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En un game jam no es buena idea ponerse a producir la totalidad de los assets para tu proyecto. Sobre todo si el equipo es muy pequeño o no se tienen los skills bien afinados aun. Aunque esta padre experimentar, lo mejor es concentrarte en terminar el proyecto. Ya luego podras afinarlo y/o personalizarlo mas.

Aca te dejo unas fuentes utiles para que puedas completar tus proyectos:

🔈 Sonidos

🎵 Música

🎨 Arte

🖼 Imágenes/Fotos

🌐 Texturas

🎲 3D ( )

¿Conoces algún otro? Déjanoslo saber para agregarlo :)

Cuando se participa en un gamejam remoto muchas veces es difícil encontrar equipo para trabajar. Ya sea que busques un equipo para unirte, o a alguien para completar el tuyo, esta herramienta te puede ayudar:

NOTA: No es requisito registrar el equipo ahí para participar, es solo para darle visibilidad a tu equipo con otros participantes ;)

Suena bien :)

Dice la regla que todos los assets deben crearse durante el jam. Y los que son de la asset store? Se permite usarlos o nel?

I finished it!

I loved this game. I think a re-do button is not required. What it needs is a progress bar or any other kind of feedback so you can track your progress. And more levels! please add more levels!!!

Extra points if you release it for mobile ;)

This entry stole my 5 stars rating!

It's hard to believe this was developed in only 10 days. Nice execution. Please release more levels!

I achieved 9k points. The ending animation is fun! poor ants :(

I can be the whole day listening the music.

I just rolled all the way until the second giant monster. I couldn't make more progress since it killed me with 1 hit.

It looks good. The ball control is hard. Also not sure what the goal is. There's no way to die, you can just walk.

I like games like this, basically it's about pressing the right button in the moment. The options to create a "runjumper" are pretty cool. The sounds work great, my fav is when the character falls.

Wow, this game makes me feel like I'm playing my old game boy. The music is awesome!

I like how the difficulty is getting higher every few floors. All the visual effects are awesome.

It is really hard to master the controls. I think this title would be more enjoyable using an actual gamepad.

I like the game mechanics, this is a uncommon game. The graphics are cool. Great job!

Pretty cool!

After few weeks more of development, we launched the game for android devices finally!


I tried. But maybe the gyroscope works different in a tablet :(

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Review of Phone Throttle

The first blocker was the fact I have an iphone. The game does not work with one. I tried with a nexus 10.

The main menu doesn't say anything about the game, just a couple of images with the game's logo above. The QR code disappears to fast for my skill with the QR reader app.

Once I got the game running, my first impression was that the motorcycle was moving randomly. After a couple of minutes figuring it out, I found the correct positioning for my device. It's a hard game tho. I manage to get 48 points somehow. But I got bored after a couple of minutes trying & failing.

Technically the game is awesome, the developer achieved a simple way to sync two devices. The graphics are just ok, they work. The same for special effects. The game doesn't have music, just the main menu.

  • Music: 1/5
  • Visuals: 3/5
  • Gameplay: 3/5
  • Design: 4/5
  • Overall: 2.75/5

My game is Le Gatuno:


Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it.

Definitively I need to fix these two issues.

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LE GATUNO is out now!

It has been a crazy week, time to sleep. I'm planning add more levels before release it to the play store. Leave me your thoughts!


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Update 10/09:

  • Music & SFX added! - Shout out to mguitars for his awesome work
  • Game progress is now working
  • Added new fonts.
  • Game experience polished: more bug/glitch fixes.

Update 10/06:

  • Now the camera implements a shader that simulates a GB game
  • Introduced dust effect when the cat lands
  • Added a new shake effect for the camera. The screen will shake when either the cat lands or dies to make it more dramatic


Because reasons, I won't be able to deliver more updates until sunday. See you later!


Hey, these fonts are pretty cool!

I had to set font size to 300pt and then downscale them in order to prevent the blurry effect.

I'm probably updating my game to use yours. Thank you!

Update 10/05:

  • Two new levels added
  • We have a new object: Springs!

save-the-cat save-the-cat

Now the cat can reach new highs! This will let me create new and crazy levels.


Thank you!

I have two drawings for you, this project it's too small so a lot of planning was not required.

This is the first blueprint I drew one day before:


At the end that name was dropped. Then, I started to define the first set of levels.



Bouncing Cat, I like it :)

Thank you all for your support!

Update 10/04:

  • Fixed issue with physics, the cat used to get stuck between blocks. Not anymore
  • Created two new levels
  • Difficulty re-adjusted: first levels are more friendly regardless the cat moves faster now


Also I'm thinking of change the game's name. Any suggestion?


I like the transition between rooms.

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Update 10/03:

  • Added a new object: Spikes. Let's add hazards to make it more challenging!
  • Added three stages more
  • Fishes' sprite improved.

save-the-cat save-the-cat

Levels are planned, I'll be adding them to the game this week.


Work in progress :)

I want to play this now!

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those two bars within a single container (like a one big bar) like this:


Cool. It's crystal clear to me now!


You are welcome to collaborate on my project. I'd like to add cool music but I haven't unlocked that skill yet :P

You can check more about this project here.

And my twitter: @_tonymtz can ping me anytime. Cheers!

As a suggestion make a single the upper bar, it will look more like old school games. Also that space looks like is unused in your game.

Keep up the great work! Cheers.

I want to play this one. Please release it for mobile any time soon!

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Hi, there!

Le Gatuno is a platform game with a little bit of strategy. The main task is to help every cat to reach the fish in its stage before the time runs out, as extra mission you can collect the 3 stars available.

The game mechanics are simple, the cat runs by itself and will jump at your command. Hence, the input is basically one button. The interface is thought to be ready for touch screens, in the future I'll be publishing this game on the Play Store :)

Tools used:

  • Unity / C# as game framework
  • Aseprite for game assets

save-the-cat save-the-cat save-the-cat

Note: Particles systems are not ready yet, they aren't following the guidelines!

Any feedback is more than welcome, cheers!