly making progress with this

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Thought that I'd show off what progress I've made on my entry.

Terrific stuff from everybody else