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What Engine Are You Using?

A topic by Neverdusk created Oct 02, 2016 Views: 1,015 Replies: 27
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I'm using GameMaker Studio, which I'm most acquainted with and think is great for 2D games. But I've also seen mentions of Unity and other engines, so I'm curious as to what you all will be using for this jam.

This will be my first jam, so I'm excited to see what everybody makes in the end. So good luck to you all!

Yeah we're looking around too - we usually use Unity but for anything pixel perfect it's a huge pain. Learning GameMaker though was a bit much for this's tough to learn a whole new setup. GameMaker seems to be the most set up for pixel perfect, true resolution stuff. Curious to see if anyone else has any suggestions...

Found this a few posts down for those using Unity. Still doesn't help with snapping everything, but is handy!

This is actually really interesting:

Has pixel perfect capabilities, and was easier to pick up and use (after some googling) than GameMaker was for me.

These shaders and image effects wont help for 2D, it's for 3D. I would assume you'd see awkward results with 2D, although it could work I suppose with painted assets and stuff, could be cool.

Yeah, I did a few experiments w/2d and it does suck. Unless you did some kind of fluid, always-moving, dynamic thing in 2d.

Having done a fair amount of Unity stuff in 3d, I've been craving some nice, traditional pixel-perfect 2d, and I think that the Godot engine is my new go to tool for that.

Also just tried out ClickTeam Fusion 2.5 (get on Humble currently) - while it feels older and is definitely more basic than others, it seems a pretty good way to make more authentic, older games.

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I'm using Unity, pixel perfect is a bit of a pain as others have mentioned, but it can be done.

I've got some code from previous/current projects that is helping me with this one, so I got all my pixel perfect gubbins tied down this morning. Although I had to wrestle with a font creator and that still isn't 100% but oh well.

Yeah I know the feeling, I've gotten pretty far into a pixel-perfect Unity setup but having dynamic fonts that snap was a major snag.

GameMaker: Studio!

I was gonna start in Unity but I didn't want to go through the pixel perfect pain. Perhaps I will use the GameMaker version as a prototype and switch to Unity later still got 8 days.

I'm using GameMaker since it works in pixels as its base unit. Very easy to simply scale up the game window and have everything look crisp and pixel perfect for that authentic look.


Fusion 2.5 here. It's what I know best.


GLBasic -

As it turns out, I decided to bite the bullet and go with real hardware, and by real hardware I mean an emulator but *theoretically* it would work on the real hardware.

No pixel alignment problems here!

Current situation: If I'm going to have more than a 16x16-tile level I'm going to need to get scrolling working. I'm already banging 64 bytes into VRAM each frame for the player sprite, I have just enough room in vblank (which is 10 scanlines) for another 64 if necessary but I think I can safely fit 32 in if I precalc the tilemap data outside of vblank (that is, 144 scanlines).

On the GB you cannot touch VRAM during active video. Technically I could bang bytes in during hblank but that complicates things and seriously eats into the outside-of-vblank period. The vblank period is the longest continuous length of time in a frame (well, technically between two frames) where you can write to VRAM, and that's why the timing there is so precious. You've got 4560 cycles of vblank, which realistically (assuming an average of 8 cycles per instruction) is about 570 instructions executed.


I'm really interested to hear how your development goes during this jam. It's a really cool insight into how these things actually work!


You're brave!

I can't wait to see how it turns out :D

Construct 2 Here!!

GameMaker: Studio here as well!

Game Maker: Studio. Cos it's what I been using for years and I'm too braindead/set-in-my-ways to start learning anything else now. Plus GM:S is mighty fine anyways.


Game Maker: Studio. Only tool I know well, and very well suited to the task.

A custom Java framework designed for small resolution games

I'm trying out HaxeFlixel. It's a bit daunting because I'm so used to Unity, but hopefully I can get something working with it. I am looking forward to not struggling to get pixel art to look good, as is often the case in Unity.

Nice, i'll have to look into that - if you're like me (sounds like you are, coming from Unity, trying to get pixel perfect) I'd suggest Godot. It's been very Unity-like, and pretty straightforward to get pixel perfect going.

Thanks for the suggestion. I looked at Godot ages back, not sure why I passed on it in favour of Unity. I think I had different goals back then. I will definitely have another look at it before the next jam I participate in.

Yeah I'd never heard of it, but it feels like it's "2D first" whereas Unity is "3D first". Interface is great though, been liking it a lot.


GBDK over here ;)


GameMaker Studio.. since that's what seemed fun for me to pick up when it was on the Humble Bundle sale about a month ago.

Have no further experience with any other program, so looking forward to see which kind of programs produce which type of games!


Unreal Engine 4 all the way. It was tricky getting the rendering working properly and I doubt it would work well for pixel perfect stuff but since I'm going 3D it's all good. Still having a problem with font rendering though. I will write up a post mortem after the jam about how I did the effects.


GBDK since i wanted it to be running on a gameboy.

My first game written in pure C too, much more used to C++ and C#.