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It should now work on Chrome. :)

I couldn't finish the game, though, because I'm in the middle of my exams. There should normally be more spell cards, and overally, it should be more difficult to clean the boards.

Just click on the letter on your keyboard, if it's the right letter, the game will tell you. Thanks for playing the game :)

If people wants the solution:

Here are the letters, you begin at the bottom-left .

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Hey !

I'm currently a student, I've been coding games for many years I've done some gamejams before (never in a team, though). I have experiences with Unity & web development, some of my previous works can be found here !

I'm looking for someone an artist to do the game jam with. I don't have any specific themes or gameplay in mind and I'm very open to interesting and fun game ideas. :)

Let me know if you're interested ! (either here or on Discord: @Longwelwind#8508)

Edit: Found someone ! :)

Hi !

I've been working on a prototype for the past 3 days, and I've managed to come up with something playable. Here are some vids of the gameplay (I'm also able to upload a web build :) ):

An early prototype

A more advanced (but not the most up-to-date)

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of artistic skill. I managed to make something semi-decent, but I think the game would benefit a lot from some cute arts and some music effects. Not everything about the game is decided, not even the theme, and I'm really open about modifications and suggestions, so I'm really looking for someone who would participate in the gamedesign of the game. :)

Hope someone will be interested !

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Yes. You can upscale the resolution, but the pixel of the screen must then be upscaled

For example, this screen is 320x288, but the individual pixel of the screen are upscaled by a factor of two (making them 2x2) for a resolution of 160x144.

I didn't plan to continue working on it after the jam, but maybe I'll pick it up to make it a finished game.

Thanks ! :)

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It's definitly something Superpowers could improve upon. Tooltips could also be used to make the tool more approchable for new users. I also hope they will improve the Scripting API to make it more formal and less Javascript-y.

Imo, there is room for a lightweight (ligther than Unity) game-engine for prototyping and producing game with small web build.