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thanks so much 🙏

Thanks so much and thanks for making a video!

thanks for checking it out <3 

thank you my dude 🙏

thanks for playing and making a video! 

Thanks for checking it out and making a vid!

Yeah, I might do a new version every halloween or something 🤔 

Yeah the font is pretty sick haha


It aint voice acting. Its taken from a live radio broadcast.

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it <3

oh man that's hilarious, I'll fix that - thanks for the catch!

thanks so much for checking it out!

I'll have to fix that, thanks for the heads up!

did you click on the flesh that is not "in red" so you can eat it?

thanks so much! I really appreciate that 🙏 

Thank you so much <3

Ill do a third one soon <3

thanks so much! 

probably not, I lost the source code to this game many moons ago 

Glad you liked it! Thanks for checking it out and making a video!

how many more times are you gonna post this?

oh nice! 

havent heard that happening before, sorry about that!

Thanks so much!

thank you! been a ufo nut since i was a kid so i tried to honor the subject matter as best i could! Thanks again for the kind words <3

Real clip :)

thanks so much, I really appreciate that! That's the exact vibe I try to strive for <3

it sure is! Thanks for checking the game out!


thanks so much! Thanks for making a video too!

So glad you liked it! Thanks for checking it out and making a vid too!

glad you liked it! Yup, same here. been terrified since I was a kid.

probably an optimization issue on the games end. Hoping to release a small update at some point next week for performance issues! Sorry about that!

false positive. All the files are fine 🙂 

thank you for always checking out my stuff. I appreciate you 🙏

thanks for checking it out and you're right, we do need more ufo horror games 

thanks for checking it out and for the awesome feedback! 

thanks so much for checking it out! I really appreciate it 🙏 

huh thats weird. Sorry about that! Ill be doing a performance update over the next few days so hopefully that will fix the issue for you!

Thanks so much for checking it out!

hmm that's strange. Does it happen every time you launch the game?