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Possibly dumb, and newb question about the resolution restriction.

A topic by FallenXIV created Oct 02, 2016 Views: 696 Replies: 11
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I figure this is fine, but I want to double check before going on any further. I apologize if this has been asked before, first time entering this jam, or any jam really.

With the resolution restriction, I'm allowed to blow up the screen res to bigger than the limit, as long as the amount of pixels on screen is only 160x144, correct?

Like I said, stupid question, I know, since playing on a screen that small on a computer would be kind of a nightmare, but I just wanted to double check.

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Yes. You can upscale the resolution, but the pixel of the screen must then be upscaled

For example, this screen is 320x288, but the individual pixel of the screen are upscaled by a factor of two (making them 2x2) for a resolution of 160x144.

I see. I'm glad I asked then, because I wasn't planning on blowing it up, just stretching the 160x144 to fit in like an 800x600 window.


Absolutely yes, otherwise it'd be very hard to see on modern screens haha!

I wrote a tutorial on doing exactly this for Unity if it's any help.

Well I'm using GM:S, so probably not lol. I appreciate the reply though.


In gamemaker you can do it with views. Just set your view to 160x144, and your viewport to 320x288. (or bigger) This will display only the allowed pixels but scale them up by two to make the screen bigger. There's also a better way but I haven't really grasped it yet.

I see, thanks for replying, I'll look into that.


It's also possible if you don't want to use views for whatever reason and don't allow resizing is display_set_size(). Also remember to uncheck color interpolation in global settings, otherwise scaling will be blurry.


Ah! Thank you, I was trying to figure out what was causing the blur!


Hey, this helped alot. Was getting into all sorts of confusion with my resolution stuff in unity! Not anymore :


Glad it was helpful :)


Cool. It's crystal clear to me now!