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Thats okay I appreciate it, cheers for the review!

Hey, thanks for checking out the two games and taking the time to make a video! Sorry you didn't like them. I take the criticism on-board. I suppose my only counter point is the games are what they are. I wasn't trying to achieve any kind of grandiose gaming phenomena. These are experiments in 'fragmented' story telling and just messing about with ideas. If they didn't hit the mark for some folks, that's okay I'm cool with it. Again thanks for taking the time to critique and check it out. I appreciate it!

Thanks so much for the kind words. I'm really happy you enjoyed it so much! You're welcome :)

thanks so much for checking the game out and making a video! I love it!

For those of you that get the game, thank you immensely.


There is a secret.....somewhere....

That's the name of the folder that contains the executable for the game so it shouldn't be recognising it as an application. Did you unzip the folder?

Well the day is here. The sequel to my Haunted PS1 jam game is here. 

Harmful The Second Tape.

After the investigation ran cold following the recovery of the first tape, Authorities received a Second Tape by mail. Its' contents were even more disturbing than before. The case had now been handed over to Agent Willis of the FBI. 

A PSX Horror adventure sequel. Play from the perspective of the Agent and the Killer as a disturbing story unravels.


Thanks so much for checking it out and making a video! There's actually a follow up game to this coming out next month!

Trailer is here: 

Hey there! Just some bug fixes, new resolution support and a shader fix. Nothing major!

Hmm and does your antivirus pop up any warning? It should run. Don't know why it wouldn't be working for you? Sorry about that :( 

That's strange. Did you unzip the file you downloaded? 

thanks so much for checking it out and featuring the game in your video. 

I'm truly honored to have Harmful considered S Tier. Thanks so much!

thanks so much! I'll check it out for sure :)

Thanks so much for the kind words! Appreciate you featuring the game in a video :) 

Awesome, thanks for checking it out! 

Thanks, it was interesting working with the VHS aesthetic so I'm glad it looks good!

Fixed version is now up! Let me know if there's any issues. 

Update on this. I've managed to replicate the bug on my end and have come up with a fix. Should have a new version up by this weekend! 

Thanks so much for playing it and making a video :)

You never know! 

Agh! So sorry about that. Thought I would have that resolved for this game. Gonna work on a fix. Thanks so much for letting me know. 

Thanks for playing and making a video on Sanctified. The video's awesome! 

v2 has a second alternative ending that can be found. It also has some small big fixes.

Hi! Sorry this is happening to you. It's a bug I've been trying to fix for quite a while but with no luck so far :( Thanks for checking the game out regardless 

Thanks for checking it out! The video is great :) 

Hi! I'm currently looking into this. That processing effects issue you had is ringing a bell. I'll have to check it out and come back to you!

Wow thanks so much for the kind words :) Awesome video too :D

Thanks for playing! The music is a collection of works by Chopin in C minor :)

Ah okay. Thanks so much for checking! 

This is an ongoing issue that I'm trying to sort out. Sorry about that! 

Hi, thanks for trying that out. I'm trying to get a fix done but I need to see the errors from the logs. If you could do me a huge favor I'd really appreciate it!

 Would you mind going to your AppData folder on your C drive and going to a folder that would have been created  called "doomed astronaut". There should then be a folder for Sanctified that should contain any output or error logs. If they are there could send them to me? I'm trying my best to get this thing fixed :) 

If not though, that's cool with me. 

Thanks for the 5/5 I'm flattered! I really enjoyed the Gameplay you did great :) 

This is weird as I'm getting people who can play the game no problem and then others who encounter this issue. I honestly have no idea. I'm going to have to check why this is happening and get back to you on it.

For now all I can recommend is closing it and starting again or maybe try play it in windowed mode. Sorry about this!

Mac release is out!

I don't see any reason for it not be working. You're above the requirements for it :(

Thanks for checking it out and making a video. You can use Alt + Enter to make it full screen.

What are your specs?

The sound of rain is the best. Thanks for playing and taking the time to make a video :) 

is this happening in windowed mode or when you fullscreen the game?

Specs shouldn't be too much of an issue. Anything with 2GB Ram or higher with 2.5GHz processor should work. There shouldn't be an issue with most graphic cards.