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Thanks everyone <3 we're so happy with the positive feedback!

Nice work! This is really fun!

Sheesh, this is incredibly solid and there's SO MUCH content for a jam game. I'd buy this as a full title, no joke. Really nice work.

Nice work!

I cannot get enough of how excited the body is to have a head when you land on it. It makes my whole day.

Yo this is AWESOME I am gonna play the heck outta this when I get off work

Can't believe nobody has commented on this yet, the sprites are incredible! Really nice work!

Wow this is awesome, looks really simple but it's quite intense and highly enjoyable. Really nice work!

This is freaking incredible. Genuinely amazing work!

Nice job, I like the style of this a lot! Would love to see more screens to play.

I love the way the audio sounds like it's coming through a little speaker, this is the game right here. Really like this. Amazing job!

This is pretty sweet, good job! I love the mines.

I love the way this looks! Nice job!

Amazing music and visuals. I am an idiot though I couldn't figure out how to get over the first gap after getting the first key.

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Nice work!

If I happen to see this popping up on Greenlight or something in the future with more levels, I'd definitely vote for/buy it ;) just saying.

Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback! I'll try to respond.

The hitboxes on the saws/orbs/...things are tiny, this was mostly a last-minute decision to tone down the difficulty, and would definitely be changed in a future revision as you're quite right, it looks very odd!

I think the restart feature is an unintended bug, as you're supposed to just re-start the level from scratch with no animals rescued. But I like the idea of checkpointing the ones you have found, so I will try and integrate that on purpose.

The getting stuck in moving platforms bug is definitely unintentional and is a hangover of using the same colliison layer for walls and platforms, I'm also thinking they'd probably be better if they were consistent with the regular platforms and that you could jump up from beneath them rather than hit them.

Yayyy my game was included :3

I'll have a watch when I finish work.

Got it working and updated :)

Thanks! That's a shame! I'll try and fix that later on

Nice work! Man I am amazed seeing people make actual gb roms :O

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Was unable to get it to load without crashing on any of the 3 emulators I tried for Mac :( shame cos it looks awesome, and the fact you actually did a .gb file is incredible. Nice job for getting it done! I'll have another go on PC later and see if I can get it working on a diff emulator.

edit: Ok so I got it working now, for some reason it works perfectly on anything on my PC but my work mac did not like it.

Biotic Limit is a horizontally scrolling shooter that sees you playing as a white blood cell that has to patrol blood vessels and exterminate infection! There's quite a lot of variety of enemies given the short timespan and the fact this is on an actual gameboy, the death animation is really cool and an interesting use of the 8x8 sprite sizes.

The antibiotic power could be a little more powerful I guess, but the screen isn't filled with enemies all the time so it's not that big an issue. Some of the multi-hit enemies don't make a sound or indicate that they've been damaged.

Really cool game! Nice work!

Kitty Quest is mine!

Nice work!

This has a really cool style to it, nice work!

Finally submitted. Holy crap what a week. I got the 7 levels that I wanted done! Go play it! :D

Holy crap, this is freakin' amazing. Incredible work.

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Loads of progress made today. This will be my last update before submission tomorrow (not much left to do, I have 4 levels and I'd like to push that to maybe 7 or 8, there's no massive bugs left to fix I just have to re-do the title logo as the name changed)

edit: looks like this gif borked :\


More progress today, we now have moving platforms, a UI, exit is locked until you find all the animal friends, and new sprites as well as health/damage, spikes and dying.

All I really need to do now is an enemy or two and I think we can just polish and build levels then.

Work's been so crazy I've been really tired but I've made some progress!

Now we have little animal friends to collect!

How much I didn't know!

When I made my first game I was cocky as shit, thought I knew everything just because I'd built a few levels in hammer-editor as a teen. Hooo boy I knew nothing about actually making games. I quickly learned just how much there is to think about even with a very simple platformer game.

I had a dude move left/right and jump up, and collide with seaguls which just moved back and forth. It was built in Torque engine and the whole game had maybe 20 seconds of actual content but it took us like 2 weeks to make or something.

I'm quite looking forward to this, although I'll probably only have time to devote maybe a week or 10 days of evenings to it.

More progress, it's been a very busy weekend/week though so, slow going. But now I can get levels in from Tiled easily and have spawn points/exits setup (it's no longer an infinite climber, just a platformer) and my artist is working on some graphics. Most of the work done here is behind the scenes, so hopefully I'll have a lot more to actually show in the next couple days.

Here's a gif from the test level I'm using to finalise the size/shape of the cats jump and (soon) his wall-clinging ability.

Glad it was helpful :)

Absolutely yes, otherwise it'd be very hard to see on modern screens haha!

I wrote a tutorial on doing exactly this for Unity if it's any help.

It's possible yeah. Odd suggestion but, try exporting the whole project as a package, and importing it into a fresh project. I've had the occasional issue that was solved that way.

Thanks, that works fine.

So, good news is the project works just fine for me. So it may be an issue with your installation of unity or your machine. Bad news is that means I have absolutely no idea what's wrong :\ sorry

This looks awesome!

Now you just need bees that chase you haha

Getting a lot of errors trying to download and open that when google drive does it's thing.

Try zipping the entire project and just sharing that. I'll take a look and try to fix it.

I've zipped up the project file for you to take a look at, and see if there's any differences between yours and mine.

Yeah the scaling script needs to go on the RawImage object. But I'm not sure why it would be crashing rather than just not working/compiling.

Arrghhh sorry.

It's the friggin' wordpress editor, it keeps removing < > tags every time I update it.

Do a ctrl+f for "GetComponent" every instance of it should be in the format


so in your instance

RectTransform rt = gameObject.GetComponent<RectTransform>();

should be correct, if it's crashing that's really odd. Make sure it's attached to the correct object and that it actually has the correct UI components attached.

If you have any further issues let me know :)

Very basic mechanics are in now, as is pausing/unpausing. I should spend the rest of the day working on the infinite climbing basics but... I haven't had a day off in like 3 weeks haha so, I'm gonna play me some Parasite Eve. Good luck with your entries everyone!

Anytime! And good luck :D